Me Made June Days 3 Through 6!

And the madness continues. I had a crazy weekend, I must say, insanely busy and filled with work and appointments and performances. I’m worn out, and it’s only Tuesday, which is fairly sad. But I kept to my me-made promise, I promise! The biggest issue was actually not wearing something I made daily, but documenting it. My parents went to Los Angeles this weekend to visit my older brother, so I kind of had to struggle along and either ask strangers or attempt it myself. Wanna see?


Friday, June 3rd: I worked all day and then my theater company had it’s first preview for The Great American Trailer Park Musical (sounds fun, right? It’s hilariously trashy, guys, if you are in Philadelphia come check it out)

Skirt: Me Made, The I was made for sunny days skirt

Shirt: Forever 21. I would tell you about the shoes but you can’t see them so it’s moot.

I love this skirt. Love love love. I enjoy the length and how summery the colors are. The only issue is pressing the pleats. Oh, well, I’ll live with the wrinkles.


Saturday, June 4th: I spent the day running (hobbling) around showing apartments, buying fabric and having coffee with a friend, who graciously snapped these photos while telling me to make love to the camera. Thanks, Ben,you are a peach.

Skirt: Me Made, The Happy Trails By Two Friends Shirt

Capris: Gap

Bag: Me made

I do so like this shirt. It’s great for causal Saturdays, it’s quirky but cute. And I love the tiny cowboys, they are my new best friends.


Sunday, June 5th: More apartment showings, and working the box office for our last preview. Oh, such a glamorous life.  I forced my boss Mike to shoot this between helping audience members.

Shirt: Me Made, The Turn Your Head And Cough Ute

Capris: Gap. I wear these a lot.

Shoes: One is Puma. One is hospital issued. Can you tell which is which?

I don’t really wear this shirt much. I think it’s cute, but the snaps always pop open and the collar always falls out of place. Oh, well, it looks decent in the photo, right? They just can’t all be winners….


Monday, June 6th: Work and the premiere of the show! I wore this outfit to work and a dress I made to the actual premiere, I will photograph that in more depth soon and devote a whole post to it’s honor.

Shirt: Me Made, this was my very first JJ blouse! I made it just under a year ago and at the time it was the most complicated thing I’d made. I love the material so much.

Capris: Gap. I really wear these pants too often….

I love this shirt. it was made before I knew about pinking or seam finishing so inside it’s a mess, but I love it and I always get compliments on it! The color isn’t perfect in this photo, so you will just have to trust that this is a bright sunny shirt.

And that’s me so far! How are you guys doing?


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5 responses to “Me Made June Days 3 Through 6!

  1. Ann

    You should wear that blue shirt with the collar more – it looks great on you! Or make an improved version??? I really like all your MM outfits!

  2. Your me-made outfits are great! I love that skirt and all of your pretty tops!

    I think you could easily fix the issues you have with the blue top. What about replacing the snaps with buttons and tacking down the collar in a strategic place or two?

  3. I meant to add that it would be a shame not to wear that blue top more often, because it looks great on you. Blue is a great color on you!

    • Oh, thanks! Those are great suggestions, I might replace the snaps with buttons. I don’t know, though, it’s hard to go back to an old garment for me. But I do love blue, it’s my favorite color!

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