Me Made May Days 15-19 (All Over The Place)

Boy have the past 5 days been busy! I’m transitioning between jobs, I’ve been showing apartments (Yeah, I’m a real estate agent. It’s fun.) working for the theater company, running all over town, pretending to be a nice friendly person when really I’m fairly evil and dead inside, it’s been crazytown! But don’t worry, I’ve made the time to catch up on Revenge and Community, finish a project (more on that in the days to come), made catnip mice for all four cats in my life, and, of course, watch Law and Order C.I. streaming. Can we talk about Law and Order C.I? It’s 100% my favorite law and order. Mostly because there is almost no court time, just crimes, getting solved, but also because the crime doesn’t ever stop, it keeps going all through the episode, up until the end! It’s amazing. ALSO, all the best people have been on it. Liza Minnelli, Whoppi Goldberg (oh, she was EVIL!), Steven Colbert (also the villain), my friend Krista Apple (she was awesome), everyone! It’s the best. I’m not a huge fan of Chris Noth (though DAMN does he rock on The Good Wife) but Vince D’Onofiro? Yes. Solve all the crimes with eccentric methods and weird stares. I will watch that every day of the week.

ANYway, on to the outfits!

Day 15!

My Wildcard Clovers with a tunic I bought years ago in San Juan. Why am I barefoot? It POURED this day, and I padded about the office in my bare feet as my whole self dried. Biking in the rain. It’s a fun struggle.

Day 16!

Ah, yes. I failed a coerce someone  into taking my photo so I did it myself in the mirror. This skirt is a new one I made, but I haven’t had a chance to do a dedicated post to it. All in due time….

Day 17!

My denim clovers with a never-blogged Men’s shirt refashion! I used Colette Patterns Sorbetto pattern as the base. I actually really adore this blouse. I gots to make more of these. Thanks, Papi, for the shirt!
Day 18!

This was a great day! I had showings all day on Friday, but in the afternoon my showings took me near Spool, so of COURSE I had to go in. The owner,  Amy, graciously took my photo. Look how happy I am! Spool is the best. The dress is my dumb luck dress.

Day 19!

Ah, Saturday. I have other photos of this outfit from this day, but I decided to use this one because of the guy in the back. Thank you, stranger, for your incredibly creepy expression. Stay weird, Philadelphia! This is, of course, my Completely Uncreative Blouse with my Nautical Bias skirt, along with a vintage German souvenir scarf. I wore this showing apartments all day, and then into the afternoon when my mom and I biked to Fishtown and wandered around the Trenton Arts Festival. And what an event it was. From scores of hipsters to craft booths to the firetruck our friend Jeff bought to a mud pit to these organic local strawberries I’m holding, it was a blast. Oh, Fishtown, never change.

So that’s my last couple of days. Oh, and as a bonus, you should know that my pajamas have been me made this WHOLE TIME. I know, blowing your mind.


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14 responses to “Me Made May Days 15-19 (All Over The Place)

  1. You’ve done so much better than me- I realized I just don’t have enough good stuff to wear all week- you look fabulous in your MM’s!

  2. sewinsteady

    Vince D’Onofiro? YES.
    Also, love your refashioned men’s button-up. Cute!

  3. LOL! Love the picture of the creepy guy. Congrats on your new job!

  4. Your dumb luck dress is adorable. I think I need one.

  5. Leah! I like your outfits, OF COURSE, but I decided to excitedly comment because you’re a real estate agent and I just found out I’m going to be moving to Philadelphia at the end of the summer! If you come across a beautiful but ridiculously affordable apartment near all the best fabric shops, save it for me 😉

    • Oh, well, welcome to Philadelphia! Why are you moving here? That’s so sad, because I’m just about to leave to move to New York! But of course I will save all the apartments for you. That’s a deal.

  6. Ahh I love them all! and I love Spool, my roommate used to work there! SO MANY AWESOME FABRICS! (coughcough) the owner of Spool is named Laura.

  7. So cute! I love the Clovers, especially. OK– let’s talk L&O for a minute! I LOVE CI– nonstop crime solving is totally the best– but I also love original Law & Order cause Lenny Briscoe was the man! I like Logan, though, so we might have to agree to disagree. But I can’t agree with you more that Whoopi Goldberg was SO SO SO SO EVIL on the show! [shudder]

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