The Best Award Ever (And it’s all mine!)

I was recently awarded what is, in my humble opinion, the best award ever. EVER. EEEEEVVVVEEEER. (Insert Sandlot flashback here). You all read Cation Designs, right? Yes, of  course you do, because Cindy Chan is an inspiration to us all. She got me reading the Hunger Games (um, sometime, in the future, after I finish every other book littering my tiny apartment. I swear it’s like 10% me, 35% sewing stuff, 5% Cadfael, 50% books.) She makes corsets. She makes dress after perfect fantastic dress. She embroiders Miyazaki characters and maps of Middle Earth. She’s posting a poem a day for National Poetry month AS WE SPEAK. She is a sewing rockstar, and everyone should be aware of that, and act accordingly.

Oh, and she has a cat named Walnut. Walnut is a majestic beast, long-haired, noble-eyed, bursting with grandeur and fur. And because Walnut, with his curiosity and claws, is all up in her sewing business, she has created an award, The Sewing With Cats Award:

It’s a tribute to all of us whose lives are made both better and worse by our feline companions, specifically when it comes to sewing. And I must say, Brother Cadfael has his good days and his bad days. Sometimes that pile of fluffy tissue (i.e. a pattern) holds his fascination and sometimes he couldn’t care less. Sometimes that neatly laid out fabric is OBVIOUSLY a cat bed and sometimes he disdains it, preferring my actual bed. He’s a wild card, that guy. For example, he recently became interested in my sewing machine:

And sometimes he wants to lie down on patterns:

Of course, he’s always happy to help with pattern drafting:

He’s an expert on the full bust adjustment. But mostly he just likes fabric:

Just try to be mad at me when I look this adorable. Just try.

Of course, special mention must be made of some other guys, specifically Falco and Morse, who absolutely had to join in the Passover Seder:

Hey! Is that Elijah?

Where is my wine?

Life with cats. It’s like living with tiny fluffy dictators.

Oh, PS: Just so you know, sewing is happening. I’ve made 5 garments in the last few weeks but of course the devil is in the photos! And the weather. I really gotta stop making sundresses in 50 degree weather. But I’ve completed my Truffle and Pastille Dresses, another renfrew, a t-shirt and a skirt. It’s all coming, people, I promise!


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17 responses to “The Best Award Ever (And it’s all mine!)

  1. I’m pretty sure the cutest pictures of cats are when they are “helping” sew!

  2. I have to agree, that is the best award ever!

  3. Oh my goodness. Those pictures are the best. Especially cats at the Passover Seder! Thanks for playing along with my ridiculous award!

  4. “It’s like living with tiny fluffy dictators” —-> amazing. Your cat is way cute. Living with Doug the Pug is like living with your grandpa– he’s tons of fun and good company, but he falls asleep when the TV’s on, gets really tired on walks, and farts basically all the time.

    I’m having bad weather/no daylight free time issues, too– I’ve got a backlog of projects that need to be photographed! Annoying!

    • Oh, Doug the pug, what a cutie pie. Still, dogs are super affectionate and while Cadfael is a nice cat, there are times when he looks at me like “Um, the food has been dispensed, you may leave now”.

  5. You’re cute! I like your blog and your cats! I found you through threadsquare! i can see why you were awarded the sunshine award!

  6. I’ve passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you because I so enjoy your blog. Of course, there are rules. You’ll find them here:
    Thanks so much for sharing your sewing experiences.


  7. What sweet kitties! Sewing with cats i always interesting, I often have to ban mine from the room as they get overexcited and want to get involved with everything 🙂

  8. Terry

    love these pics! I must send some of Charlie and Zeke, laying on fat quarters, chasing a thimble and sprawling on the ironing board….

  9. dixiediy

    If my cat didn’t hate all other cats I swear I’d turn into a crazy cat lady. So it’s good that other bloggers have cats and post photos of them so I can get my daily “cute kitty” fix.

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