Me Made May Day 3: Late but with a great excuse…

So I’ve been rather late about posting this so I’m going to keep this post mercifully brief (for me, at least) and make you all quite jealous by explaining that I couldn’t post for the past few days because I was in Puerto Rico with my family and limited internet access. It’s interesting, I’m so plugged into everything on the interwebs (although I don’t play games. What the hell is Farmville? Please don’t tell me, I honestly don’t care), but taking a few days off is really nice. I mean, I have email on my phone, but in San Juan, I sometimes, gasp, leave the house without my phone! WHAT?  I know. Revolutionary.

So that meant no sewing for me. But I did WEAR a lot of homemade outfits, including my Pastille, which made its appearance at my Cousin Jessi’s wedding! Which was absolutely lovely, congratulations, Jessi and Rei, just such a wonderful day. My brother even flew in from LA (And boy were his arms tired! Try the veal!) and I asked him to take some pictures, given that he studied film and in theory he’s the best photographer in the family. But when I made him snap me in the airport for Me Made May (having explained the intricacies of the event) it didn’t go great.

Me, brattily critical: “God, don’t you read sewing blogs? Don’t you know what I want in an outfit shot?”

My brother, patient in the face of my crazy: “Um, no. Make mom do it.”

And so I did. Thanks, Mamala!

Denim Clovers, Cotton Jasmine, a Colette Patterns day! The shoes are Toms, and the vintage element are the earrings. If I look like a huge struggle, which I’m well aware I do, it’s because I had just gotten off of a plane. Who looks good after a flight, regardless of the length? I want to meet those people, and hit them in the arm. Hard.



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3 responses to “Me Made May Day 3: Late but with a great excuse…

  1. LOL at your “don’t you read sewing blogs”! I have to get my 11 year old to take my pictures, my husband and I always end up in a argument at some point in the photo shoot over the photo shoot LOL.

  2. I love this outfit! It’s way cute!

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that exact phrase to my husband before. I think we settled on I won’t criticize his picture-taking (lest he never do it again), but he’ll take upwards of a hundred photos (in a ten minute span!) so that hopefully three of them will turn out decent.

    Color me impressed that that’s how you dress/look for flight! I fly in my pajamas whenever I can, so I’m always impressed when people wear real clothes.

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