The Too Hot For Tzfat Skirt

I’m sure you’ve noticed my complete absence from the internet lately and wondered at it. Oh, you haven’t? Yeah, well, THANKS, glad to know you CARE. But just in case you really did spare me the slightest thought, I’m happy to inform you that I haven’t been sewing for the past two weeks because I’ve been in, wait for it, Israel! That’s right, I visited the Holy Land, I prayed at the Western Wall, I saw the Sea of Gailee, and most importantly, I ate my weight in shwarma. Oh, and I forced strangers to photograph me. Like you do. But while the other people on my Birthright trip (if you don’t know what Birthright is clearly you don’t know enough Jews. Meet some more Jews, and learn about Birthright here, it’s neat!) wanted photos in front of monuments and vistas, I was all about the outfits, and why, do you ask? Because I made most of them, of course! Or at least a few choice pieces. So let’s start with a skirt many months in the making, my Too Hot for Tzaft Skirt.

First things first. What the hell is Tzfat? Well, it’s a town in Israel, North of the Sea of Gailee, East of Haifa, South of the Lebanese border and West of the Golan Heights. It’s an extremely popular tourist destination for a number of reasons. Number 1, it’s the birthplace of Jewish Mysticism, or Kabbalah. Ignore whatever Madonna tells you and you will probably have a better understanding of Kabbalah, as much as anyone can, it’s call Mysticism for a reason. Number 2, Tzfat is an artist colony, filled with little studios and art galleries and hippies who moved to Israel in the 60’s to smoke hash and sell tchachkies. Number 3, it’s really very pretty.

And hot. It’s very hot. But there is also a sizable Hassidic community in Tzfat (though, truth be told, it’s Israel, were is there NOT a sizable Hassidic community?), so it behooves any tourist interested in visiting the holy sites to dress modestly. Which is hard, because, um, did I mention it’s very hot in Tzfat? But I made it work, because I am a rock star, and because I know how to use a sewing machine.

See? Knees and shoulders demurely covered. Sure, there’s more collarbone then is preferred in such situations, but you can’t have everything. The skirt? I adore.

It’s a self drafted full gathered skirt to which I added a high shaped waistband. I really liked Colette Pattern’s ginger skirt waistband option that came to a point, so I decided to try and re-create it.

The fabric is an organic cotton from Cloud9 Fabric’s Cut Out and Keep Collection. I just adored the print, it’s positively Attic!

Of course, Tzfat is a little young for the reference, but I just let that go.

I look right at home, right? Well, to be honest, that photo is actually in Jerusalem, but hey, I had to repeat outfits, it was a ten day trip!

Here I am, drinking my first of many coffee flavored slushis. They really don’t get iced coffee there, they just make a milkshake with caffeine and call it a day.

As it turned out, it was just cool enough for Tzfat, and perfect for Philadelphia. Just like me….


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