La Falda del Mercado

So here it is, finally, my Meringue. I know, I know, you’ve been waiting with bated breath, desperate for a glimpse at my final version. Or I suppose I should say my first final version, because despite my initial mild reaction to this pattern, I do believe it may have stolen my heart. As long as I eliminate the scallops. And add a waistband. And do all kinds of other stuff to it. Like you do. But still, the shape of the skirt, the simplicity of the design, the placement of the darts, I’m into it! Which is fairly indicative of my character, really, I’m slow to fall in love, but once I do, no skirt is safe.

So here it is, in all it’s bright and gently garish splendor:

Boom, baby!  When I saw this fabric I thought, that is just perfect for Puerto Rico, and lo and behold, it totally is. I even found a house amongst the brightly colored buildings in San Juan (our own house is a brilliant aquamarine, just to give you an idea) that this thing literally matches. Check it out:

Right? Chartreuse, meet Chartreuse. You kids have fun

I wore this skirt to the open air market in Viejo San Juan.

The market has been there since 1847, at least, and was once, I assume, probably the bustling epicenter of commerce in this tiny colonial town. Now that tradition has been revived, and I’m so excited about that.

I’m going to stand on a soapbox for about five seconds and decry the sugar (read rum) industry that supplanted natural sustainable agriculture and the tourist industry, which, while generating income for the Caribbean, has placed a strong emphasis on the importation of goods and almost no emphasis on the quality of life of the actual people who live in these “island paradises”. But I think that’s changing in Puerto Rico, and hopefully in the rest of the Caribbean, and this market, with its organic and local produce and goods, hopefully heralds the return of a sustainable island culture.

Okay, off the soapbox. Sorry. Pretty pictures!

I made this up in a size 8, which fit me much better then my muslin in size 6.

Don’t you agree? I added a waistband, using Sarai’s lovely tutorial, and I used the same zipper insertion technique from the Clover pants.I used a cream-colored invisible zipper I got in a bundle of about 100 9″ invisible zippers for 3 dollars.

The fabric comes from the hoarder stash.  I think its really upolostery weight fabric. Can you imagine having a chair made up in this? Amazing.

I stitched the hem by hand:

I think I  match the brilliant colors of the market quite well:

Local Coffee

Want to see a bunch of machetes getting swung around? Come to the Caribbean and make all your dreams come true.

Puerto Rican Hipsters!

And my Mama matches too, don’t you think?

And I couldn’t help but adore this sign:

So if you are in San Juan any time soon on a Saturday, do check out El Mercado Argicultura.

Of course, you may not look as awesome as I do in this skirt. That’s okay. No one’s perfect.

Glamour Shot!


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24 responses to “La Falda del Mercado

  1. Pretty! I think those bold stripes needed a simple silhouette to let them take the center stage. It’s so cheerful!
    Also, while it may be nearly 70* here this week, that is still not warm enough for my sunbathing-like-a-reptile needs and I’m totally jealous that you got to spend an extended amount of time somewhere WARM. No fair!

    • Hahah, well it was more of a family obligation then a vacation, does that make it any better? I love how vibrant these colors are, though, I think it’s really fun to wear, I can’t help but be cheerful in this skirt.

  2. What an adventure! And you got to wear your cute new skirt, awesome!

  3. Your vacay looks so nice and the skirt came out cute cute cute!

  4. Miriana

    Looks fantastic

  5. Love those stripes! And the colors! And the fact that it looks so WARM in your photos! It’s been gray here, even if it is SoCal. I like the Meringue a lot better without the scallops and with a waistband. As it is, the pictures of the pattern just make me go “meh.” Yours is fantastic though.

    I have always dreamed of being able to swing my machete with abandon…oh wait, I don’t have a machete. And I’m pretty sure I would accidentally lop off my own arm.

    • Ha, thank you, it was quite warm in San Juan,and humid as all hell, but then, it always is. Thank you for your nice words about the skirt! Yeah, I really WANTED to love the scallops and some versions I’ve seen are nice, but I think de-scalloped is the way to fly.

      I would totally lop off my own arm. I’m amazed I still have arms, frankly.

  6. wow, thank you for the tour! the skirt looks fab- this Brazilian here LOVES bold colors, in buildings and in skirts 😉

  7. Fabulous fabric and a great garment – looks perfect for your sunny holiday. 🙂

  8. Leah! I finally found your blog. I had problems getting to it when I tried the other day. You look FAB. Such a gorgeous skirt, great colours, great cut and great backdrop!

  9. That is awesome! Love the colours. Did you manage to find any sewing magazines/ pattern books while you were there?

  10. I. LOVE. THIS. SKIRT. It really turned out perfect! Love it!!!!!

  11. I loved this post! So joyful and full of color. Thank you for sharing your passion and creativity.

  12. I LOVE this skirt! So much. I’d love it as a chair, a love seat, an ottoman, as well. You should have stood in front of that striped wall all day long, just looking fabulous, letting people gawk and take photos. And it matches the flowers! Want to go to there.

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