Me Made June Days 7 through 9!

My apologies for not putting more photos up in one go, but I like to do a post on a new item before I throw it up here for Me-Made June consumption, so coordinating outfit posts and new item posts has been a bit of a struggle. But what do you expect?


June 7th, 2011 I had a series of extremely irritating appointments and then took solace in my yard, picking raspberries. God I hate people.

Shirt: Me made! Or rather,  refashioned from a men’s shirt. I don’t wear this much, actually, because I think it’s rather shapeless, but it works tucked in, I think.

Skirt: H and M

June 8th, 2011 I had another series of appointments and hobbled all around the city showing apartments. It was insanely warm and humid and all I wanted to do was jump in a pool. Stupid walking boot….

Shirt: Me made! My new white blouse! I actually made this the first week I broke my foot. I had already cut the pieces pre-break, so I just had to hop around putting it together. Not bad for a broken shell of a person, right?

Skirt: Old Navy circa 6 years ago.

Bag: Me Made!

June 9th, 2011 I worked and met my friend Victoria and her boyfriend for coffee. We went to the uber hipster Red Hook Cafe on Fabric Row where you can buy all vegan desserts and can only pay in cash and can observe all lengths of dreadlock. But they do make a great cup of coffee….

Victoria snapped these outside the cafe. Pretty flowers!

Shirt: Me Made! My Fecund but Thrifty blouse. I do like this, but it’s short, and I was tugging it down to meet the waistband of my pants all day. I’m not a member of the cast of Hellcats, so I think this one needs to be paired with high waists, stat.

Shorts: Gap.

Bag: Me made!

Now, on the 10th I snapped another new creation, so tomorrow I will post about that! Happy Me Made June!

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