OWOP: El Original

Here we go, people, One Week, One Pattern. Let’s make it happen, shall we?

For everyone’s information, I chose to make the Colette Pattern’s Clover Pants for my drug of choice. There are actually a ton of patterns that I have made more then once. I’m a multiple maker, personally, once I find something I like I tend to make it at least twice. Part of it is that I’m fairly cheap, honestly, so when I pay for a pattern I want to get my money’s worth. But part of it is that I really enjoy having a kind of a uniform, so making more then one of something I like just makes sense.

Also, I must admit, my father always said, when I liked an item in a store, okay, good, buy two! So now I make two. What are you going to do, childhood scars us all differently.

Onto the pants!

I do not adore this photos, but when you ask strangers to shoot you you kind of have to take what you can get, right?

People who have been avid readers of this blog, i.e. my mother, will recognize these as the first pair of pants I ever made, The Rear View Pants. I had to fix the front tire of my bike this morning, so I had the extremely nice people at Trophy Bikes take my photo. I wanted to take photos through the day, so I asked a girl at my beloved PA Fabric Outlet, where I went to buy a zipper this afternoon, to take my photo. I asked her three times if the pants were in the photo. She was like, of course!

Yeah. You can’t trust nobody in this life. I swear.

Day one, down. Just 6 to go. I got this, people. Get excited.


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12 responses to “OWOP: El Original

  1. Very nice – I’m so impressed you tackled pants as your OWOP project too.

  2. oh god that last shot is hilarious.

    my nan always said buy two (even three) as well! for me it made me want just one. of everything.

    can’t believe you’re doing pants for this, and clover, no less. i hope you have a bottle of that rye handy.

    • Hahahaha, yeah. People are the best. Pants are the worst. It’s so strange to be wearing pants every day, I’m a skirt girl, myself. Well, challenges are challenges and you gotta bring it to win it!

  3. I tend to like multiples of things too, probably because it’s hard for me to find things to my taste, so when I find it, I want to keep it for a good long time. These pants are great, but I really love the last photo….I can totally see the pants. πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

  4. Love them!! And the last photo cracked me up…I’ve had a similar thing happen when asking strangers to take my photo! teehee

  5. awesome!! and congrats, you have something waiting for you over here!

  6. Sooo…one time I got excited and bought two of a shirt, but when I got home I hated them. But whenever I think of that incident when I am tempted to buy two of something, I end up wishing I did.

    I think those pants are a perfect choice for OWOP: so versatile! so chic! so NOT IN THE PICTURE. Maybe struggling is contagious via camera transmission?

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