Awesome things you ought to know about 4/26/11

I recently caught another cold. Which isn’t great. But it happens. And normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, I would just spend a few days wallowing in congestion and Law and Order re-runs on USA and then be fine, but this time that wasn’t an option because my awesome mother had gotten us tickets to the Roberto Capucci show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Which is awesome! But I was sick. But I wanted to see the show! But I was totally out of it. But screw consciousness, I was going to see CAPUCCI. So I gathered my tissues and cough drops and made a solid attempt to look like a human being and I went to the show. And I’m so glad I did, because it was truly amazing.

In case you don’t know who Capucci is, he’s an Italian designer/fabric artist/maverick (drink!) who creates Sculpture Dresses. He started as a young designer creating works based on shapes he saw in nature (sort of like the Gaudi of clothing) and his works were wildly popular.

Capucci's uber famous "Bud" dress

He was part of the Italian fashion movement of the 50’s, loved by American buyers and fashion critics because it was half the price of the French catty couture club. Capucci did end up in Paris, briefly, but he soon returned to Italian where he still creates fabric Sculptures today.

This dress has 13 layers of skirts.

This was from his show in 1985 at the Armory in New York

How cool is that? Capucci. Seriously, if you live anywhere near Philadelphia it’s worth taking the trip to see this amazing and beautifully curated show.

Other awesome things you might want to know about?

My friend Haley has this great short video series and I’m in her latest offering of “Give Me A Job”. You can watch it here.

Manolo Blanik has a dairy farm. You heard that right. And my friend Selin uses the same shampoo as Blanik uses for blonde cows. Read about it here.

Not only does the Washington Post HAVE a Peeps Diorama contest, but this is it’s fifth year. See all the runners up here, and be warned, it’s addictive.

Finally, there is a website that specializes in reproductions of historic and vintage fabrics. I’m really glad I didn’t learn of this earlier, because I would literally have no money right now. Drool over their stock here.


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