The Muslin Diaries: Volume 3: The Colette Truffle Dress

I promise you that I actually did finish my Pastille for-real-for-real version, I just haven’t had the time/appropriate weather/setting to photograph it yet, but rest assured, it’s done, it’s lovely, and I want to wear it all the time. I just can’t, which is very depressing.  But it shall eventually get a dedicated post and, as is my custom, a fun name, so just be cool and wait for that happy day, I know I shall.

In other news, I recently completed my truffle muslin! And worked on my Mad Men Challenge Dress! And found fabric for my 4th pair of clovers, which shall be a part of my One Week One Pattern Challenge! Wooooo! Yeah, it’s been busy in my tiny apartment. And it’s going to GET even busier if I want to finish all these projects in time for their respective deadlines. So much for sewing slowly and thoughtfully, at least, in the month of March. Someone slap me if I take on another challenge in April, okay? Thanks.

Onto the muslin:

My lovely mother, who took this, was like, oh my god Leah your hair is HUGE. And she is, as always, completely right. What are you gonna do, right? I have large hair.

Now that I look at this photo, DAMN is this wearable muslin wrinkly. That’s what happens when you stick a dress in your purse and eat a delightful meal of Indian food before you take photos.

Well, what can you do? Life goes on.

I cut out a size 8 of this pattern, after my previous experiences had led me to believe that might be a good idea, and what do you know, it fits very nicely EXCEPT it’s a little snug in the bust. Sigh.

This is what I look like when I try to make my hair smaller AND I’m annoyed that my bust is on the larger side.

There is something weird happening with my waist in these photos and I think that’s because of the black tights. In real life I would not wear black tights with this dress.

The tights are very evident in photos like this. Also evident? The water stain on the upper back. STRUGGLE.

Still, it’s a nice fit.

I used a vintage striped shirting for the muslin, as well as white vintage shirting for the lining, all courtesy of my grandfather’s attic.

So for the future when I make my final version in a drapey navy rayon (also from my grandfather’s attic, a land of countless treasures) I will make a full bust adjustment (which I really should just accept is something I should do always but I haven’t because I’m living in a fantasy world) and I may actually re-draft the armholes to be more concealing of that little area between the dress and my arms. I don’t know a name for that, but I’m not a fan.

That being said, I think this pattern is truly adorable. I’m so into the drape I can’t even tell you, and it’s a lovely detail that ups the ante on the design and makes a simple dress something really special. And now I have a perfectly wearable muslin that I really ought to iron. So well done on that front, Colette Patterns.

What are you working on? Any challenges? New projects? Big plans? And what is that area between the arm and the bust CALLED? Anyone know? I like to know the names of my enemies.


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16 responses to “The Muslin Diaries: Volume 3: The Colette Truffle Dress

  1. Looking like a winner. I can’t wait to see your version of Pastille

  2. misscrayolacreepy

    I’m still working on my muslin 😦 My sewing time has been cut down dramatically since we got our dog!

  3. You are so good making a muslin. And it does look really cute, can’t wait to see finished version!

    • Haha, I usually just do the bodice, but I’m really trying to work on fitting with this Sew Colette business, so doing a muslin helps. Even if it’s disheartening to consider that my ample bosom means constant alterations…

  4. Looks pretty good to me too! And tell me more about your grandfather’s attic, I love storage space!

    The waist seems a bit odd, though. Too tight? Puddling due to Bodice Length issues?

    I think you should do the FBA before you redraft the armscye, might be that your bust is pulling the fabric forward. An alternative would be to measure a sleeveless garment that covers you the way you like and compare that measurement to the pattern. But my money is on the FBA…

    I’m trying to remember to leave 1in seam allowances, especially if I skip muslins with new-to-me patterns. Maybe I should post a reminder above my sewing machine?

    Good luck!

    • Hmmm, that’s a great idea about waiting to adjust the armholes until I see the results of a full bust adjustment. When I look at the model I see that HER dress covers her up to her armpits, so clearly in theory the bodice is supposed to do that too. It may well just be fabric pulling to cover my unsubtle chest region.

      The waist does look odd in the photos, but in real life it’s actually quite nice looking and has about 2 inches of ease. Curious. Oh, well, whatever.

      I found a lot of fabric in my grandmother’s attic after she passed away. A LOT of fabric. So much of it that some of it is still in my grandparent’s house, and some of it is in my parents house, and some of it lives in my apartment. It’s a lot of fabric.

  5. I promise to internet-slap you if you take on another challenge for April so long as you promise to do the same for me, because I know I’ll need it.

    The muslin is looking good! Just needs a little tweaking and you’ll be good to go! I like this pattern and I’m excited to see your finished version!

    • I will totally internet slap you. Why do we sign up for all these things? It’s abusive, but I can’t stop doing it….

      Thank you! I really like this pattern, it was the one I was most attracted to when the book first was released. I have since gained love for the other patterns, but this remains my favorite.

  6. Excellent wearable muslin! I love it when fake dresses turn out to be real dresses.

    Not entirely related, but in high school we joked that all the hot guys knew who my best friend was and found her extremely memorable because of her large hair. Us girls with mousy limp strands are never remembered.

    • Thank you very much! Yeah, I have a hard time starting a project, even a muslin, and not really committing to it. Because I’m a crazy pants. So my muslins, they become dresses, c’est la vie.

      I do wish some gentleman would say, oh, Leah, your enormous hair, it is so sexy, I want to be with you forever! Hasn’t happened yet. Someday.

  7. Jane's sew & tell

    I have exactly the same problem with the area between the bust and the arm and also never know what to call it. It sounds a bit strange if you say you have fat arm pits but that sort of describes what’s going on on my body (I’m sure yours are lovely and slender and it’s really just the dress that’s the problem)

  8. Oh, god, I wish they were completely slender but I’m sure they are just a bu\it more then that, sigh, despite all my gym time….but I sometimes feel like, how is it even possible that I have fat armpits? Why would fat go there? Complete mystery.

  9. Hmmm… it’s not really side boob. Not enough boob/too high. It’s a modern mystery. I’ve never done a FBA, but once that’s done, then adding some back around the armscye might take care of things. Let yourself breathe in April, sweet thang!

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