Don’t Mind My Yacht Shorts (MMM Day 4)

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there, I was too busy, thinking about gin and tonics and talking with Buffy and Mitzy about summering on the Cape. New Money? What is that, some sort of musical group? I have no time for such things. The Daughters of the American Revolution are having a dinner at the Club and I simply can’t decide which string of pearls to don. They’re doing lobster tails, so gauche, but one simply endures, doesn’t one?

Now, obviously I am not the same person as the person who would say things like that. After all, I don’t even like gin, let alone country clubs. I don’t think they even LET pedestrians of the red sea like myself into most New England country clubs, let alone half Puerto Rican ones, but I digress. The point is, these shorts make me feel like I’m in Nantucket, on a yacht, chatting with Vanderbilts. They strike that perfect balance of silly and nautical which I feel strongly haunts the WASP with vengeance. After all, this is a group of people who wont discuss their feelings but WILL wear red pants with tiny whales embroidered on them. The hell?

I also made the top. It’s from Steph’s lovely Blank Canvas T-Shirt pattern (FREE PATTERN!) but I lowered the neckline, because it was a bit of a choking hazard on me. The fabric of the shorts came from scraps leftover from my San Cristobal Skirt. Something about this just screams San Juan to me, so it feels appropriate that I got both photographed down there. My brother took these photos, so obviously he improved, as a fashion photographer. Thank goodness.

The shorts pattern is Simplicity 7688, one I’ve used before. I didn’t have enough fabric to lengthen it, as I did in the past, so these are rather, um, short. Yet another reason I left these down in San Juan, I don’t think I’m bold enough to rock this length and this look here in the States.

I have to say, I love the way this pattern fits. I resized it and it must have gone well by some random chance because I think the fit works nicely.

See, look how happy I look!

And here you can see the full length of the top. I just tend to tuck things in so I look more like I walked off a 1960’s movie set, but I recognize that not everyone rolls that way. Thought obviously they SHOULD…

Cadfael was of course instrumental in the cutting and sewing process. He always is.

I saw this cool shot on my way to the supermarket and couldn’t resist photographing this little view into a house in ruins. So I’m sharing that with you.

Now, whose up for a game of croquet? It coincides quite cleverly with cocktail hour.


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20 responses to “Don’t Mind My Yacht Shorts (MMM Day 4)

  1. Ha, ha! Do they allow London types into your club? You look sooo happy and you’re totally rocking those shorts. Tres cute!

  2. Very nice shorts. Looking for a pattern myself, might have to check these ones out 😀

  3. Shorts are on my to do list if I can ever find a pattern that I think will flatter all my “extras” 🙂 Yours look great and very resort-chic!

  4. I love the striped shorts! And I love that you tuck in your shirt, a la Beach Blanket Bingo… I definitely need to start doing that. (Oh, and I’ve recently moved up to the New England area… Vineyard Vines wtf? Someone even once brought over a six-pack with little whale tails on it!)

  5. Cute cute cute! I love this outfit! You look like you’re really suffering there in San Juan– I don’t see a single fruity cocktail in these pictures!!!

    • Oh, dear, we don’t play that sort of thing in my family. We drink wine and when the wine times are done we drink rum. Yeah. We’re hardcore.

      • Holy cow, one of the WORST nights in my life was a start-with-red-wine-end-with-rum situation… like, pass out while sitting on my boss’s lap bad [cringe]. Let’s just pretend that never happened and I never confessed it to you! I salute you for your abilities!

  6. I laughed so hard at your opening monologue! And then again at the expression on BroCad’s face as he helps with shorts-making. I think that fabric is ideal for vacation-shorts!

  7. oh my, can i join you out there? i’m still working job meant for four peeps, six days a week, think san juan would be a perfect place for moi.. we can rock our self made looks on the beach, and your brother can rest, i’ll take all your outfit pics.. k?

  8. those shorts are so cute!!! i like the way your family rolls-similar to mine, wine til the wine’s gone then rum (and the rum is never gone!!). enjoy your trip, i’m totally living vicariously through your vacay pics!

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