Now is the winter of my discontent made glorious…springtime!


This is what Philadelphia looks like today. COME. ON.

I’m a planner. I can’t help it. I’ve tried to be spontaneous, really I have, but it always ends up masticating my posterior, so to speak. I think I’m just the sort of person who likes to think things through before I do them. I get a lot of pleasure out of anticipation, honestly, I enjoy planning.  It’s what I do. So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to make next, even though I’m not done my Vogue Patterns dress (I think it’s going to look great, but as always, the instructions are giving me headaches. I know empirically that they are written in English, but it feels like some sort of ancient tongue to me. Maybe Aramaic?). And I’ve been thinking about spring, and using all the fabric in my stash until my fabric moratorium is over in April (Sweet, sweet April!). Colette Patterns is doing a Spring Palette challenge which I think is lovely, but maybe a bit intense for me right now. But I’ve been so inspired by what other people are making and creating, and the planner part of me (that is, all of me) loves the idea of making a little collection. Oh, well, maybe next spring…

That being said, I have been considering what garments I want to create once my sumptuous wool dress has finally come to a close (I have to figure out attaching the bodice lining to the skirt lining, hemming the circle skirt (tutorial courtesy of Gertie’s Blog For Better Sewing)  and giving the lining a lace trimmed hem and doing a hand picked zipper (tutorials courtesy of Sewaholic, thank GOD for the internet, I swear).  I know this sounds like a lot, but really the majority of the work has been done. ) So here are some of my thoughts and inspiration images. Let me know what you think!


I love all of these dresses. I would make the New Look 6724 with this fabric. I also have the BurdaStyle Anda dress pattern which I have made once, but wasn’t in love with. However, I think if I lowered the neckline and waist and put in a cute ruffle it would look more like this modcloth dress. But maybe in this fabric? It’s a little Urban Outfitters, no?

BurdaStyle's new dress with a-line skirt and shoulder sleeves. Sigh.

Colette Pattern's amazing Crepe Dress. I want to go to there.

New Look 6724 Made By BurdaStyle Member Froggylongleggs. SO ADORABLE. .

Some Skirts:

I realize that all of these skirts are completely different from each other. But I like them all! I like skirts…The Piped anthro mini shouldn’t be that hard to duplicate, it’s just a full skirt with ahigh waistband (my favorite) and then some embellishment.  I also have the Burda Style Michelle Pattern which I have made once for my mother, and I like it, just a sweet a-line skit with some pleats, maybe in a lovely fabric from my favorite bank account breaker Spool?

Anthropologie Mini. I love the bow!

Another Anthropologie Mini. Not wild about the color but look at that cute piping!

Pinwheel skirt by Leanne of Elle Apparel.

This treasure.

I also want to make this. And this in white. And this in a printed fabric with a tie neck. Oh dear. So that’s at least six garments to plan for, two dresses, a skirt, two shirts, cropped pants. What are you interested in making/buying/stealing this spring? What do you think are the essential spring garments? What are you excited to wear again if the weather ever improves?

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