I’m Just Not There Yet: Giveaway #3 (And Winners from #1!)

I just realized I never set expiration dates on these giveaways, as I am wont to do. So I’m going to tell you right now that I’m announcing the winners from the 1st giveaway today, and on Friday you will get to hear the winners from number 2! And a week from today, i.e. next Thursday, you will meet the winners from this here giveaway. And so on and so forth.

So here we go, giveaway #3! And where am I not, yet?

Yeah. So, on Monday I celebrated my 25th birthday, which was very nice, and thank you all for your lovely thoughts and words, you people are just too sweet. Much sweeter then I, that’s for certain. And while I’m very excited about my future, and I know that it holds many surprises, I’m just in no way ready for it to involve little people. Little cats are about all I can deal with right now. So here you go, for those of you with little people in your life, or little people on the way, some goodies!

A maternity pattern for those who want to look like Mad Men even in their “condition”.

A wee pair of overalls or a bloomer-top set, for the child in your life.

And a dirndl for the frualein you like best!

And the winner of the giveaway is…..Giggles In The Sun! Congratulations! Please email me to let me know where I can send your lovely gift, at leah.franqui@gmail.com!

Good luck, people! And there is so much more to come…

Do you like small people? Know someone with a small person? Contemplating a small person yourself? Enter away!



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9 responses to “I’m Just Not There Yet: Giveaway #3 (And Winners from #1!)

  1. punkmik

    is it bad that I like the maternity pattern? it looked 60s to me. 😛

  2. Njeri

    I sew for a certain small person who calls me mom, so throw my name in the hat for the patterns. Funny how vintage maternity patterns rarely have an actual pregnant woman on the envelope!
    Congrats to the winner.

  3. I liked the maternity pattern- I could wear it to the dance with George Glass….

  4. Marchelle

    I know some small people who may appreciate these! sign me up!

  5. I DO love to sew for small people! You always find the cutest patterns! 🙂

  6. Allison

    My favorite cousin is having a baby, and it needs watermelon overalls!

  7. i too am abstaining from the small people at the mo. and hey, if you give away all your Child Size patterns, you won’t ever have to sew for Other Children!

    (therefore please god don’t include me in your very generous giveaway the the third. egads.)

  8. whoohooo, I won, yeay , sorry I get excited easily 🙂

    I will email you right away.

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