The Liar Liar Shorts On Fire Shorts with a scoop of Lemon Lime Sorbetto

I have to confess something, gentle readers. I lied to you. I didn’t know it was a lie at the time, but that’s no excuse, now, is it? I mean, I really didn’t mean to do it, but I still feel bad. And what did I lie about? It’s almost too shameful to tell, really, you see, I thought these shorts:

were from the 1950’s but then I actually LOOKED at the package and they are from, wait for it, 1968! What? I know, I’m shocked and confused and saddened. But…I made them anyway.

And you know what, I like them! And I wore them in San Juan! Yes, yes, I went to San Juan Puerto Rico this past weekend, and before you get all jealous and sneering about my princessy life, I should tell you that I go to San Juan quite a bit because my family lives in Bayamon, a suburb of San Juan, and my parents have a house in Viejo San Juan. And most of the year this is a wonderful thing. But in July, this is a horrible thing, because it’s hot and humid and miserable and I insist, yearly, that my parents suffer there with me, along with my brother, when he’s available, because….it’s my birthday! Yay! Or it was, on the 9th. So I make everyone unhappy and sweaty and disgusting as a gift to them. And myself. That’s just the kind of girl I am. But enough about me, onto the outfit!

So I made Simplicity 7688 in the shortest option in a black poplin from Joanns, which I proceeded to lengthen so that it’s now somewhere between soccer mom and spring break in Cancun. I really like to walk that line in all aspects of my existence:

And then I made Colette Patterns new and much made (seriously, this thing is all over the internet, check it out) Sorbetto Top. I used a sheet I dyed yellow and fabric from my grandfather’s attic. It was a small piece I only had a bit of, but love, so I though bias tape might be a judicious and appropriate use of its vintage precious goodness.

I look oddly smug here.

I modified the top, having been inspired by Jaimielee’s amazing plaid version. I simply didn’t seal the bottom of the pleat, and all of a sudden it goes from a little too snug no matter what I do or how many inches I add to the bustline to perfectly swingy and airy. Thank you, Jaimielee! You are my sewing hero this week.

These photos were taken in the Plaza De Las Armas, which is better known as a square where you can feed pigeons (though why you would want to is beyond me) and hang out with homeless people. Ah, tropical paradise.

It is pretty, though.

That lady is my mama.

And you can buy ice cream. Of course, you can do that anywhere in San Juan. Anywhere in Puerto Rico, really. We saw a cart outside of the Home Depot in Bayamon. True story.

If you ever do visit San Juan, try to go in the winter or the spring. When the weather is dreary and grey where you live I guarantee it will be lovely in Puerto Rico. And if you go, do stop and have coffee and a snack at Cafe Cultural, it’s the best. They draw sunsets in your cafe con leche.

And you can have juice, which most of the world calls jugo de naranja (orange juice) but in Puerto Rico they call it jugo de China (juice of china). Why? Who knows. It’s a total struggle. But one must just smile, nod, embrace the struggle, and move on. In awesome awesome new shorts.

And a blouse.

Of course, it helps to spike the juice with rum, too....


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5 responses to “The Liar Liar Shorts On Fire Shorts with a scoop of Lemon Lime Sorbetto

  1. LOVE the shorts and such a great colour sorbetto! Happy Birthday!!!!

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