OWOP 7: The Finale

Spoiler alert: This is not the outfit I wore all day today. I KNOW. TO my shame and dismay I completely forgot to beg a photo off a co-worker. In fact, as I speed off to a spin class (you know what I’m not wild about? Spinning.) having changed into my workout clothing at work (a neat trick to make damn sure I actually make it to the gym) and my co-worker Dani even said to me, Leah, don’t you need a photo for today? And I responded with, oh, hell. But what could I do, spin class awaited! So I ran off and spun and then forced my friend Victoria to snap one of me after a dinner of tacos and margaritas. But the pants, the pants remained the one constant!

And the winner for MVP is…..the Denim Clovers!  Yeah, we all saw that one coming. What can I say, guys, they are JEANS, basically, they go with everything! Also, they are comfortable and dark enough to look okay in a room full of hipsters and yuppies.

Wooooooo! I made it, guys! I MADE IT! (I’m doing that thing that gymnasts do when they land and they throw their hands in the air in all directions.) MADE. IT. Done. And you know what? I’m so glad I chose Clovers as my pattern. Not only do I love this pattern, but it made me realize that I really wear skirts all the time, and have been neglecting pants as an option. Am I eager to return to skirts? You bet your tights I am. But I’m happy to have spent a week in pants and remembered all the things I love about them!  Thank you eternally, Tilly, for organizing this, and to everyone else who is participating, well fricking done! I love what I’m seeing out there on the interwebs. God, when am I NOT?


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6 responses to “OWOP 7: The Finale

  1. Congrats on your OWOP! Seems like you got a lot of cute pants you’re happy with.

    Oh, and what’s that dude doing in the window behind you in your first photo??

  2. Congrats, you! And yay for pants! Definitely work ’em into your wardrobe more often 🙂 I make so many dresses and skirts, but I live a lot with my legs in pants. Thought I would hate spinning with a passion, but actually love it. Though it may be the great, non-gym music they play in my class. I’m keeping my eye out for Cecilia.

    • I guess I’m mixed on spinning because I expect it to be like biking but it’s just a completely different thing. I should just suck it up and deal, I know it’s good for me…

  3. Great effort! I love that you chose to style pants through out the week. I hardly wear pants as well, I am a skirt girl through and through… perhaps your week of pants convinces me to give pants a go too:)

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