The Don’t Trifle With Me Truffle

You know when I told you that I’ve been on a “not wild about what I’m making” kick of late? Well, this dress is a big part of that.

In many ways, I’m a fairly dutiful sewer. I follow instructions, I make muslins, I iron seams four times, I’m good that way. Of course, on the flip side I dry clean NOTHING and I rarely ever re-do anything because I hate re-doing things and I can usually live with the error. But as I’ve been trying to be more careful with my sewing this year, this dress, well, let’s just say I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

I spent TIME on this thing, people. I made french seams, I hand stitched the bodice lining to the waistband seam, I hand-picked a lapped zipper, I  tied off all 20 darts, I was CAREFUL. I made it out of vintage rayon from my grandfather’s attic and a real metal zipper, also vintage, found (with several fellows) in its original packaging. This dress was supposed to be special. It was supposed to be the ONE. We were going to go out to dinner and then go on vacation and the dress would be like, “I’ve never felt this way before” and I would be like “Me neither” and the music would swell and we would fall into each others arms and NEVER LET GO. Yeah. Well, THAT didn’t happen.

Look, it’s not terrible, but it’s just not great. And why isn’t it great? Because of the damn bodice.

So I made a full bust adjustment, as discussed, and went on my merry way, only to come out with a bodice that is both drapey and too large. Part of this might be the super drapey rayon, but even after taking it in a full 2 inches on the side seams, I still have a whole lot of drape going on. It’s not horrible, honestly, but it’s not what I wanted. I feel like Veruca Salt.

Still, I wore it to the final opening night of our season, (and my last opening night with the company!) and I did get some complements, thank you, nice people.

I really love the skirt section, I do. It’s just a shame about the bodice. I don’t know, it’s somehow rather dowdy, which is odd.

A little backview, so you can catch a peak at the lapped zipper.

You can REALLY see how drapey and loose the bodice is here.

Still, it’s a pretty good jumping dress.

See? Good drape for jumping. Not good drape for standing still. The solution? ABJ. Always be jumping.

Ha, just kidding, I hate GlennGarry Glenn Ross. Shut up, David Mamet. Just shut up.

So that’s a sewing kerfluffle from me. It’s not terrible, perfectly wearable, just rather disappointing. I had wanted to wear this to an upcoming wedding but THAT’S not happening, so I will just have to go ahead and make something else.

What about you guys? Any recent frustrations or triumphs?


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37 responses to “The Don’t Trifle With Me Truffle

  1. oh god i couldn’t stop laughing. the music swells, the ABJs, the veruca salts, the shut up mamets. LAUGH-A-FREAKIN-MINUTE.

    i gots a fix for ya. that damn burda cap sleeve dress that THE ENTRE WORLD made last year was laughing at me in my closet, so i took it out and put it in a chokehold by way of cinching the “sleeves”. basically, you pinch the fabric on the front armholes about 3 inches down from the shoulder seam, wrap your thread around it several times, and then hide your cinch with a loop of fabric. does that make sense? it takes in the excess material and looks like a design element! then throw on twenty six strands of your favorite necklace and call it a wedding guest dress.

    • Hahaha I’ve made that burda dress like 4 times and I’M TOTALLY MAKING IT AGAIN this summer. I love that dress….issues and all. This guy, however, I don’t know. I just don’t know. Your tip makes sense, and I might try it, but I got this paler blue charmuse at Mood and I think i might just go to town on that for a while.

    • That’s such a fav fix of mine! It works wonders, yo!

  2. You’re so hard on yourself! All you need is a statement necklace! I think it looks fine. Thanks for the giggles though!

  3. Aw, I think you’re being hard on yourself too! It really sucks when you try so hard to make a garment beautiful and it lets you down, but maybe you were putting extra pressure on it and yourself to be perfect – poor dress, ha ha! I really think the bodice looks a lot better than you think, in fact I think it’s a really sweet dress and I love how the drapy fabric looks on the ruffle bit.

    • Oh, you are too sweet. I am rather hard on myself, but this dress had such promise! Poor poor dress. Thank you, I really don’t hate the thing, we just aren’t the match made in heaven I had hoped we would be.

  4. you just made my day with this post.. one miserable 14 working hours day.. thanks for the loughs.. and, you may hate me for saying so, but i love this bodice just the way it turned out.. i kind of also go for the tight fit all the time, but lately i started being crazy about louse fits too, i think they are beautiful..

    • Hahaha, well thanks for the love and I’m glad I could improve your day! Have a ton of wine and/or beer, I give you permission (not that you need it). I like loose fits on other people, I guess I just think they make me look rather squat.

  5. Girl you’re crazy! I love this dress, I think it looks fabulous on you! Rock it out and dance to the music 😉

  6. craftandcraftiness

    Honestly? I LOVE and envy the draping on the bodice! It reminds me of that Pattern Runway Kimono dress, which I’ve been eyeing for a year… I think your bodice drape looks casual and cute! Embrace the sewing mistakes, I say!

  7. I have to respectfully disagree with you — I don’t think it looks frumpy AT ALL! In fact, I think I like it better than original fit of the truffle bodice. All I can think is that maybe it looks frumpy without the belt and it’s annoying to have a dress that you feel like you have to belt? But as far as I can see, it looks AMAZING. It has a totally different vibe than all the stiff, prim cotton truffles out there… kind of a modern 30s glam look! (And I’m also super jealous of your shoes!)

    • I love the shoes too, they are my favorite shoes ever. They are MICE. It’s pretty astounding. Thank you for liking the dress! I do find it annoying to have a dress I need to belt, yes. It limits the dress.

  8. aliesje

    I LOVE how the overlay drapes in the rayon!! I think the bodice looks really nice; I was just taking a peek at your muslin post, and am wondering if it looks drapey because it might be a smidge too long?

  9. I love this!!!! We can all be guilty of focusing on flaws instead of appreciating what we’ve made with our hard work. This bodice looks fantastic! It has a pretty blousant effect and reminds me of a Modcloth style dress. Very cute!

  10. Oh the poor Truffle…it carried so many hopes and dreams on its little shoulders, when really it should have been carrying them in that extra drapey bodice section instead! That said, I think that blouse-y effect is actually really cute in that drape-y rayon. But then I also know all about the all-the-commenters-think-it’s-fine-but-I-don’t dress, so yeah, I’ll just shut up now.

    • No, you are being nice! I so appreciate everyone being lovely, even as I shake my head and think “but you don’t KNOW me and the dress, we’ve got PROBLEMS. Sure, it looks great to YOU but YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE!”. So thank you, and I do feel bad for the Truffle. I pinned such hopes upon it…

  11. Leah step away from the whip. Girl, I know it’s not what you wanted. And I know that feeling well, when it’s just not quite how you expected it but I have to say I LOVE this dress on you. I even like the baggy bodice with the belt. It looks like it was meant to be this way. I hope you two can reconcile your difference in time. X

  12. You are so cute. I love these pics, particularly the jumping ones. 🙂 I’ve been feeling the pain of a crappy bodice all week, so I totally relate to your struggle. One side of my v neck permanently gaps out, side zipper pooches out, etc etc. I just cover the flaws with my hair and never lift my left arm, so no one sees the zipper. ;). Thanks for the hilarious post.

  13. I really like this dress, maybe it’s bothering you because it’s not as fitted as some of your more recent makes? Throw it in the back of the closet and give it a “time out”. You’ll probably love it in a few weeks or months. 😉 However, I totally feel your pain about things not being quite what you had hoped……..been there, done that, have enough t-shirts to clothe a small country.

  14. ACertainChicagoResident

    As a friend and former lover, I must protest. I think it looks great and you should wear it to the wedding. I think if the top was tighter it would change the balance of the shape of the top and bottom, which looks nice as is. Also because of the draping of the top over the belt it accentuates a waistline smaller and gives you a nice va-va-va-voom hourglass — if the top was tighter I think this subtle sexiness would give way. I agree that a longer statement necklace would work well. The dress certainly doesn’t make you look squat (we suffer the same short-chick issues — that is, the constant fear of making ourselves look shorter by wearing the wrong thing), but maybe this accessory would elongate the top half and make you feel better about it? Also I love the belt. Love.


    PS – Try it on with heels. I have a very drapey asymmetrical dress that my awesome Mom bought me and I almost returned. But a certain neighbor ladyfriend of mine made me try it on with heels. It totally changed my posture and the way the fabric fell, so I kept it.

    • Um. I’m pretty sure there is NOTHING former about our loving relationship, lady. You insult me with your implication. You can make it up to me in June.

      • ACertainChicagoResident

        You know I love me some alliteration. Besides, I have been replaced with your new snugglebuddy Cadfael. :o)

  15. I am sorry to read you are not really happy with your dress, but I really enjoyed reading your post about it, so funny and entertaining! And I think that it is in fact a very nice dress, and the bodice looks also good without a tight fit!

  16. Ohhhh man, I feel your pain! But, in my humble opinion, this is so totally wearable, even if it’s not what you had in mind. The color is fabulous, and it’s so drapey and nice! Maybe in time you’ll feel like it’s a happy mistake?

  17. Jess

    Sorry your Truffle pooled in the bodice. 😦 After spending all of that time, it can be beyond frustrating.

    The Truffle has recently angered me, too. Partially my fault, partially its fault. I’m not a fan of how wide the neck ended up on me, but I guess the fact that is is kind of boatneck-ish is something you can see in the line drawing and sample garments from Colette. I feel like I have to constantly pull on it so the neckline lays flat. Also, the top center back gaps quite a bit (which I’ve seen be a problem with other bloggers). Besides these two things, (and the fact that I made my FBA probably a bit too big…plus didn’t lower the darts enough) I’m pretty happy with mine, but they bother me enough that I think I might have to do something about them or I might not wear the dress very much…

  18. Notice my lack of blog posts? Well, it’s because I’m having my very own little Veruca Salt meltdown. And am just plain annoyed. I’m telling Ryan about ABJ. He loves GGGR. Don’t hate.

  19. I love your Truffle! I was just googling for images as I am about to start making one myself and yours popped up and is the EXACT same colour as mine! I have a lovely navy crepe and I cannot wait to start. Your dress has helped me visualise what it will look like when I’m done 🙂

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