Me Made May Days 22-26 (I really need to make photographer friends)

These photos are going to be strugglesome. Seriously, I need to make some photographer friends, this is getting pathetic. Sigh. The last week has been busy and unexpectedly filled with nightlife (I’m usually a complete homebody when the sun sets, what’s up, universe?) and somehow that has translated to crappy photographs hurriedly shot in mirrors, and with the case of the 24th of May, no photograph at all.

But I can assure you that I did wear me-made-things on the 24th. Or did I? You would never know, now, would you? In fact, NONE of the stuff on this blog could have been made by me, I could be buying it and passing it off as my own and you’d NEVER KNOW. If this was a comic book that would totally be what I, as the evil villain, did. But here in real life, I totally made all this. (….or did I? See, the seed has been planted….)

Day 22!

My Faded Photograph Blouse with Wild Card Pants! I wore this to work, and I even wore a DIFFERENT Me-Made outfit out to dinner with my friend Laura! Doubling Down!

Day 23!

My Blank Canvas T with my I Was Made For Sunny Days Skirt! Wednesday I worked showing apartments and then actually once again changed post-gym into another me-made outfit to go see a musical with my friend Shamus. It was atrocious. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Day 24!

I got nothing. This day I attended Night Market (a big food market that is run by the Food Trust and mimics the famous night food markets of Taiwan and Hong Kong). The Food Trust has been running these for the past two years and they are fantastic and absurdly crowded, but I went early in a brand new me-made-skirt (post to follow!) and FINALLY got to try Pitruco’s Pizza, a pizza truck with a wood burning oven inside it (WHAT? YES.) and it was UNREAL. It’s probably better I was too exhausted to take photos even of myself in the mirror, I was all pizza-full and blissful.


Day 25!

A bought t-shirt and my Too Hot For Tzaft skirt. Cadfael had to check me out and be a part of it. Cats, man. Work, work, work, then dinner with my mom were we enjoyed margaritas and tacos. Yum.

Day 26!

And my Truffle Muslin, which fits me a bit better these days, and stood me well as I went from showing to showing to cleaning my apartment to going to a play.

And that’s me all caught up. Homestretch, people, and here in the states it’s a holiday weekend! So I promise to try to get some better photos (or at least better FRIENDS, seriously) in between barbeques and gardening. Any plans?


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12 responses to “Me Made May Days 22-26 (I really need to make photographer friends)

  1. Look at all those fab skirts! I need more skirts!

  2. Isn’t bad theatre AMAZING? (Of course, good theatre is better, but I’ll take what I can get sometimes!) My husband and I went to a student production directed by a drama colleague of his, and lordy lordy, there was were unintentional comedy gems! Of course, when you are surrounded by parents of very earnest teenage actors, it’s not the time to laugh out loud!

    Love all your colourful skirts in this post!

    • Haha, yes, it IS amazing. Of course, I work in theater so I’m torn between amusement and anger because I know how much money is being wasted on drek. Sigh. What can you do.

      Thank you!

  3. Seriously, those are some badass skirts! Loving them! Great job… that is, if you even made them…

  4. awww lovely! all my pics are from a cheap point and shoot using the self-timer option and stacking the camera on my fireplace mantel and a stack of dvd’s; shhhh! our little secret!

  5. I feel you. Photographer friends, come at me!

  6. Love all the fun skirts! Skirts+tees are my favorite summer outfit (face it, in SoCal they’re my favorite year-round outfit). And I think you need a secret alter-ego, Dr. Not Truly Me-Made. Doesn’t that sound like the scariest super-villain ever? Also, Ph.D in RTW.

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