So Close, and Yet, So Far Away: Giveaway #4! (And winners from #2!)

Another day, another giveaway…. I promise I’m actually sewing, people, not just giving stuff away. In fact, I’ve been teaching a small person to sew (small meaning young, not petite, just so you know), and it’s been a very interesting experience. It’s made me think a lot about how large a part of my life sewing has become, and the things that once seemed strange which are now completely automatic. For example, she’s been having trouble with the pedal and finding a comfortable speed, and as I watched her struggle with this, trying desperately not to pepper her with advice or jump in there myself (it’s rough for a control freak, people, it really is), I thought, wow, when was the last time I even THOUGHT about the pedal? I just put my foot down and go, man. Sometimes slower, if i’m topstitching, but generally it’s like wham, bam, thank you ma’am! It’s amazing how things become ingrained in your body so quickly that they feel second nature. Of course, there is still so much I want and need to learn about sewing, but as I watch a true beginner, it’s also nice to realize that I’m not there any more.

First of all, let me announce the winner of Giveaway #2, and it is, drumroll please……Oonnaballona! Use them in good health, my tiny friend who is able to fit into these patterns which I look at with longing and sad realization. Let me know how to get them to you!

And onto the next batch:

SO close to my size (a 36, if you must know) and yet far enough away that I’m too lazy to re-size them or deal with large seam allowances etc. I’m just really lazy, people, I would rather host a blog giveaway and pay for shipping then re-size a damn pattern. Yeah.

This could actually be a pretty gorgeous coat with the right fabric. I’m not going to comment on the trousers, I haven’t the strength.

Their expressions are just too precious.

This is actually my favorite among this lot. Especially version two, with the grommets or whatever they are. Very chic. Side buttons make my bosom look odd, but if you DON’T have that problem this could be an awesome dress.

You know the deal by now, comment to win it, and tell me of your weekend plans! Or tell me about your process of learning how to sew, I’m genuinely interested!


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23 responses to “So Close, and Yet, So Far Away: Giveaway #4! (And winners from #2!)

  1. Ooh, lovely! This weekend I am visiting Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Can you believe it? As a Londoner, this is the first time I will be there.

  2. That military-inspired coat is pretty dang awesome. And even if I don’t win, I might have to steal that side-frog closure idea from that last pattern!

  3. I actually like all three of them! I am usually not a fan of ruffles but I really like the collars in the second pattern.

  4. I love the first one, but all of them are lovely. I’m planning on finishing a set of curtains for my children’s bedroom and spinning some yarn; maybe go into town if the weather holds as I want to see how many buildings are left in Christchurch central.

  5. Rachel C.

    I am finishing up New Look 6020 and going to the beach. I also got New Look 6808 blouse pattern this week after seeing your nice woven tops.

  6. WAOW! seriously my luck of late is blowing my mind, i haz GOT to play the lotto. thank you!! i’ll send you my details… though i’m wondering if we should just meet in NYC…

  7. I’m in love with S4014 view 1 with the contrast lining, too cute!

  8. Florencia L.

    I have just the right fabric for the long coat.
    Love your blog.

  9. Sarah K

    Taking care of one sick child and entertaining the other child without spending the whole weekend in front of the tv (nothing against the tv, just the kiddy shows :-)). Love that ruffle!

  10. Love these patterns! OK- let’s see…I’ve been so lazy this summer and haven’t gotten around to sewing my pieces for the next Sew Weekly challenge so I’ll be doing A LOT of that (sewing-not laying around doing nothing). Then I’ll catch a movie with my sweetie, maybe some dancing in the evening (or more sewing if I’m not done), and round it all it with church on Sunday.

  11. Not sure if this will be a duplicate post or not… I tried to hit a button without looking and possibly sent off a half-baked post. <=T Sorry! But this weekend is being spent doing things other than what I want to do (sewing and cleaning). I need to learn how to say "no", I think. 😛

  12. Tiffany

    I’m off to a roller derby bout, in my fresh-off-the-needles Thurlow shorts! Excitement abounds!

  13. Kat H

    Oooh, pretty pretty patterns! (And I agree – that coat would look marvelous made up!)

    Well, the weekend is now pretty much over, so I’ll just tell you a couple of things I did instead. Lazed around the house, read a semi-trashy novel (best thing ever to do when it’s raining – laze around with a novel and a couple of cats), and finally finished the coat I’ve been making for the past month (progress! Yay!)

  14. I’m (re)learning how to see right now. I last sewed at 12 in Home Ec and am now 37. It is a totally different experience, the fact I now know about adjusting patterns and making toiles has completely changed how I feel about the entire process. When I first learnt it was ‘pick the size of the pattern envelope which is most likely to fit, cut it out, see it up and oh whoops , hmmm, that doesn’t work…..’ This time I am loving the end results, ok after three toiles, a lot of Sean ripper action and some choice language but still.

  15. Tina

    Lovely! Lets see… My mother taught me to sew when I was a wee thing, but it was mostly of the quilting variety. Recently (as of this year) I’ve decided to re-learn how to sew, this time focusing on clothing (as nothing in the stores ever fits). I make a number of frantic calls to my grandmother, who is a talented seamstress (she wanted to go to FIT when she was college-bound, but her parents said it wasn’t practical) and have accumulated a number of very helpful books from the best in the biz.

  16. Kim

    Just stumbled upon your blog and figured I’d enter the giveaway. I can’t believe you have so many vintage patterns! P.S. I’m a Pennsylvanian too! I live in Allentown but visit Philly often.

  17. Marchelle

    I went to my mother-in-law’s house for brunch. She made cupcakes, and gave me little tags to insert in my sewing projects that say things like made with love, home sweet home, etc. Love these patterns! hook me up!

  18. I was planning to catch up on my sewing. But weather was nice. In England when it’s sunny it is a crime to stay in. So not much sewing but loads of walking

  19. The two dress patterns are awesome – I especially love the button detailed one and may have to steal the idea anyhow if I don’t win the pattern giveaway.

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