It is on in a manner that might remind you of Donkey Kong

I don’t know about you people out there, but personally, I like a good challenge. For example, right now I’m in the midst of knitting my first sweater. Is it a simple topdown stockinette stitch creation appropriate for someone who has been knitting for just over three months? Ha. That’s funny. No, it’s a cabled cardigan with blocking and seaming and all kinds of things I’ve never heard of before (and you can find out more about it here). Because that’s my personality, you see. You gotta learn to run before you can walk.

So when I found out about a couple of brilliant ladies who are sewing through Colette Pattern’s Sewing Book, I was like, bring it on. I want to sew every pattern in the book, so I might as well do it with a group of talented and lovely seamstresses, led by Miss Crayola Creepy and Rhinestones and Telephones. So in sum, this winter/early spring, I will be participating in Sew Colette. And we begin with the Meringue! I should really make my muslin, given that they were “due” today. Oh, well, that’s what the weekends are for, right? So I promise to display a Muslin by Saturday. That’s the plan, Stan.

The goal is to take it month by month, and make one garment, in the order Sarai and God intended, at a time. I will be posting my fabric choices later, and I’m happy to announce that they all come from my newly inflated stash. You see, circumstances have conspired to dump bags and bags of free vintage and thrifted fabric upon me, and I must simply live with the consequences. Poor me. Cue the violins, please.

That’s actually all I’ve got for right now. You can check out the flickr pool (even though I really don’t know how to use flickr, it just seems weird) here. And to sign off, gratuitous cat photo. Like you do.

With a handmade toy. Duh.


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3 responses to “It is on in a manner that might remind you of Donkey Kong

  1. That is a gorgeous sweater pattern! What yarn are you using? I’m swatching out my first sweater too – it’s the agatha pattern, and I’m unimaginative so mine is also going to be knit up in mustard wool 🙂 Sweaters are a pretty ambitious project, but I think we can do it! It is just a matter of knitting and purling and following directions, after all 🙂

    • I’m using Berocco Peruvia in this green-blue shade. It’s really pretty (and waaaaay too expensive, why is yarn so expensive? I hate my new hobby). But I love working on this sweater, it’s so fun! I’ve made one side, and I’m more then halfway through the back. I’m taking a class, because I was too much of a coward to try to do it on my own. That being said, I will probably never need to take a class again, it’s all about following the instructions and my best friend, Google. Your agatha is going to look amazing! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Oh, poor, poor you, having to deal with free vintage fabric! Haha no really, I’m so happy for you! Also, love the gratuitous cat picture.

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