I’ll never be that petite: Birthday Giveaway #2!

Here we go, Birthday Month Giveaway round two! I did the math and I believe there will be a giveaway at least twice a week, so more chances to win, right?

Sometimes, in the course of human events, we accidentally buy a sewing pattern that is too small for us. By a lot. But we think, it’s okay, I’ll resize it! But we don’t. We look at the pretty cover art and we think, wow, that would look great on me, but it’s a trillion pieces and I would have to add several inches to every. single. one. So we think, someday, when I’m a trophy wife, I’ll have the time! But then we don’t pursue rich billionaires. We aren’t really making this easy for ourselves, now, are we?

So, anyway, I now offer these to you, for your more petite enjoyment, because I’m probably not going to be a trophy wife, so when am I going to have time to resize these? Never, that’s when. Unless you have a rich guy for me to marry. In which case, just shoot me an email, I’m around.


IĀ  know. I KNOW.Ā  First let’s look at Vogue 4174:

It’s a size 32 Bust (which I am, in my DREAMS! Hahahahaha, no, I don’t actually mind my endowments, but they aren’t ever going to fit into this thing, that’s for sure), and it’s LOVELY.

This size 30 bust pullover is cute as hell, and I wish I was a trophy wife just so I would have time to resize it. Sigh. Why must resizing take FOREVER?

And then we have McCalls 6405. I actualy think there might be a cute dress in there, somewhere. It’s a size 31.5 bust (weird) and I think views E and D could actually be really cute, if shortened. Or you could make View A, and then call 1975 and tell it you stole it’s wedding dress. Whatever works for you!

You know the deal. Comment to win, tell me what you would make and your thoughts on resizing. I know it’s a perfectly viable method to make sure any pattern fits you, but my LORD it’s tedious….


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19 responses to “I’ll never be that petite: Birthday Giveaway #2!

  1. I would make that Vogue dress and wear it around the house with red lipstick. Because I’m EXCEEDINGLY classy. And screw resizing; life is too short for that kind of math sorcery!

  2. Njeri

    My problems with patterns are that everything is too huge. I am a size 32 and I never get patterns in my size! I can grade only from a 36 bust size otherwise anything larger than that I don’t bother.
    I think version E of the McCalls has a lot of potential as a cute sundress, cut shorter and with less gathers.
    Crossing my fingers for this one.

  3. i’ll never be that petite either and my sewing skills are years away from things like ‘resizing’, so there is no need to enter me into this give away. I have to agree though, underneath all the frillyness of the wedding dress pattern is a cute dress hiding itself away. I really like view B (shortened of course) šŸ™‚

  4. Katharina

    I’m the opposite: super NOT endowed. I’ve never resized, never want to. I actually really like the McCall’s, it has so many (interesting and somewhat weird) possibilities. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. punkmik

    I love Vogue 4174 and I am around a bust size 32. I would nake a plain version, maybe with the collar in a contrast fabric and matching bias tape!

    I so far have needed little adjustments, but am learning how to tackle a sway back as that is always my issue, so it will be worth it to figure out how to tackle it properly at the pattern cutting stage instead of adding random darts all over the place (my current method). I will also soon have to face the small bust adjustment, BUT at the moment my wonderbra is helping me eliminate that step. šŸ˜›

  6. I would definitely make that vogue pattern – so lush!

    But on to the re-sizing, luckily for me I’ve never had to resize more than 1 – 2 sizes up, so I can deal with adding 2 or 3 inches over all the pattern pieces. But I agree it can be so tedious sometimes! But I just grit my teeth as I know that it;s highly unlikely you’ll always find your size in a vintage pattern you love.

  7. I love the Vogue pullover! And I love how the pattern lady is wearing it with a big armful of bracelets. I would make it in some nice drapey poly I have to start off with, then maybe something fancier after. Yes, I would have to grade up a bit but I’m pretty sure it would be worth it šŸ™‚

  8. psst- I share your pain! I have a whole box of beautifully gifted patterns that are sooooo not my hippage! Lovely giveawys!

  9. I love the first dress and blouse, and you’re right – I think there’s a pretty dress in the bridal one too. If I won this lot, I’d make the blouse though, and try my hand at the pattern grading tips Casey has been posting lately. I think I finally understand it now, just have to try it out!

    I just hired a super cute and young contractor, and wished I had someone to fix him up with. But I don’t think he’s a millionaire. šŸ˜¦

  10. Vogue 4174 is clearly the most classiest dress of all and I would love to get my mitts on that! I am not that petite, more sausage shaped, so I would have to up the bust 2 inches which I haven’t done as yet but it would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I understand the ‘time on hands’ issue completely. I dont think I could ever find the time to adjust something with drastically different proportions but I do steal time…. and suffer guilt trips… in order to sew and craft. Its in everyone’s interest really. They wouldn’t like the consequences otherwise! šŸ˜‰ Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! šŸ™‚


    Haha seriously, though – gorgeous dress! I love the collar & those little cap sleeves.

    I’ve never actually had to grade up a pattern – I’ve bought a few that were supposedly several sizes too small (like 23″ waist too small – LOL RIGHT), but all the extra ease thrown in made them fit me perfectly right out of the envelope. The most I’ve had to do is *maybe* add a little to a side seam. But yeah, despite my 36″ bust… 32 bust seems to fit me quite well. Weird, huh?

  12. oh dammit. you got me with 4174 too. as all of my bloggy obligations are sealed up in boxes & envelopes and taking a trip to the post office this weekend, i now feel i can karmically enter.

    i would make it in some sort of gauzy see through gold organza overlay. and i would wear a hibiscus of unimaginable size in my hair. i was pressing some seams with a piece of organza, and it looked so pretty laying over the fabric…

    and! as it’s only 2 inches of difference in le itty bitties, i think i would just check the pattern ease first. like lladybird, i get away with a lot of 32s in vintage.

  13. Gosh the Vogue dress is lovely, but I would choose the Vogue pullover, very snazzy. As for upzising I just add onto the seam allowances and hope for the best. Multi size patterns show how much extra is added on to the seams and where and can provide a good guide to re -sizing one size patterns. Happy Sewing. Thank you

  14. ooh ooh ooh i love the two vogue patterns šŸ™‚ i would make them both, but the dress first, maybe then i’d have a dapper gentleman caller like the pattern lady has!!

    i haven’t resized any patterns yet but i did purchase a FAR too big one because i simply had to have it…

  15. That Vogue Special Design, I feel weak!!!! I’m very much into collar shapes lately (thinking of my work wardrobe, severely lacking).

    I just printed out grading instructions because I bought “slightly” too small vintage patterns…

  16. Like many others, I am loving the Vogue dress! I’ve even got a fabric that would be perfect for it…

    Also like many others, 32 busts fit me just fine. I’ve never resized anything purposefully, just as I sew along and discover issues. Thankfully, my seam allowances have always covered any adjustments I have to make.

  17. Kat H

    I’d make that Vogue dress – it’s gorgeous! Great for being all vintage like around the office. šŸ™‚

    Resizing. Well, I’m generally happy to resize if it’s only a size or two in either direction. More than that though and I can never be bothered – it’s too easy for it to go wrong unless you spend heaps of time on it…..

  18. Marchelle

    It’s your birthday RIGHT NOW! Yay! Happy birthday! I hear you I will take any pattern any size, and I don’t even know how to re-size them (YET!), but that is what the blog-o-verse is for right? right? Sign me up!

  19. Love that Vogue dress! And that pullover top looks so easy to wear.
    The only resizing I have done was with a vintage pattern I ordered off Etsy – the envelope said it was my size but once I opened up the pieces they were actually four sizes bigger! So I had to re-size it down, but it was only three pieces plus the facings. And the seller gave me a refund for the pattern, which was very generous of her.

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