The Easy Does It Dress

Ease. It’s totally a thing. I was trying to explain this to someone recently, about ease and how your measurements are one thing and ease is another and who ease is so personal and how much ease you need totally depends on you and what makes you feel comfortable blah blah blah. (Oh, and ps: giveaway enterers, guys, don’t tell me about how you don’t resize patterns, maybe I will just take the giveaway back! I would never do that, but YOU DON’T KNOW ME!) At any rate, recently I made a dress. Well, I SAY recently, but I cut this thing out like two weeks ago, and yet I’ve been dragging my feet on it for a good deal of time. the thing is, Sunni proposed a sewalong. And I was like, that sounds fun! And I had this fabric, which I bought at least a year ago, which seemed just spoiling for a shirtdress, so I thought, well, why not?

So I bought the pattern. Do I have shirtdress patterns? Yes, of course I do. But this one seemed cute, so I bought it! Did I follow any of the sewalong guidelines? Hahhahhhhhha that’s adorable. no. Of course I didn’t. That would be crazytalk. I don’t do such things. Still, I ended up with something pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

How happy do I look? Well. honestly, this dress is actually a bit big on me, the bodice, the waist, there is QUITE a bit of ease built into this thing. And honestly, do I mind the comfort? No. But it’s not the most flattering thing, so if I was going to make thing thing again you can bet your bottom dollar I would cut at least a size down.

The belt is unbearably helpful. Belts can solve all sorts of problems, now, can they? The reality is, this pattern, simplicitiy 1880, has a TON of ease.

Side view! I’m very serious about side views, as you can see on my face. You can barely see it, but the sleeves are pleated.

The back, she is large. Sigh. It’s okay. Serves me right for not making a muslin.

I do all the grilling, because I’m extremely controlling and refuse to let other people cook because I’m awesome. My mamala and I agreed that this dress really looks best with a belt (because of all the ease) so I borrowed one of hers. Thanks, mamala!

The fabric is from Spool, I bought the end of a Kaffe Fasset spool at least a year ago and then put it aside and did nothing with it. The buttons are from the hoarder. So this is a stash busting dress, indeed! I bought the zipper and new thread, but other than that, all stash!

I do love this fabric. The pattern ate up all of it, so that’s it for me, but I love it, and I’m sure I will wear this dress, ease and all. After all, it makes me feel VERY thin. And the busyness of the pattern of the fabric really worked with all the fiddly bits (britishism I’m adopting) of the pattern. I had to piece together one of the four skirt pieces (I love the skirt, boy, is it a fabric hog!)and I don’t think you can even tell.

The notched collar. It turned out….okay. Not great. The instructions failed me here, so I had to kind of make it up. Perhaps if I had waited for Sunni’s tutorial? Alas, I did not. Whatever, it works, and that’s all that matters.

I wore this thing to an office bbq we hosted for the real estate company. It’s my family business, I’ve had my license for 5 years and I’m doing rentals this summer. We made all sorts of glorious food:

And a lovely time was had by all, including these fellows:

And I even had time to dance in my melon patch:

And drink some wine!

And now I must go to bed, because it is my for-real birthday and it’s rather late (or rather early, depending on how you look at it.) Are you working on anything that’s taking a longer time then you thought it might? I am happy with this end result, but it was like pulling teeth to finish it….


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30 responses to “The Easy Does It Dress

  1. Happy for-real birthday!
    Been in a bit of sewing lull recently, made something called The Dress Of Awesome (it is) and struggled to follow that. I am making a 1950s dress (unprinted pattern) for my friend’s wedding and it’s taking me ages just to understand how it all goes together. The words-to-pictures ratio seems to be the opposite of modern patterns, so it’s taking a lot longer than expected. It probably doesn’t help that I keep changing my mind about what fabric to use.
    The wedding is in 12 days and I’m also making refreshments to serve in church so I really need to jog in with it!

    • Oh, dear, I know that stress! Sometimes I just read pattern instructions over and over again because they feel like they are in a foreign language. And then once you get it it’s so clear, but you think, how did this take me so long to figure out?

  2. punkmik

    Happy Birthday! I love the fabric you chose! It works really well with your complexion! And dont we all need a comfy dress!?
    Also that food looks devine!!! The big square buttons are a great touch too!! I cannot wait to finish mine. But i have been following the sewalong hints and tips as it was all a bit scary for me, collars, buttons etc. :p Ypud did a fantastic job though! šŸ˜€

    • Oh, thank you! My complexion has clearly bronzed in the sun, so I think it looks as good as it ever will right now. I love those buttons, I wasn’t sure if they would work but I think they did! Can’t wait to see your version!

      • punkmik

        yeah the buttons are a great touch! šŸ˜€ We havent had any sun, so I will look quite pale. Cant wait to finish my version. Eagerly awaiting next steps. šŸ˜›

  3. Happy birthday! Great dress. Love that fabric choice.

    PS looking at that food has made me hungry – and I’ve only just eaten breakfast! ;D

  4. with the heat wave you guys been having, the dress seems just perfect and it looks great on you. The buttons are quite fun as well šŸ™‚

  5. Happy, happy! I love your dress- I think it lends itself to a little fullness- I like it on you! Fullness of ease, not fullness of you- does that read funny? I’m trying, TRYING to stay with the sew along and I’ve learned a thing or two, but it’s been tough not jumping ahead!

  6. Happy Birthday! very cute dress and I love the square buttons šŸ™‚

  7. What a lovely dress. I do love a shirt dress… working on my second one just now. It looks fabulous with the belt and I just love those square buttons. Its quite hard to achieve ‘comfortable’ and ‘stylish’ but you have done just that! Lots of lovely birthday wishes to you šŸ™‚

  8. Happy birthday, girl! I think this looks great! Shirtdresses are meant to be a bit loose, and this doesn’t look too big to me at all. The fabric and buttons are great, and it looks totally cute with that belt!

  9. happy real birthday! i gotta say i think the dress is fabulous. it falls so nicely! i’ve been putting more ease into my stuff lately, though it’s hard. it’s weird… i know i used to buy RTW with ease… but i just want to pinch out EVERY EXTRA CENTIMETER and go crazy. i stare in the mirror like a junkie.

    • The skirt is pretty baller, one must admit. I do like ease, I do, and I’ve been putting it into my skirt waistband with strong results, but for a dress, well, I want my waist to be defined. Belts are cheating, really, but whatever.

  10. aviewintomyworld

    Happy Birthday šŸ™‚ your dress looks great, sometimes a bit of ease is just the ticket and if you feel good in it then even better!!

  11. Every birthday needs a cute dress and delicious food, I think you’ve nailed it! šŸ™‚

  12. Love those buttons! And happy birthday, it’s my sisters bday too :). That food makes my tummy growl!

  13. Many happy returns of the day! That fabric is just gorgeous, and I feel you on the shirtdress ease thing! I, too, had issues with my notched collar that ended up being un-notched, so it looks like we both should have waited for Sunni’s tutorial…

  14. Your collar looks great! That fabric is AMAZING.

  15. Gorgeous fabric, it looks fabulous on you’

  16. So cute and perfect for a backyard barbeque! Love the square buttons and matching belt! Thanks so much for participating!

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