For ME? You shouldn’t have! (And something for you too, plus winners!)

My package came! My package came from Stitch and Witter, aka Joanne, aka an awesome lady I have been paired with for the Summer Swap 2012! What a wonderous event! Oh, the joy that I feel, it is astounding. What did the lovely Joanne send me? Take a look, abre tus ojos y mira:

RIGHT? It’s AWESOME. There is a liberty of london covered belt buckle (swoon), vintage buttons, a yo-yo maker, an OWL PINCUSHION aka the best thing ever, a corsage making kit, and some FABRIC. WHAT? Yes. Thank you a thousand times, Joanne, I was so delighted when I received this today!

But it is better to give then to receive. No, it’s not, that’s lie we are told as children, that’s just nonsense, but it’s what people say, so let’s go with it. So if you would like to see what I myself gave Joanne as part of this extremely fun swap, see her post here. I hope this is an annual thing, and THANK YOU Kestral, for making this happen!

And for YOU people, another giveaway! But first, the winner of giveaway #3, and it is…..Cynthia of Dapper Duds! Cynthia, email me at and I will send your patterns along!

And for this week, a set I simply must say I totally adore:

You might actually recognize one or two of these puppies as one’s I’ve actually made. Yes, back in the days when I thought resizing would be a fun thing to learn, not an ardous chore of evil….Yes, indeed, Simplicity 7866, a pattern I have made 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times. WHAT? Yes. I will probably make more, too. I still have the re-sized pieces. But this, much smaller set, is yours for the winning!

This one I have not made, but I love it. And I love the slippers in version b. Adorable.

How lovely is this pattern? With the coat, and everything? Sure, it’s a little matchy-matchy, but you could make it WILD….

And I’ve made this one, too! I actually really love this pattern, I gotta make this again…so much to sew, so little time.

So yes, please comment to win, as always, And this time you could tell me about patterns you’ve made more than once, and why!

Also, a note: I love responding to comments, but I haven’t been responding to the giveaway comments because I didn’t want people to glance at the bottom and think, oh, wow, 50 comments, I will NEVER win this, might as well not try. But if you promise not to freak out, I will respond to comments. Because I love it so.


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14 responses to “For ME? You shouldn’t have! (And something for you too, plus winners!)

  1. OMG i LOVE these, especially the butterick 2903 dress and 7490 tops!! as for patterns i’ve made more than once: simplicity 2588 (a project runway dress pattern) i’ve made 3 times and the maria denmark t-shirt pattern i’ve made twice and have another in me i know!

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  3. I have made two Renfrews so far and have plans for at least 2 more.

  4. Kat H

    Wow, what a lovely set of patterns! Loving the envelope art on the trousers pattern, how the ‘models’ are all holding images of what they’re wearing. So cute!

    A pattern I’ve made a couple of times so far (and have plans to make it again at least a couple more times!) is McCall 3411, a 1955 pattern for a full skirt and a jumper. Love it – so fun to make, and so comfy to wear!

  5. So glad you like it Leah πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, I love the white blouse you made from the Butterick pattern! I’d love to make a blouse like that too!

    I’ve made some patterns a few times too, like the Renfrew (3 for me, and one for my mother), Jenny skirt and most recently simplicity 2451, which I think I will make many, many more of πŸ™‚

  7. Wo what a great summer swap parcel – mine was awsome too – such a great idea by Kestrel.

    Great set of patterns too – Loving the fluffy slippers!

    I’ve made 3 Sorbetto tops and 2 Pendrell tops – they’re both such useful items to have in the wadrobe!

  8. Lovely swap goodies! Glad you enjoyed it. I have a couple of patterns I’ve made multiple times and am planning on more – a McCalls blouse and a 1950s Simplicity 1 seam skirt πŸ™‚

  9. Ardous chore of evil- yes you have the right of it for me too! Gorgeous swappishness! I’m so glad I signed up too!

  10. Marchelle

    I am drooling with delight. I’ve only made one pattern 1.5 times, and that’s only because I was doing the whole “wearable muslin” thing. But I just started sewing again in December.

    Sign me up!

  11. Tina


    I haven’t made any pattern more than once… yet. I have grand plans to make Simplicity 1803 view B in two different fabrics–one a blue nautical print with red piping around the edges and the second dress in this wild purple yellow and gray print (that one will have solid yellow inserts at the sides). It just seems like a fun summer dress! Now if I could only get around to sewing it before summer is over…

  12. i made 3 shirts in a week, all from the burda jj shirt/blouse pattern, different materials, different collars & by the time i got to the last one, 0 buttonholes i just sewed straight down the centre front seam, called it a feature & pull on and off over my head! and all 3 are in constant work wardrobe rotation πŸ™‚

    man i LOVE this set of patterns but particularly the dress&coat combi!

  13. Sarah K

    The only patterns I’ve done multiple times are kids’ patterns. Something about finding a super cute, striking, EASY pattern and I’m hooked πŸ™‚ I love these vintage patterns, though. You’ve had some really cool ones on your site.

  14. Beata

    Wow, I love these, especially the dress/coat and the top patterns! I have 2 sorbettos cut out and ready to sew, so that will make 3… when I finish them! πŸ™‚

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