The Dead Sea For Me Cover Up

This is going to be one of those very rare posts heavy on the photos and light on the text. You see, Theatre Exile’s The Aliens starts its first preview in two hours and I work for those people now so I can’t spend all night with the jibberjabber. Oh, not to worry, there will be time enough for chit chat and blabber later, but not right now, you see, there’s work to be done! So I’m just going to give you a little explanation of the garment in question and then go on my way, leaving you to oooh and ahhh at the lovely photos I forced poor Adam, a fellow trip mate, to take for me.  So without further ado, here is me, modeling my fourth (count ’em) incarnation of the Burda Style Tara top, this time made into a knee length beach cover-up and using the scraps of my self dyed Shibori fabric for my Naomi jacket!

Photos can of course be very deceptive. For example, you probably wouldn’t guess, seeing the following, that I was in fact enduring the first day (on my very LAST day in Israel) of a vicious cold. But it was so very hot at the Dead Sea that my sinuses cleared right up, and instead of looking sad and stuffy, I think I look quite fetching, don’t you?

On a clear day, you can see Jordan.

And regardless of the cloud pattern, you can always see the bottom of the Dead Sea, the water is extremely clear.

But you still ought to wear shoes, because the stones are slippery and sharp. I myself am showing off a pair of fake crocs I bought in a mall outside of Tiberius. They broke, like, thirty minutes after this photo was taken. Good times.

It truly is amazing to wade into the clear waters and feel your body floating, weightless, in a way no other water can make you feel. You can literally sit on the water and read a newspaper, it’s a popular tourist photo to take. I didn’t take it. That’s not how I roll.

Another fun fact about the Dead Sea? It hurts like a bitch. Seriously. Any open skin, any sensitive area, your eyes, your razor burn, your mouth, it stings with salt. You cannot, CANNOT swim in the sea, really, you can’t dive, you really shouldn’t get your face wet. It’s something like 33 % salt. Just to give you an idea, regular seawater has 3.5%. Chew on that for a while. And then spit it out. It’s gross.

Well, whatever. Sick, stinging and sad to leave Israel, I still had a good time. And I covered up in style, don’t you think?

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