The Mirror Image Blouse (Me Made May Day 21!)

It should surprise no one to hear that I’m hardly the most exacting or exact sewer in the world. It’s not that details don’t matter to me, it’s just that I’m more of a “just do it” kind of crafter. And besides, making things for yourself as a non-professional is all about deciding what you can and can’t live with, i.e., just how much is that zipper which is SLIGHTLY off going to affect your life/sense of self? Can you deal with a dart that doesn’t QUITE match up to another dart? Can a project be good enough without being perfect? For me, yes, it can, and almost always is. I use my seam ripper as much as the next person, and I do follow instructions and try to do things right the first time, but honestly, I’m not all that interested in perfection, really, just wearability. Maybe it’s because I’m still such a new sewer and I’m still just amazed I can make things that will actually cover my body and not fall apart halfway through my commute, and maybe an obsession with precision will emerge as I sew more, but for now, I’m more about the big picture than anything else.

Additionally, I think marking is the worst. My least favorite part of sewing is, surprise surprise, cutting and marking fabric. I mark the bare minimum, and sometimes not even that. Notches? I don’t even want to talk about notches. And most of the time that’s completely fine, honestly. I mean, I’m sure some advanced sewers are just clutching their pearls but if I hadn’t told you, would you have really known? I mean, really?

Well, with this blouse you would, because I totally put the bow on the opposite side. Yeah. Yeah I did.

But, hey, don’t I look happy? (Sidenote: I have no idea what this blouse is SO. WRINKLED. I look like I slept in it. I did not. Promise.)

The pattern is my new BFF, New Look 6808. This time I did the variation with a collar and bow, but because I don’t mark fabric when I trace it against the pattern piece, I just kind of haphazardly picked a spot on the collar for the bow and followed the instructions using my free-hand placement. I’m 100% happy with it, but I’m also 100% sure the bow is supposed to be on the other side of the collar. Oh, well.

S0ooooo wrinkly. Sigh. The fabric comes as a leftover from my I Don’t Believe in UFOs Blouse. The pants, again, my trusty denim Clovers. I really need to stop wearing these pants…

Ha, photo-self, you can look for the bow over there all you want, it’s never going to happen!

Because this fabric has stretch , like the last time I made this pattern (fun fact, I got 3 yards of 3 types of insanely cheap stretch poplin back in the fall to make clover muslins, and I’m still using them! How neat is that?), I omitted the zipper. I also cut the back in two pieces and sewed them together with a 1/4th inch seam allowance. Fits like a glove.

Well, the BODY fit, and I like the collar, but let’s talk about the sleeves. The last time I made this blouse the sleeve cap was too big for the armsyce, so I pleated it (free form again, I told you, I’m a rebel!) and it worked. THIS time, the sleeve cap fit the armsyce perfectly (…why?) but the sleeves looked like little wings, ready to fly me away to the land of wrinkles and sewing rebels. So I sewed a deep dart into the sleeves, and that sort of solved the problem….which I don’t know why I have. Sigh. Sewing, it’s a crapshoot (it’s really not, just for me, it seems…)

The stern face of a sewing rebel.

I thought you might like to see the bow close up, as it’s the cutest damn thing about this blouse. But as you can see, I take bows very seriously. There is no laughing in bows.

And as a final photo to celebrate this, the 21st day of Me Made May (this was taken yesterday) and this blouse, which is another installment of the Spring/Summer 2012 Palette Challenge, a nice photo of flowers from my parent’s garden!

So, are you a rebel like me, or do you mark the hell out of everything? It should be noted that I’m totally a slave to instructions, which is rather ironic, one might say. Well, we humans are so fickle, aren’t we?


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19 responses to “The Mirror Image Blouse (Me Made May Day 21!)

  1. I too attempt to avoid making more than the absolute bare minimum of markings. And yeah, sometimes I end up with things on the wrong side (button plackets anyone?), but I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Your blouse is really cute, love that color on you, and the rumpled look is in right now. Or at least that’s what my brother in law (a bachelor) tells me. 😉

  2. Notches? We don’t need no stinking notches! Ok, I’m bad too. High five from another bad marker!

  3. Oh I hate marking too. But it does bite your in the ass sometimes doesn’t it? This top is divine, gorgeous shape, fit everything and the little bow…so sweet.

  4. sewinsteady

    I think we’re alike. I DETEST marking and cutting, but obsess over every detail in the pattern instructions. When I made NL 6808, my fabric wasn’t stretch and I had a hell of a time setting in the sleeves (which I always struggle with). I ended up making little free-hand pleats/pinches in them…and then ended up free-handing some pleats/tucks at the neckline that would NOT lie flat otherwise. I’ve been planning to revisit the pattern and try this collared version with the little cute bow…

  5. Suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute! Love love love it! I try my hardest to mark everything clearly and correctly, but somehow I can never get everything lined up correctly. Ugh…

  6. super cute blouse, the bow is adorable!! as for sewing, mostly i don’t mark things and i’ve been known to only half-heartedly follow the instructions as well…. sometimes it works and sometimes i unpick a collar multiple times. crapshoot!

  7. I’m terrible at following instructions and only marginally better at marking. (Even when I do mark, I end up sewing sleeves on inside out half the time!) Luckily whatever you;re doing seems to work — your blouse is gorgeous! Love the little bow, and you picked such a fabulous color!

  8. Heh. Heh heh heh. I don’t mark or pin or baste or read directions, which would explain A LOT. Also every time I look at a blouse pattern that has buttons, I throw my hands up in the air (sometimes), saying forget it, let’s go back to dresses. But really, who cares what side the bow is on? That color is smashing and the denim Clovers cannot be worn enough, because they are so darn real-looking!

    If you need to see sleeves that really look like wings, that would be the cap sleeves on my he[art] dress…

    • Hahaha, yay for wing sleeves. They help us fly! Yeah, instructions, not for everyone. But I feel like if I follow the instructions maybe it’s okay that I don’t mark anything? Maybe? Yes?

  9. I know I am very late to comment on this, but I my all-time favourite line was “I’m not all that interested in perfection, really, just wearability”. It just sums me and my attempts to sew up. I know it really matters to some people, but if I look in great detail at my shop-bought clothes (obviously bought in Target rather then haute-couture) I can find numerous imperfections as well.

    I love the blouse, especially the colour, it suits you really well 🙂

  10. I have to say that I *love* that neckline on you. Maybe it’s also the little cap sleeves but that kind of bateau neckline is so cute!

    I kind of half-ass it when it comes to marking, as I do with most anything. I only follow markings if absolutely necessary (like sleeves when I can’t tell which end faces front or back)..

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