A Nautical Bias Outfit

First off, I want to talk about prejudice. Specifically my own prejudice against people who don’t like the things I like. I can honestly admit that I have actually (much to the disbelief of many) gotten more tolerant over the years. As my mother says, “You’re tough”, and that’s true, I am. I used to believe I ought to have free range to slap people who say further when they mean farther. I know now, having read Locke and Rousseau, having studied and understood the concept of a social contract, that while I might still think I should be ALLOWED to slap such folks, voicing it in public is a questionable idea. But I don’t think I will ever get over yelling at people who don’t like Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation is amazing. I love it. My MOM loves it. It’s simply hilarious, and I think if you haven’t seen it you should stop what you are doing and go watch it. And if you DO watch it, I present you with this:

Click here, experience infinite drunk Ron Swanson.

You’re welcome. Feel free to enjoy that for a while. I’ll wait. No rush.

I know. It’s amazing. Shhhhh, let it wash over you, it’s fine.

That’s from one of my favorite episodes, and Drunk Leslie says to Drunk Ann “Sometimes if I don’t push you, you’ll end up standing still”. Which is why I even bring this wonderful show up. Because sometimes if I don’t push myself to make new patterns, I’ll end up making the same one over and over again. And that’s a problem. Because I have a lot of patterns. So when I decided to make Simplicity 5196, it was a controversial move for me, a new pattern, from one of my LEAST favorite decades? And yet, and YET, I think I love it! (But what am I so afraid of? I’m afraid of what I’m not sure of. A love there is no cure fooooooor…..)

See? Look how happy I am in my swishy bias cut skirt from the 70’s! Yay! Thank you, the Leslie Knope that lives inside of me. You’ve steered me well. Can I get some snake juice now?

So this is piece one and two of my Spring Palette Challenge! Woooo! I know, I know, I have 5 things I made that need to be photographed and instead of dealing with any of that business I made a new outfit and I’m writing about that. WHATEVER. The skirt, as you know, it’s Simplicity 5196:

Very very easy, and quite efficient, fabric-wise, it took a bit over a yard of 60 inch wide fabric. And I really like it!

I had imaged something fuller, in fact, I wanted to make Simplicity 3688, which I’ve made before, but I told myself no, push through the fear, try something new. It’s actually fairly full at the hem, but because it was cut on the bias it skims over my hips (thank you!) and looks sleeker then it is. Which I like! Yeah, it’s more Downton Abby then Foyle’s War but hey, that’s okay.

I cut out the two skirt pieces and the waistband, and let them hang over a few days, allowing the bias to stretch. Then I sewed it up and hemmed it by hand (four inch hem, what’s UP 70’s patterns? You were made for tall girls, I guess) late last night. Why so late? Well, I live next to a Russian Orthodox church and today is Russian Orthodox Easter (Happy Russian Orthodox Easter!) and I could hear every single minute of the midnight mass. EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. And the bells. The flipping bells. All night. And people say the shofar is loud.

Now to the blouse! The blouse is Colette Patterns Jasmine, a bias cut blouse for a bias cut skirt!

I  cut a size 10 (by the way, sizing is just crazy talk. I have worn, comfortably, three different sizes in Colette Patterns. You just don’t know until you try), and I did a full bust adjustment. I had heard horror stories about the armsythe and the back, so I went for a larger size and I must say, it’s rather blousy but very comfortable, and I like the look.

How much do I like the ties? THAT much. Crazy-person grin much. I took the hem out so you could see the length, if you care about such things.

One cuff came out quite nicely. The other did not. So you can’t see it.

All together, I think I look like an Edwardian lady sailor.

And how do I feel about that, you ask?

(This is the preparation)

And also:

Yeah. I like this outfit. It might be a bit whimsical, but then, so am I. And we must credit my lovely photographer, Emily:

Thanks, Emily! You are the best!

Oh! And I should mention that I randomly generated a number and the winner of my giveaway is Gail of Today’s Agenda! She’s a lovely lady and I’m totally thrilled to discover that she’s got LOADS of tips about the Miette Sweater, which I’m totally making right now! Thanks, Gail, and let me know where I can send your packet of vintage goodness!

Oh, and if you are into Parks and Recreation, go ahead and google “Cats that look like Ron Swanson” and/or Tom Haverfoods. Have yourself a great time.


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37 responses to “A Nautical Bias Outfit

  1. Fashion Bitch NZ

    omg, you mean mixing up further and farther isn’t a capital offence where you live?

  2. Love both and love both together, particularly the blouse. The sailor-esque collar really suits you. If I didn’t have to teach now, I’d check out some P&R – haven’t seen it over here but will definitely look out for it!

  3. Candy

    You know what makes me want to slap people? When they say “then” instead of “than”!!!!!
    Looking great in that skirt though, very flattering!

  4. Ha! when i was at school i used to get sent out of class for correcting teachers, specifically and pacifically always winds me up! I wish we were allowed to punch people in public.

    The skirt and top look lovely!

    Im the same with colette patterns, i go from being a 6 on top to a 10 in bottoms, it’s got to the point that i dont even look at the sizes just the measurements!


    • I totally insulted a Martha Washington Impersonator in Colonial Williamsburg. Whatever, man, she was WRONG.

      Thank you! I think it’s lovely too. Yeah, sizing is crazytimes.

  5. Super cute outfit! I have to admit I’m a little jealous of your Jasmine; I got lucky with my first one, but haven’t been able to get it to work for me since!

    And Hurray for me!! I can’t believe I won the giveaway! It could just be that I’m pre-coffee at the moment, but I can’t find an email address for you here, and I’m not really up to putting my street address all over teh intarwebs. Could you email me at dokucug@gmail.com? Then I’ll send you my address 🙂

  6. Sue

    Cute outfit! I’m all about a nautical theme.
    The Jasmine blouse has been on my mental to-sew list foreverrrrr, but I don’t own it yet…maybe someday I’ll get to make it.

  7. Super cute! Love both pieces, especially together! And OMG, I love Parks & Rec! Sometimes I wish I was one of those demure ladies who don’t have a strong opinion about, oh, everything, but… hey! I’m not!

    Also– we have the same Toms. And that is amazing.

  8. I love the blouse! I really like the nautical theme blouses other people have made, but for some reason I haven’t bothered to make my own….maybe I should pick up this pattern and give it a go.

    I take it you’ve never been in the same town as a revival then? You can hear those people screaming for blocks. It’s insanity. I can’t even imagine what’s going on inside the church.

    • I like this blouse a lot! I would recommend it, it’s easy to make and typical Colette Patterns clear and understandable. I have never been to a town during a revival. I’m assuming this is a religious revival? That’s wild. One day!

  9. misscrayolacreepy

    I’m obsessed with that top! I want one just like it!

  10. I live in Kentucky (Louisville which we sometimes consider to be separate from the rest of the state out of pure snobbery) so I hear a lot of country folks using the word ideal in place of idea. Every time it happens a slapping is in order just to keep me from going bonkers!!
    I love your entire outfit, you look adorable! You are very brave to try a vintage 70s pattern, I have a few but still haven’t mustered up the courage. You might be my inspiration 🙂

    • Oh dear. Ideal for idea, that’s a trip. My goodness, that is just adorably painful. I hear Louisville is amazing! Have you been to the Actor’s Theater of Louisville? I’ve always wanted to go.

      The 70’s ones aren’t so bard, really, I’ve tried a few and found the instructions easy enough. It’s the 40’s and 50’s patterns that have been trickier for me.

  11. ericapenton

    I love the whole outfit! I’m addicted to tops with ties. And how great are your jumping pictures?!

  12. I’m pretty sure that not a teaching day has ever gone by that I didn’t want to slap a student. Obviously, I have not ever slapped one…but gosh…sometimes!!

    Love this combination! Definitely Downton-goes-seafaring. I am really liking the nautical look right now, but I’m still trying to find the right fabric for a middy blouse of my own. How do you find the linen-cotton blend? Does it wrinkle like mad? As madly as pure linen?

    • Right? It’s like, bring back the corporal punishment, we need it!

      Thank you. I love the nautical thing too, I think it’s cute. I LOVE this linen-cotton blend, I meant to talk about that. Great drape, doesn’t wrinkle like linen. but it BREATHS like linen. It’s awesome. Buy linen cotton blend.

      • I don’t suppose you bought it at a place where I can also buy it? Like online or Joann’s? I’ve been wanting to make something linen, but pure linen is crazy expensive and wrinkles too much for my lifestyle, and I’ve not had much luck with linen rayon blends.

      • Ah, it’s a place here in Philadelphia….fabric.com has nice deals on linen sometimes, I bought my mom pure linen in a bright yellow for 5 dollars a yard last summer, wrinkles like crazy but still. I like Linen-Cotton, I will be on the lookout for you!

  13. Kat H

    Ooooh, super cute! Love what you’ve done with the blouse, and I totally agree with the Edwardian-nautical description. 😉

    Also, I just have to say – those jumping photos are adorable.

  14. This is spooky – today I was looking through my old skirt patterns as my daughter wants to make one when she visits in a couple of weeks and I pulled out the very pattern you have used. Plus I only found your blog today via a link from another blog which I had found via a link from yet another blog (yes I know, too much time on my hands!). Love your style will be visiting again.

  15. Jinx Marlowe

    Love the bias skirt!

  16. MacStabby

    LOVE the shirt. I shall make my own. NOW GET ME MORE SNORK JUICE! And shrimp wrapped in bacon.

  17. You’re adorable! Rock the 70s. Dude, I am all over the freaking place with Colette sizing. All over. I ended up going down in this, but I think because the bias made it nice and slinky, but with some give when I moved my arms forward.

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