Flirting with the Forties Blouse

May I just say that I for one am really in favor of the silhouettes of the last, say, five years. High waisted full and pencil skirts, belts, natural shapes, embracing the a-line, I love it. I’m so glad we are over the heroin chic thing and back to something that halfway resembles normality, or at least, good health. Isn’t it just as  interesting to watch someone like Crystal Renn as it is to see someone like Kate Moss?  And while there may still be things like jeggings and uggs with which to contend, at least it’s better than parachute pants, right? I mean, at least now it feels like you’ve got more than one option!

Of course, I’m totally biased, because I really love vintage clothing. In truth I love anything from the last century, and even beyond, at least to look at, but in practice I’m a 40’s and 50’s and early 60’s girl because it’s simply most flattering on me. If I could Clara Bow or Twiggy it up I would, but, alas, I’m more fifties housewife then flapper or factory girl (only in terms of clothing. Ideologically speaking I’m very 2011).  But I think that one of nice things about moving beyond your adolescence (one of a million) is learning how to dress in a way that flatters you and your body and color scheme, rather than blindly following a trend. What a relief to have moved beyond a world in which a Delia’s catalogue tells you what to think.

Over the summer I found a beautiful fabric on sale a Joann’s. Brillent red with large pink roses which look painted on. It sounds sort of, um, disgusting, when I describe it, but it’s actually quite lovely with this sort of impressionist painter allure, like this or this . Because the fabric was on sale, I bought it, without having any idea what I wanted to do with it. Then I saw Burda Style’s Alexander Blouse. It’s such a lovely 1940’s style pattern. But the fabric has such a big not at all 1940’s print. And I was like, could this work? And then I was like, this wont work.


Yeah, it totally worked.

If I do say so myself, this is pretty darn cute. And so 1940’s! With the peplum (that flare thing coming down from the waist, for those that don’t know), and the pearl buttons:

And the tucks:

And the fluttery sleeves:

It’s so cute! And really flattering. And complicated. It was fairly complicated. I have no idea WHAT the fabric was, but it felt possibly synthetic. My mother declared it rayon. It might be a poly-cotton blend. Honestly, if it doesn’t say anything on the spool there is no way of finding out, is there? Whatever it is, it’s terrifically soft but kind of a bitch with which to work. So I struggled a bit with this pattern, but it was completely worth it, and I would make it again. Maybe in a nice crisp poplin…

Can’t you just see me in an episode of Masterpiece Mystery: Poirot? Just one question, would I be the killer or the victim?

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