The Parque De Palomas Blouse

Paloma is a beautiful word for what is in reality a very ugly thing, and that would be a pigeon. But for some reason Puerto Rico loves itself some pigeons. Not only are they fed with abandon, flying rats that they are, but they even give them love in the culinary culture. No, squab isn’t a big deal there, and frankly, that wouldn’t be love but hate, allow us to fest on the tiny stupid pigeon bodies….ahem, excuse me, I’ve gotten carried away. No, in Puerto Rico they use a word for beans that isn’t used anywhere else. In the world. See, for most of the Spanish speaking world beans are frijoles, but not in the struggle that is PR, no, they call beans habichuelas, or pigeon peas. See? See the love? It’s insane.

And of course there is a park, in San Juan, a little patio, really, called Parque de Palomas, where, on my actual real life birthday, I made my mother shoot photos of my second attempt at Butterick 7490, this time in a white shirting from my grandfather’s attic stash, and a re-drafting for a keyhole neckline:

What did I change? Well, the neckline, obviously, which I like a lot, the keyhole neckline just feels very vintage to me somehow. I also finished off all the hems with self-made bias tape, and I took the darts in the front in by an inch each, which I think gives it a move fitted shape:

Of course, this looks silly with this skirt, so I tuck it in, and that defeats the purpose of the fitted shirt. I’m a smart one, me.

It’s a cute skirt, though. It was on sale, many years ago, at Anthropologie, and I bought it, didn’t like the length, never wore it, then, just recently, chopped it up at the hem and look at me, making it work!

That thing I’m leaning against is one of the most famous monuments in San Juan. It’s actually a shrine, but a particularly picaresque one, and if you’ve ever been to San Juan you probably have a very touristy photo of you by this little chapel. It’s called the Capilla de Cristo and has an interesting and predictably wacky series of myths and stories surrounding it. Not at all the sort of thing a nice jewish girl should be posing against, right?

Of course, I love this arch anyway, because it’s beautiful, and because it’s right by the place where we go to get our nails done. It’s a rare treat for me because I always ruin them right away, and this was no exception. Sigh.

Sad Face.

But why call this blouse the Parque de Palomas blouse? Because the Capilla de Christo is RIGHT NEXT TO the Parque de Palomas! Islands are cool.

A place in which you will see cool trees:

And little lizards (largartos)

And strange young women posing:

And palomas. Lots of em. 

Oh, well, all you can do is smile.

And fantasize about murdering all the palomas you can find.


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4 responses to “The Parque De Palomas Blouse

  1. Huh, that makes me wonder why Pablo decided to name his daughter Paloma Picasso… I think pigeons are dirty flying rats, personally. And that scene in “Enchanted” with the cockroaches, rats, and pigeons totally backs me up!

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