My Kind Of Town

My amazing and wonderful and beautiful and brilliant friend Jenny is getting married. Jenny is one of the best people I have ever met. We met in college, and we’ve been friends since our freshman year, so that’s about 7 years, now. She is upsetting nice (not only is she from the midwest, where they grow nice people, but she is naturally a kind and generous human. I would hate her on sight if I didn’t love her so much), she is gorgeous, she is going to heal the world (she’s in med school right now and MAKING IT HER BITCH). Oh, and she is also getting married to a remarkable and wonderful fellow this June. Congratulations Jenny!

So of course I’m making a bevy of outfits for the wedding, because that’s how I do, and also it’s fun to sew dresses (man, it’s so fun to sew dresses. I can’t really stand how much I love making dresses. It’s getting to be a problem.). So you can expect many more posts to come this spring on this subject. But this weekend I flew to Chicago (and boy are my arms tired) for the wedding shower.  And I am extremely lucky because not only did I get to see Jenny and her amazing family, but I also got to spend time with our friend Becca, who lives in Chicago with her own long term fellow, and is going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding! She and her gentleman put me up, for which I gave them booze. Like you do.

So while I don’t have any new garments to post, here are some shots of Chicago, and then a shocking and painful confession:

This is the Carbide and Carbon Building, an amazing example of Art Deco Architecture (of which I am very fond).

This is the Tiffany Glass Dome which you can see in the Chicago Cultural Center, formerly the Chicago Public Library. The mosaic in this building is amazing, I would go see it if you get a chance. Book-lovers like myself can delight in wall art like this:

So true.

People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.- Logan Pearsall Smith

And ME!

And now my horrid confession. I know I said I wouldn’t buy more fabric. I know I said I don’t NEED any more fabric. And I have been quite good and I haven’t bought a scrap of new clothing for over 4 months. But Becca and I went shopping, like you do when you are avid shoppers spending a free day in a lovely city full of things to buy. And while she drooled over sweaters and dresses, I averted my eyes, virtuously. But all that commerce got to me, folks, and in some down time I just couldn’t help myself, and I dragged poor Becca to Vogue Fabrics which I had found out about on the interwebs…..

and I bought some fabric. I couldn’t help myself!

I’m just showing you this one, because I don’t want you to judge me, but I bought 5 different items in total, including a short length of silk organza for interfacing, a lovely silk crepe by Anna Sui (the same kind Kelli used for this amazing dress), and two kinds of jersey (for Renfrews 4 and5). This beauty was sitting in the (extensive) remnant table, which is separated by fabric content (GENIUS, THANK YOU!) . Becca had noticed that I’d been eyeing turquoise ready-to-wear items all day, and said, in her glorious no-nonsense way, Leah, get this fabric. And I was like, I love you.

And then later, when I showed our June Bride Jenny the fabric, she was like, awesome, and I was like, you two are like the flying buttresses to my Cathedral. And by that I mean that you support me.

Of course I couldn’t be all that crafty in Chicago. OR COULD I?

I had to crop this because of some other junk that was on this table. But it’s a sweater! In process! Because knitting is mobile, and sewing is not. Until that day I learn how to haul my machine across the country. And then it’s on.

How was your weekend? Break any of your own rules? Get to see your friend unwrap scores of cooking supplies at a wedding shower? No? How sad.


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16 responses to “My Kind Of Town

  1. Sue

    Hey girl! A heads up, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You needn’t participate if it’s not your thing, but I just wanted to let you know. Details on my blog soon. 🙂

    • Sue

      Also, forgot to say I’M JEALOUS that you got to check out Vogue Fabrics! I’ve only every ordered from them online. I vow to go to Chicago someday so I can see them…and that fabulous sounding remnant table.

      • It is so nice there! I went to the store in Chicago but apparently the flagship store in Evenston is AMAZING. So go there, I bet they have a remnant ROOM.

        Thank you very much for the award! That is totally my thing, I like telling strangers about my life. Thank you!

  2. You could always get one of those craptastic little Big Lots machines (the kind that are $15) if you reeeaaallly wanted to sew on the go…but I say you just keep right on taking pictures of Art Deco architecture! I love that my current town has so much of it, but one can never see too much. Also, quotes about reading!!!

    • I don’t know, I think I would rather just hand sew…hahahaha I’m kidding that’s crazy talk. I will stick with knitting and embroidery, though I don’t think the needles are going to fly (get it?). Luckily I use bamboo knitting needles.

      And seriously, I love quotes about reading. I sometime realize in the middle of my day at work “I could be reading right now” and then I get super depressed.

  3. I am so stealing your flying buttresses line. A few fabric purchases in another city, especially at a place like Vogue, does not count against. At all. Even more so when you snag a great deal and have a little room in your suitcase! I mailed a box back last year. Tsk tsk!

    • Haha, steal away, it’s yours now. Use it freely, but always remember from whence it came.

      I just barely had enough room in my suitcase. It was a struggle. But then, what isn’t with me.

  4. Oh, Vogue… I’ve got a no further stashing rule in place, too, but the Evanston Vogue was an exception when I was there three weeks ago. My find was an incredible light drapey worsted in a gorgeous brick red and several jerseys. (knits being oddly scarce in my part of the world.)

    My confession about that? I scheduled a whole extra day just to go there, and arranged all of my hotel and rental car and other stuff specifically around that pilgrimage.

    That store is what happens when Disneyland and crack have a crafty kid.

  5. I think you managed to photograph all of my favorite buildings downtown AND visit one of my favorite fabric stores (the remnant section … every time I go I whisper “you complete me”). Beautiful choice.

  6. Eek! I grew up outside Chicago and love it– it’s such a gorgeous city! But I wasn’t into sewing then, so I’ve never been to Vogue! One of these days…

  7. What a beautiful city Chicago is! Love your photos.
    Just in case you don’t have enough awards already …I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award over at
    Buying fabric in a different city totally does not count. It is a souvenir of your trip – eg ‘Remember when I bought the fabric for this dress when we went to Jenny’s wedding shower?” see it’s a story background not a willpower failure.

    • OH, thank you so much, that’s so sweet! That is very true, it’s great to be able to point to a fabric and say “oh, I got this there and what an adventure”…

  8. Hi Leah! I came over from Ginger’s blog! You’ll probably hate me right off the bat because: I live a mere 1.5 miles from Vogue in Chicago! AND – last week I do believe I bought that very same turquoise stretch twill. AND – I used it to make my muslin for the Clover pants! I cracked up when I saw yours; I thought they looked familiar and scrolled all the way down to the Chicago post!

    And yes – the Evanston store is freaking amazing. About 3 times the size of the Chicago store. Sometimes I drive up there along the lake just for funsies. And fabric 🙂

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