Happy Springtime! Enter my Cute as a Button Giveaway!

Happy first day of spring, folks! I love spring. I love spring especially in the Mid-Atlantic. When I was going to college in New England the thing I missed most about Philadelphia, apart from my family, Metropolitan Bakery, making fun of New Jersey, and strangers calling me honey (we are a weirdly friendly city in a cutely trashy way, I must say), was spring. The weather in Connecticut goes from winter to summer in the time it would take you to say boating shoes or Greenwich, there is simply no time for Spring to have sprung. The autumns are stunning, but the springs are non-existent, which is ironic, because there is nothing people in Connecticut love more than a well cut blazer. Oh, well, cest la vie. So I am so excited to be spending Spring in Philadelphia, because the city explodes with pear and cherry trees bursting into bloom, coating pedestrians in petals. Last year I spent spring traveling through Northern Europe, gawking at Blenheim Palace outside of Oxford with my friend Andrew, and exploring Shanghai and Beijing with my friend Lisa. So Philadelphia is going to have to work hard to measure up. Let’s hope it’s up to the challenge.

Spring means many things to many people. For the Fug Girls, two of my favorite people who I have never met, it means FUG MADNESS! Which is amazing. Go check it out here. For Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage, a favorite fashion blogger of mine and fellow Philadelphia dweller, it means a trip to Hong Kong! Jealous? I am. And for me it means biking and flowers and fresh lettuces and strawberries and having to remember to start shaving my legs more regularly. I’m not wild about that last one, but I’ll live.

So in honor of my excitement, I have decided to host my first giveaway! When my grandmother passed away, along with the shoes and the fabric and the scarves and some clothing and a BUNCH of jewelry (sooooooo much jewelry, good LORD that woman loved to shop), I got all of her notions and thread and sewing supplies, which is a surprisingly large amount of stuff considering that my grandmother didn’t sew. For example, I got all of the following snaps:

Say it with me, aw, snap! Seriously, why on earth did Isolda Solo need so many snaps? A mystery for the ages. And I got buttons and elastic and a zipper and buttons and did I mention the buttons? And the needles? There are a lot of needles. So I’m giving some of these things away to YOU, lovely readers! All for you! Oh, the things I do for you, it’s amazing. In the spirit of all my favorite sewing bloggers who so generously give things away, I will be giving one lucky person a grab bag of items which include some vintage buttons, snaps and needles (courtesy of my late beloved Grandmother,Β  my delightful photographer/mother, and Decades Vintage, an amazing vintage store on Fabric Row), some modern buttons I have acquired in my brief time spent sewing, some fabric, some tools, and a little bow I made today from one of my favorite fabrics! All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to make a comment on this post between today, March 20th, and a month from now, April 20th, and make sure to include your email address. You can tell me I’m pretty, or tell me what you love best about spring, or hate about spring, or love about New England, or hate about New England, or whatever you want. Then I will randomly draw a winner from the commentators and send them their package of buttony goodness! If you comment AND blog or tweet or facebook or whatever social media is your bag, baby, about the giveaway, then you will be entered twice!Β Just let me know that you have done so. Oh, you want a peek at the goods, you say? Well, here you go:


Vintage Snaps from Isolda Solo:


85 cents? Amazing!


Vintage green buttons from Decades Vintage:


Vintage Fabric covered buttons from Isolda Solo:

Vintage and modern buttons:


PA Fabric Outlet goodies:

Vintage buttons from Isolda Solo:

And some fabric, a half a yard each of the green and pink poly-cotton blends, and a yard and some change of the yellow cotton. And a little pink pincushion! And a bow!

The bow looks excellent on Mr. Malevolent. But I’m sure it will look even better on you.

Here it is in full. Tiny Tiger is not included:

And I might just thrown in some more treats, if you treat me nicely…..

Comment away! And tell your friends!


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23 responses to “Happy Springtime! Enter my Cute as a Button Giveaway!

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your giveaway on Burdastyle. I was checking out the new projects because I have neglected them recently as a result of work and the display photo with Tiny Tiger just caught my eye. My cat is always on top of my sewing -she likes to sleep on stashes of fabric I leave out, or rip up patterns I’ve recently cut out. I like to think she enjoys my sewing hobby as my as I do.
    I am glad I stumbled upon this giveaway though -I can’t pass up a good giveaway. I also have a secret (well I guess not so secret anymore) obsession with buttons. When I see cute buttons, I can’t help but snatch them up, even if I have no purpose for them. I suppose eventually they’ll all get used -or eventually passed onto my kids and grandkids. : )
    I suppose I should probably tell you what my favourite part of spring is then -the fresh, crisp air. Spring just has such a fresh smell and that is definitely my favourite part. I don’t care too much for the rain and the accompanying mud, but I suppose that just means we are getting closer to summer (my favourite season).

    • Oh, I’m so glad you like the giveaway! I love the scent of spring as well, and I love that smell when it just starts to rain, just love it. If only it could be bottled.

  2. alice

    Aw, your cats are so cute! I, myself, love New England. It’s absolutely freezing during the winter, so you really appreciate spring when it rolls around.


  3. Jennifer

    I’ve never been to New England 😦 so I don’t know about the spring there, but what I love about spring in general is the flowers, especially daffodils, they’re my favorite! And what I hate is the pollen, I’m pretty much living on antihistamine right now, lol.
    I really like the fabric you’re including in the giveaway, super cute!

  4. Shira

    I also so this giveaway in burdastyle so – Thanks!
    I love vintage style! (well, who doesn’t?)
    by the way- your cats are so beautiful and cute πŸ™‚

  5. leslie

    ello! your kitty cats are so adorable! well my name is leslie and i love love spring because i get to wear my cute vintage dresses and
    no more pants! πŸ™‚ anddd Ive never been to New England but i wish i could go to England so i can see all the British ska boys mmm.. πŸ™‚


  6. Taiwo

    I love it when the Japanese cherry tree bloom. Absolutely beautiful! I hate the allergy part :(.

  7. anna

    i ❀ this idea and ❀ you too

  8. Just found you through blogfrog & thought I’d come, support your giveaway! πŸ™‚

  9. I found this on Burda Style, and I’m glad! I’m a fellow Philly girl myself πŸ™‚

    I love your kitties and I can’t wait to check out your blog!

    • Oh, awesome! I actually came across your blog a little while ago and love it! I love the muslin fabric for that vintage simplicity dress you are making, so beautiful! Philadelphia pride!

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  11. Usha

    Spring is the best season for it is filled with the abundance of flowers in all hues…the birds,bees and butterfiles enjoying the beauty of the flowers with the rest of us…the wondrous fragrance from the flowers linger on long after the flowers have faded away!!!! I love all vintage things…especially buttons.

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