It’s My Party: Pattern Giveaway Week 1!

Oh, it’s July already! It’s July! July! I love July! Why do I love July? Because July is my BIRTHDAY month! And I love my birthday, I really do! It’s on the 9th, by the way, and you are welcome to send gifts, money, flowers, whatever works.

As a child my birthday was always kind of a downer, summer birthdays can be rough, no one is around, you don’t get to bring cupcakes to class, it’s a mess. But now I enjoy my birthday, number 1, there is always wine, number 2, I get to have cupcakes at WORK, number 3, people post on my facebook wall and I feel extremely popular. It’s a great day. And THIS year, my older brother will be there for my birthday! He’s moving back East and leaving all that LA nonsense where it belongs, in the land of artifice and entitlement. Yay!

So in HONOR of my birthday, and as a sign of appreciation for all of the lovely people who read and comment on this blog (thanks for the string of lovely thoughts about my recent makes, guys, you people are awesome), I’m going to give away a couple of patterns a week! To some lucky readers! Because why shouldn’t you share in this happy time with me? I’m not sure if I will post new giveaways weekly or twice a week (honestly, guys, I have a LOT of patterns, so….) but I can guarantee that there will be a pattern giveaway at least once a week, and there will be different sizes, so be on the lookout for what works for your lovely form!

And this week’s giveaway is (drumroll please…):

There you go, four patterns in a size 38 bust. A closer look, you beg? On it:

How happy is that cover art chick? SO. HAPPY.

Yes, it’s a onsie. But those are big now, right? Also, I love both hairdos on this cover art, not going to lie.

These ladies all look so sad, which is a shame, because they are all wearing cute jacket/vests!

ANOTHER ONSIE. Because one is NEVER enough. Seriously, this could be a cute romper, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Okay, you know the rules, comment to win all four! I’ll send these anywhere, London, Jakarta, Cleveland, you name it, so have at it! Maybe tell me when your birthday is, and how you feel about such a thing?


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12 responses to “It’s My Party: Pattern Giveaway Week 1!

  1. I would rock the hell out of those onesies. I loved them when I was a kid. I remember looking for them for my 9th birthday outfit and they no longer sold them in the stores. Sadness. Also, I am a July child too (18th!).

  2. Happy Birthday Sweetie, hope you have a great time. My birthday is not until September and my son’s birthday is 2 weeks before, so between all the cakes (one for school, one on the day and one for his party) I am usually at the point that need a cake break. However, I do enjoy a nice take away and my husband becomes my slave for the day and thus does the things he usually puts off 🙂

  3. njeri

    Happy birthday and I wish you a fabulous summer.
    Don’t enter my name just yet I am holding out for a size 32 something.
    Love your blog.

  4. Sue

    Happy birthday month!!! (mine is in July as well and I’m also celebrating with a giveaway!! so dont forget to stop by my little blog 🙂 )

  5. Happy Birthday! I can understand about the bday being less fun during holidays. My problem was that my bday sometimes fell during EXAMS, even worse, LOL! And I don’t want to participate in the giveaway but my mother totally had and made the Simplicity jumpsuit.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!! i’m a summer bebe too (your second paragraph, yes, lived it) and hellz yeah the summer birthday rocks now. i won’t enter your fabulous giveaway.. yet… as i MUST mail out like 20 promised packages and restore my karmic balance first.

  7. Yay for you. I also know your pain. August birthdays are when everyone says “sorry I’m away on holiday that day”, or “sorry I’m at a festival that day”. Silly V festival being the weekend before my birthday and Carling festival being the weekend after my birthday. Always ruins the fun!
    Enough of my problems. Sure you’ll have a lovely time. Especially with wine and cupcakes involved.

  8. cute cute cute and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!

  9. Happy Birthday Month! I’m with you on the summer birthday – no fun at all when you’re at school and everyone else is off having holidays. Mine is Boxing Day, smack bang, day after Christmas which is summer here in Australia. Until recently at least I could joke we had a public holiday to celebrate my birthday 🙂 At least I’ve never had to work on my birthday. Champagne and Cake are the perfect combo. Yipppee!
    Love the skirt/shorts pattern and could totally see me wearing that. So practical for climbing trees and riding bikes.Or is that the inner 8 year old talking?

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  11. Hey there! Happy Birthday Month from the UK! 🙂
    I’d like to delurk and be in contention, as they say.
    My birthday is Oct 28th, and when I was a child in Italy it always almost always a nice balmy day and a chance to get a present before Christmas.
    It’s also chestnut season, meaning Mum makes Mont Blanc, the world’s most awesome soon dessert.
    This was the early 1980s in a tiny town, so I had no idea what Hallowe’en was. When I moved over here 10 years ago people started making jokes about being “a Hallowe’en child”, which obviously mean very little to me, but they found it funny.
    Not that I mind Hallowe’en as such, but it’s not even my birthday! Plus it’s not a patch on Bonfire Night, Nov 6th, which doesn’t exist in Italy but it’s the best!
    Last but not least, the greatest thing about my birthday is that it’s six days away from my Dad’s! That is two lots of Mont Blanc in less than a week, it doesn’t get better than that.

  12. Marchelle

    Is it too late to enter? Please say no! Happy Birthday!

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