Awesome Things You Ought To Know About 5/27/11

Mr. Malevolent makes himself comfortable on piles of fabric.

Despite my recent crippled status and busy life, I have actually been able to get some sewing done. Well, I say sewing, but the truth is, I never really noticed how much time you spend standing when you sew. Have you noticed this? The truth is, sewing is kind of a work out, you are up, down, standing to cut, standing to iron, sitting again, standing to put all the piece together, running back and forth between your dress form and layout and machine, guys, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Luckily I had already cut the fabric for a project just before my little foot meets concrete incident, so I was able to finish that up (I’m actually wearing it right now! And should be able to take some photos of it soon), but I haven’t been able to start any new garment while I’m still on crutches. Luckily, I should be off my crutches this coming Tuesday! (Hold for applause) and hobbling about on my walking cast, ready to cut and assemble once again. In the meantime, I’ve kept my hands and mind busy with some other things. What other things, you might ask? Well, they are so awesome that I just have to give them to you in list and link form! So, without further ado, more awesome things you ought to know about!

1. While stitching up a piece of clothing requires a lot of movement, embroidery does NOT. Which is probably why it was a required activity for young ladies (and middle aged ladies. And older ladies. Man, women really get pigeonholed all the damn time, don’t they?) for about as long as the needle and thread have been in existence. Keeps women all in one place and busy so they don’t get crazy ideas like wearing pants and owning their own property. So in my state of immobilization, I have turned to the soothing art of embroidery to get me through the day. So if you like this sort of thing, or want to try it out, check out some free embroidery transfers, like the delightful French Knots, a whole site devoted to adorable FREE designs for you to back stitch and vine stitch and get your sampler on. Or explore the excellently twister work of Andrea Zuill on Badbird’s, where she releases a free and amazing embroidery pattern once a month! I’m currently working away on her Folk Art Fish for a pillow I’m envisioning, I promise I will post photos when I’m done! It’s going to get crazy!

2. You know what else doesn’t require a lot of movement? Online shopping. Seriously, someone needs to stop me. But I have come across some very excellent and diverting things to buy. Especially on le Etsy, which makes my bank account cry and my heart sing and the cynical twisted part of me (that is, most of me…) cringe at all the stupid cuteness. But since my amazing Sencha-like Butterick blouse pattern came in the mail, (thank you, Frangolina!) I have been trolling for an appropriate fabric to bring my blouse infused dreams to life. I already know that I will be making a test batch with some fabric I culled from my grandfather’s attic all those weeks ago, but I also wanted to buy something different to match the 40’s/50’s air of the pattern. I loved this print from Joann’s, but was even more taken by this amazing Etsy Shop all chalk full of 30’s, 40’s and 50’s fabric reproductions. They will even make you a custom order! Can you say precious? And amazing? And adorable? Oh, you can? Well, I’m glad to know you can speak.

3. And then we come to some patterns. Or more specifically, lots of patterns, in both the “many” sense and the “groups” sense. Because my new best friend (I’m kidding, we’ve never met, but she seems great!) who operates Etsy shop Kateandskippy is selling off a plethora of lots containing 3 to 4 patterns each for about 3.95. Plus shipping. That’s about 98 cents a pattern. That’s….probably the price the pattern actually was when first sold in 1967, right? Or 1976, or 1955, or whatever year, it’s like a pattern cocktail, so you can get things from all eras in one lot! And hey, you might not love them all, but at that price, you can afford to give away the 80’s halter top once you have the 50’s circle skirt, right? There are so many beatiful patterns, and the shop owner says she will be selling over 2000 patterns over the next few months, so keep checking! My personal favorites include this lot, and this one, oooooh, and thhiiiiis. And even some groovy options for guys, check this out! My most favorite I may or may not have bought before I wrote this post just in case anyone read this and tried to poach it. What can I say? I’m not a perfect person. And I now have four new patterns to adore….

4. But hey, maybe you don’t want to pay for patterns. I never want to pay for patterns, honestly, in fact, I would like everything in my entire life to be free. That would be awesome. I wonder who I can talk to about that? But until I figure that out, let me guide you to a FREE PATTERN that might be a balm to your spending wounds. And might I just say, this pattern not only delights me, but gives me clear evidence that the universe is in fact listening to what I say/write. No sooner do I adoringly complain that I don’t want to pay for Colette Patterns at Colette Pattern prices, but Sarai, heroine, sewer, statesman, released a FREE PATTERN on the Colette Patterns website blog. That’s right. And it’s just too sweet. And it’s called the Sorbetto Top. And I’ve already downloaded it, printed it, assembled it, and picked out a fabric and a bias top to make it happen. Did I mention that she released it yesterday? Sarai herself is modeling two versions of this delightful pseudo-60’s wonder, one in a luscious coral silk and one in a playful floral cotton lawn. It’s just a really cute summer top, it looks easy to make, and it requires only about a yard and a half of fabric.  Sigh. I want to go to there.

5. And, finally, I’m currently reading The Help, which makes me perhaps the last women in the United States to do so. Have you read it? It’s pretty wonderful, honestly, I’m very much enjoying it so far, and they are even making a movie of it coming out this summer, the trailer of which looks awesome, with the exception of Emma Stone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Emma Stone, and I think she’s adorable, but that’s kind of the problem, the character she is playing is supposed to be tall and awkward looking and not at all a bombshell, and Emma Stone is clearly gorgeous. It’s like how beautiful actresses always always always play Sonia in Uncle Vanya, it’s like, really? I’m supposed to believe you cry because you are so plain? Give me a break, honey. Have you read The Help? What are you reading right now? I like to tackle something big every summer. Last summer was Gogol’s Dead Souls. It’s the best. Any suggestions for this summer’s epic literary adventure?

The purple irises have faded, but the yellow irises are beginning to bloom!


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5 responses to “Awesome Things You Ought To Know About 5/27/11

  1. Fabulous post! Thanks for the stellar etsy link! And yay to cast coming off on Tuesday!!

    • Sigh, if only! I’m just off the crutches on Tuesday, and the cast should be a thing of the past within two weeks, thank goodness, it’s hot here in Philadelphia! You are welcome for the Etsy link, go forth and buy!

  2. Ann

    LOL What a funny post! Hillarious!!! I like the idea of not having to move around so much – perhaps that’s why I tend to do more online shopping than actually sewing???

  3. Haha, great post, thanks a lot! I actually know ho to get free patterns: our local library has some past Burda magazine issues to borrow (complete with the pattern sheets), and I take advantage of that! 🙂 Sadly, that doesen´t stop me from buying a new Burda mag occasionally :).

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