OWOP 4: The New Kid (Finished The Wildcard Pants!)

I made another pair of clovers. A pair of bright blue clovers. Yeah I did. YEAH I did. And this is how they make me feel:

BOOM. Love them. LOVE THEM.

I made these from the mystery fabric from Chicago, which is just unbelievably stretchy. That makes these my loosest fitting and most comfortable Clovers to date. I gotta say, they are a joy to wear, even on days that are a touch too cold for them, like today.

Yeah, I wore socks with it. What are you going to do about it? (It was seriously, cold, I’m shivering in these photos but you don’t know! Acting.) They have pandas on them. That’s how I do.

They are rather wrinkled, but hey, man, that’s life in the real world. Aren’t they bright? I love them. They put quite a “spring” in my step. GET IT? subtlety. It’s my best thing.

I have to say, I never would have been so bold as to turn these into pants had my friend Becca not convinced me I could do so. Burgundy? I might leave that to the hipsters. But these I think give off a nice “Summer in Monaco” look, which is a shame, because I’m totally not going to Monaco this summer. Unless you know a millionaire who wants to TAKE me?

Just look what he could have on his arm. And the back view, you say? Don’t mind if I do.

Weak showing, you say, because it’s not a close up? My lovely photographer Dani had no qualms about zooming in:

Darts. How does anything happen without them? I owe all I am to darts.

And this is what it looks like when I’m laughing because I made my friend and co-worker take a bunch of booty shots. A little sheepish, but mostly cool with it.

Fun fact? I also made the shirt! It’s the third Renfrew I have made, though not that last. I’m making all nine variations, mark my words. Number 2 went to my lovely mother, and this is the scoop neck mid length sleeves I made up with a fabric I got at Mood the first time I visited that mecca of knit and silk (and everything else, let’s be honest here).

I love me a Renfrew. I also really adore this print:

Nice, right? I likes it.

Four days down, three to go. How is everyone else doing with this One Week One Pattern business?


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15 responses to “OWOP 4: The New Kid (Finished The Wildcard Pants!)

  1. I am in awe — two days in a row of me-made outfits involving pants and cute tops? Dang. I am a huge fan of the color of your Clovers!

  2. Sue

    I love these Clovers!!! they really look like the perfect pants. I want them in my wardrobe but am terrified of constructing/sewing/fitting pants. :-/

    • Haha, thank you! I know there are no truely perfect pants but these are pretty damn good. I was afraid of pants too, but you know what? They turned out to be not that hard! I still don’t think I’ve made one PERFECTLY fitting pants, but they have all fit well thus far, and stretchy fabric REALLY helps.

  3. how are we doing? apparently NOT AS GOOD AS YOU. you’ve got to be kidding me with the new booty perfect clovers. i’m stepping up my game.

    i totally want you to rock these with an oversized neon sweater, plastic bangles and wedges and then we’ll have an 80s day. you know you want to.

    (by the way, do you know “boom” by jill scott? i think it could be your theme song.)

    • Hehehe, these ones are most definitely the best for le bottom, I will freely admit that. I do want an 80’s day. I really do.

      I think my theme song well may be The World Should Revolve Around Me by Little Jackie. Not every day, but, yeah, most days….

  4. LOVE the bright blue clovers!! way to go!!!

  5. I love the trend of bright slim pants and that Renfrew is adorbs. Well done, you rock those socks!

    • You gots to rock the socks in 50 degree weather! Thank you, I love the slim pants thing too,and I was worried it wouldn’t look nice on my with my less-then-slim legs, but I’m into it!

  6. Loooooooooooooooove the pants! You’re totally on fire this week!

  7. Booty shot!!! I just started grinning ear to ear at your first photo. It’s all “Little Leah in the park skipping rope and dancing”! I swear, it’s just too giddy.

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