Me Made May Day 1- Let’s Do This Thing

Happy May, everyone! In fact, happy Me Made May, for those who are participating in such a thing. And as for the rest of you, you be happy too. Not AS happy, but happy nonetheless.

I have to say, I’ve really been looking forward to this month of celebrating what I’ve made. I feel like I’ve really upped my sewing game since last May, and I’m excited to show the world exactly what I have been up to. Yes, much of what I’ve made has been documented here, but some things haven’t, and I have a suitcase full of brand new me-made items I’ve been stockpiling for my trip to Puerto Rico this Thursday for my cousin’s wedding (felicitaciones Jessie!). So prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, for all that.

But for today, here is my Me Made Outfit!

Not only did I make the pants (my denim Clovers, of course!), but that shirt is my 4th renfrew! Oh, I’m making all 9 versions. It’s happening. Get on board, or get out of the way.

The v-neck is…not perfect. But if wishes were horses…Still, I adore the color, and I can live with the collar. In fact, I even got a compliment on it the other day, well, sort of. A friend was like, you didn’t make THAT, did you? But I think it was a “you couldn’t possibly have made that because it’s too stunning to have been made by human hands” not “you didn’t make that because even your taste isn’t that horrible”. I’m pretty sure it was the former not the latter. 98% sure. 87% sure. Give it an even 75 to 25, really.

And the vintage item? The scarf!

This came, as so many things have, from my grandmother. I have no information on this designer, has anyone else heard of her?

So that’s the outfit. But I want to add one more thing to my pledge, if everyone is cool with that (I’m just kidding, someone as caffinated as I doesn’t ask for permission she asks for forgiveness!). I think this month I’m vowing to try and make different projects with scraps. The scraps in my life, the spare lengths of fabric, all the things I’ve been given or found in attics and hoarder’s apartments, they are driving me CRAZY. And I’ve been working on a big scrap project I will now plan to unveil at the end of the month. But for today, let me show you what I made last night

Sachets! Lovely lovely sachets. They only use 4 inches square of two pieces of fabric and something sweet-smelling in between and there you go, sachet away.

I straight up made 9. Like you do. Mondays. I used pine instead of lavender, because it was literally what was on hand.

I got the idea from this post on The Purl Bee. Do you ever visit the Purl Bee? Let’s talk truth for a moment. I do adore the Purl Bee, it’s a great site full of ideas, and I know full well it’s supporting (and therefore selling stuff) for Purl Soho, an gorgeous and extremely bourgie boutique crafting store in, you guessed it, Soho (New York, not London). All that being said, and with all adoration and respect, I have to honestly say that I can’t imagine a point in my life when I’m going to go out and buy a fat bundle kit of Liberty of London fabrics to make, oh, I don’t know, a wall hanging or a children’s toy. Beyond the expense, which is of course exorbitant, I just have so much scrap, even when I cut carefully, I can’t imagine BUYING something just for a small scrap-appropriate project. Am I a crazy person? How do you feel about this subject?

(PS: Thank you all VERY much for your kind and lovely words about my recent sewing snafus. I so appreciate the support, you are very nice, internet people, thank you.)


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15 responses to “Me Made May Day 1- Let’s Do This Thing

  1. Ann

    Hmm, maybe I should make some sachets too! They’re very cute. Where did you get this pine that you happened to have around? I like pine a lot more than lavender, so maybe I’ll copy you, if you don’t mind!

    • Well I got the pine from my mother, who is not a reliable source for more pine, but I’m pretty sure it was just fir and spruce needles, you could totally dry your own. I also like peppermint and rosemary and even chamomile in sachets and you can get that in any herb supply store. I feel like you can probably buy pine anywhere you can buy candles and things like that. .

  2. Love the Renfrew! Way cute– that’s a great color! I love the Purl Bee, too! They always have such great ideas. But yeah, I had no idea that you could spent $40 on 100% wool felt, or $75 on ONE skein of yarn– c-c-c-crazy! I like to poke around in their shop because it’s so pretty, but I never buy anything. šŸ™‚

  3. Girl, I feel you about the scraps! Why would I intentionally add to the problem I already have? Also, your Clovers are adorable šŸ™‚

  4. Let’s celebrate turquoise tops with wonky necklines!! I’m so curious as to what your scrap project is. And what does one do with sachets, pray tell? Sashay around and throw them at smelly people, like some sort of bizarre flower girl?

    • Ha, god, no, though THAT image is going to stay with me for a while. I made them for our house in San Juan, because the humidity makes everything musty. But depending on what herb you put in them they can deter moths etc. I put sachets in my drawers here in Philadelphia, and I hang them in the closet as well, and in the boxes of clothing I store for winter and summer respectively. It just makes everything smell nice and fresh.

  5. Amy

    You are adorable. I can’t wait to see the other five Renfrews!

    The sachets are a really good idea. I’ve been saving my scraps with the intention of making a rag rug.

  6. So would you recommend the Renfrew pattern? I’ve been hesitant b/c of the price but I’d buy it if I learned something from it. I’m very, very new at sewing.

    Also, you’ve inspired me – I’m scrap stash busting!

    • The renfrew is an excellent and super easy pattern to follow. I think it’s worth the price, personally, but if you are scared, the BurdaStyle Lydia pattern is also easy to use and in knit.

  7. I love the clovers. I’ve avoided trying to make Jean-type trousers ‘cos I made one pair and I’m convinced that they make my bum look HUGE. I can’t see me managing all month without this type of pant appearing in the mix, so I may have to expose myself in them anyway. Yours look great.

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