The Adventurez Skirt (Me Made May Day 20)

Ah, cloud nine fabrics. Why you gotta be so damn seductive? Every time I think, okay, Leah, yhou’re a grown up person now, no more skirts made of quilters cotton and covered with whimsical design, it’s time for navy twill and sensible styles, like a real person, well, there you are, cloud nine, reeling me back in again. And what did you come up with this year? A far too adorable line called Monsterz featuring little creatures running all over lengths of sweetly colored organic cotton. Sure, maybe you out there might have resisted but I’M NOT MADE OF STONE.

So I managed to acquire a yard an a half of this fabric called Adventurez, a double border print with two delightful scenes of little monsters doing whatever it is they happen to do. So I divided the fabric in half and made a skirt out of one length of the border. The other skirt will be forthcoming, but for now, please content yourself with this:

Cute, no? Not my face, no, that looks likes I’m about to cut someone, but the skirt! How cute is the skirt?

So, I don’t know why this is, but the waistband keeps wrinkling. The hell? I interfaced it, like you do, I pressed it, I did all the right things, and yet, it wrinkles. Sigh.

I can’t even look at you, I’m so upset about this wrinkling business. It was a self drafted pattern, if you can even call it that. It’sΒ  just a bunch of pleats, like you do and a waistband to match. I am against gathering these days, honestly, because it never makes me look like anything but a milkmaid.

Of course, this is the kind of pose you make when you need to get out of the street because a car is coming. Adorable, no?

A little back view for those of you in viewing audience who like that sort of thing. See? Pleats. They look good even over the hips. PS: I also made the shirt, of course, it’s my Define Basic Blouse.

And just in case you don’t get the appeal of these little monsters:

How cute is THAT?

Also,Β  I simply had to share this with you, my mamala modeled the Renfrew I made for her today and here is how amazing she looks in this top:

How gorgeous is my mamala? She’s the best.

Anyway. that’s me and my new skirt. Is it practical? No. No it is not. And yet somehow, life goes on…


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19 responses to “The Adventurez Skirt (Me Made May Day 20)

  1. my god that fabric is adorable!! i wouldn’t have been able to resist that either!

  2. Libby

    Love your mom’s hair!

  3. Kat H

    I love love love that fabric! I’ve given up resisting the crazy cute fabrics – no matter how hard I try, ‘grown-up’ fabrics just aren’t anywhere near as appealing. I say, wear the little monsters, and enjoy it! Yay!

  4. I love your skirt. A fabric only one spectacular Leah can rock!

  5. Ack! I love it! Sometimes being practical is so impractical. The fabric is great, as is the skirt. Check out that happy mom πŸ™‚

    Maybe the waistband simply needs stiffer interfacing or some ban-rol.

  6. Pretty skirt! Sometimes you just have to embrace what makes you happy, even if it is a “childish” novelty print πŸ™‚

    Oh, and regarding your waistband – the only way I can keep those things from wrinkling over when I sit down is to put boning in them! I use the sew-in plastic stuff, since you don’t need Super Support in the form of spiral steel or anything. Gertie has a great tutorial for this, I use it quite often & I have yet to have a waistband fold over on me πŸ™‚

    One last thing – your mama is beautiful! I love beautiful mamas πŸ™‚

  7. NO. STOP. WHY DID YOU LINK TO IT. I just discovered that a shop less than a mile from me carries it. I don’t need any more whimsical print skirts or dresses (at least according to my husband)! But face it, I’m a sucker for tiny monsters.

    Honestly, I thought the wrinkly waistband was a design feature until I read your blurb about it. So I think it looks fine, but yeah, echo what Lladybird said about the boning. I’ve done that for a couple of my high-waisted skirts and it works wonderfully.

    Oh, and in case it wasn’t obvious, I love your skirt.

  8. misscrayolacreepy


  9. Your mom is so cute! And I love this skirt! I almost bought some fabric from this very same line, but with just the little monsters all over it! I fought the urge and didn’t buy it (I was at the store to buy Liberty lawn for a Mother’s Day gift, so no extra cash!). Wish I had now that I see your skirt!

  10. not childish, AWESOME πŸ™‚

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