The Lost In The Woods Dress

Before I show you my latest creation, or rather, my latest creation that I’ve been able to get photos of (SERIOUSLY, photographer/boyfriend, where ARE you? Call me! Thanks.), I thought I would let you know about some of my works in progress. So here we go:

1. I got some excellent advice about my Pastille dress, thank you, kind people! I’m going to go ahead and make a for real for real version in aqua stretch poplin, with a full-bust-adjustment and a sway-back adjustment, adding 1/2 an inch at the sides of the two back pieces. That’s the plan.

2. I worked all weekend on my Simplicity 4494 jacket. I’m really trying to take my time on this one and not rush it, so I’m not trying to put pressure on myself to speed up and finish it in an evening. I even made a bound buttonhole. Yeah. I’m that good. Tomorrow night? The sleeves go in. The breath, she is bated.

3. Obviously I’ve fallen deeply in love with the Renfrew. And obviously my poor mother deserves something for all her hard work and aid. So she’s getting a long-sleeved v-necked Renfrew, which will be number 2 of the 9 options outlined in the pattern. You thought I was kidding about making ever version? I never kid with knits. NEVER.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Now, onto the dress I made!

This is not a great photo. I look like I’ve just seen my family slaughtered in front of me. It’s adorable, no?

I made this dress for my company’s latest opening. The show takes place in a rural environment in a time that is ambiguous, but not the present. So I thought this dress would be a very fitting one to correspond with the themes of the show. And I have to say, I completely adore it! It’s my second version of Dixie DIY’s Ballet Dress pattern. I’m going to make 10 of these, I swear. SO. COMFORTABLE.

I used a fabric from the hoarder’s stash, this fabric, to be precise:

I made one change to the pattern, slimming the sleeves to make them more fitted. Other then that, this is just the best and I wouldn’t alter a thing. Thank you, Dixie!

This time I made a matching belt. Which is cute, but, I don’t know, man, it makes this look like an empire waist shape which is so not a good look on me.

I abused my power completely and had our company intern, Brian (thank you, Brian!) take photos of me on the set. I cleared it with the director, don’t worry! But it’s a pretty amazing set created by a wonderful design team, and I was happy to get lost on it for a little while.

Pretty cool, right?

This photo is kind of a joke, honestly, because I’m pretending to be like my friend Emilie, who is in the play and makes a gesture similar to this. It’s in no way funny if you haven’t seen the play. So, yeah, good times.

So this is how I looked when I wore it to the opening. But I changed it up a little when I wore it out last night  to a birthday party in a BYO bowling alley. Which is, by the way, as trashy and delightful as it sounds. Seriously, it was amazing, I can’t wait to go back. And I am a TERRIBLE bowler.

And because this event couldn’t have been more hipster, I thought I would give you a super indie shot:

Yeah, doesn’t that just scream “I listen to bands that don’t exist yet”?

So what do you think? Belt or sash? Rural world or bowling alley? Hipster hangout or….hipster hangout?

Glamour shot!

What’s on your sewing table? What are you up to? Any sewing cues going on? Cue in the sense of line, not in the sense of forgetting a line. (I know, I’m so clever!)



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23 responses to “The Lost In The Woods Dress

  1. Cute! I really like it with the brown belt.

  2. Agree, the brown belt is the winning outfit! And that last photo with you peeking over your shoulder is just gorgeous.

  3. i sort of like it with sash as well..

  4. Law

    Love this dress. Love your first version too. I’ve downloaded this pattern now, as I’m new to knits (and overlockers) and think this will be a perfect project.

    Question – is a medium weight knit (like double knit) better than a t-shirt jersey do you think?


    • This is such a good project if you are new to knits! As someone who is brand new to knits, I can attest to this. I don’t even own an overlocker, or serger, as we call it over here in the States, but with my zip-zag stitch and some bravery I have been able to get away with it!

      I think double knit is a lot heavier then t-shirt jersey, so for something like this dress, that has a swirly skirt, it might not drape as nicely as you want, unless you like a less drapey look. Double knit seems appropriate for something a bit more fitted, if you ask me.

  5. Super cute, girl. is having a 10% off knits sale do I’m about to go shoppin’! I want more knit garments like this.

  6. Oh sweet, I love the fabric and looks like one of those classic and comfy dresses you can just throw on anytime for a variety of ocassions.

  7. This looks great! I love the way you styled it with the belt.

  8. Wow! Great dress! Love the fabric print. I’m really glad the pattern worked for you 🙂 I like it with both the tie and the belt. Maybe I’m more partial to the tie because I saw those pictures first. I haven’t thought of making a tie with it before! Oh and that set does look pretty cool!

    • Thank you so much, Dixie! I adore this pattern, I’m so grateful that you released it! I might try a wider tie next time, or shorter sleeves, I don’t know, the possibilities are endless! Oh, it might be cool to do a plain fabric that I paint with some fabric paint….oh, so many ideas!

  9. It’s the Rebel Alliance dress!!! I’ve been waiting to see this fabric made up! I think it looks better with the belt, but both are fine. Now I need to go check out this Ballet Dress pattern!

    • Ha, yes, this is it! I should have referenced Star Wars in the post, but my mind was on other things. Oh, well, I guess I just have to make ANOTHER Star Wars themed garment, the horror.

  10. Belt. Rural cabin with lots of cutting instruments. Then off to the bowling alley to celebrate your kill.
    I’m sick. I watch too much Dexter.

  11. Ah Leah you’re so funny! I just choked on my milk over the ‘slaughtered family’ line. Nice dress too btw.

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