The Dear Betty Dress

I went back and forth and back and forth about what to name the dress I made to wear on my birthday to dinner. The Buddha Thai dress? (The delicious latinoasian restaurant at which we supped, in the ever so tourist Condado). The Green Roof Dress? (We have a green roof at our house in San Juan, one of only two in the city, courtesy of David Aponte, our excellent green roof guy, and his wife, Vivian). The Viejo San Juan In The Summer dress? Eh, too wordy. In the end, I had to give it to the fabric, the beautiful teal and pink and red floral 1950’s reproduction fabric I bought from Nauvoo Quilt Co. I love the fabric, I love the dress.

Ah, flash. So unflattering. But what can you do, it was nighttime! This dress is a mixture of two patterns, a cocktail, if you will. And in fact, I had several cocktails at dinner, so….yeah, it’s appropriate.

I used BurdaStyle Pattern 2/2011 #101 for the bodice, with a modified neckline. I re-drafted the pattern to make it slightly higher (it’s, um, a little low, guys, and I am not what you might call ungenerous in the curve department) and I gave it a slight sweetheart shape:

In this photo you can see both the neckline AND why I would want to raise it. That’s called multitasking.

So shiny. Hey, it’s HOT in Puerto Rico. Hell, it’s hot in Philadelphia, people, we hit 100 today.

The skirt pattern is from Angela Kane’s FREE PATTERN, the pinafore. It’s more fitted then my usual style, but that’s okay, I’ve really been trying to make different kinds of things, and as full skirts are so my thing, a fitted skirt seemed appropo. Nothing says 24th birthday like a fitted skirt, right? I actually made this dress over a period of two days, and really rushed at the end to get it done. Machine hem, some small mistakes at the back, whatever. It’s my birthday, I’ll screw up stitches if I want to!

Yeah, it’s a little pin up. But hey, the fabric is called “Betty Dear”, right? No use not dealing with the stereotype as it comes.

“Honey, what’s for dinner?”

“Oh, let me check”

“Ummmm, rum?”

“And ME.” (My mamala said, wow, that’s a cheesecake shot. She is such a vintage girl at heart, really.)

And, just for good measure, one without the belt, in the bright light of day:


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9 responses to “The Dear Betty Dress

  1. Looks amazing!!!! love love love that neckline!

  2. LOVE this! And the neckline is great!!

  3. so beautiful! wish we had that kinda sun! x

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