Odd Behaviour

Much as it may surprise you, I have very little to say. I’m sleepy, work is busy, Cadfael is slowly but surely adjusting to his new space, and my quilting class was fun this evening. Quilting is…different. Have you ever tried it? It’s not like garment sewing, and it’s hard for me to picture the final product and the way all the colors are going to work together. Of course, that was hard for me with clothing at first, but at least you have a pattern photo….But the prospect of being able to effectively use my scraps is just way too wonderful to pass up on, so I must persevere. We go on, facing our trials as they come.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got tonight. Sometimes I’m quiet. Tell my family, they’ll never believe it.

The giveaway!

I’ve actually made the pajamas before! Yeah, they were a bit snug for my rather generous bosom, but I think they are unbearably cute…

Right? Super cute.

I think this has the potential for greatness, in the right hands.

This would look excellent on someone with a body completely unlike my own.

There you have it, folks, short and sweet. So comment to win, and tell me, when was the last time you tried a new craft? How did it go?


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14 responses to “Odd Behaviour

  1. aviewintomyworld

    You have such a great stash of patterns!! Those pj’s are very cute, as is the bottom dress ๐Ÿ™‚ i got my mam to re-teach me knitting last year, its not so much about coming out with something wearable as the act of knitting,very relaxing. That does lead to a lot of casting on the next thing without finishing the first cos i’m excited to try new stitch patterns!

  2. Njeri

    That last butterick is to die for!! I did try tatting last year, well lets just say,I have never finished my first lace piece.
    Hope the move is coming along fine.

  3. I heart the PJS! I think sewing clothes is the “newest” craft I’ve tried. It’s going pretty well:) I tried spinning in college and was no good at it at all. I’d like to give it a second try. Love your blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Julie

    Love the PJ pattern! The last thing I tried was knitting. I do okay with it but I do not do it very ofte.

  5. Allison

    I need the PJ pattern! I’ve been trying to knit, and have finally figured out that I need to go up two needle sizes from pattern recommendations because I knit too tightly…

  6. I agree, the PJs pattern is super cute.
    I learned to crochet at the end of the last year and have been trying again recently – unfortunately my tension is too tight and my granny squares end up teeny weeny ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love love love the grey dress!
    I guess my latest foray into crafts is indeed sewing, since I have only been at it since March. Quite pleased with the results – some things turn out very well, some don’t but they end up being rather quirky nightwear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Before then I knitted for 30+ years (since age 5), and did a year of joinery night school. I was absolutely terrible at it, but I love working with wood and I quite simply love making things, full stop!
    I volunteered last weekend at an event (http://makerfairemanchester.com/) for makers of many things, from 3D printers to quilting to robots to an Arduino-powered Theremin to beading, to rubbish, and I was reminded of how amazing it is to turn something into something else!

  8. Tara

    My last craft I’ve tried is sewing…I a half-done quilt, a half-done shirt, a half-done pair of tiny (toddler) pants. Obviously, the finishing of things seems to be my problem. I would love, love, love to half-complete that gray butterick dress. Just in case I don’t win…is the pattern number on any of the pieces? I’d love to look it up.

  9. Oh, Gosh! I love that last Butterick with the weird, pointy princess seams. However, I’ve only just started reading (I know, so sorry!) so if you want to discount me, that’s fine.

    I tend to run screaming from new crafts. I have no room, mentally or physically, for new hobbies. This is sad because there are some pretty awesome hobbies out there.

  10. Artisan ice cream making. Rocked. Very few leftovers of the awesome results thereof are in the freezer right now. Also, pizza making (from scratch-Italian style). Also rocked. Oh and please don’t enter me in the giveaway, just commented because you made me laugh.

  11. Sarah

    I was led to your website by Oona’s prom post! I’m totally in love with the gray Butterick dress! High waisted dresses are my thing, and that one is so original and mod! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your website!

  12. amy

    Well, my latest serious attempt at a new craft is embroidery beyond a little decoration here or there. I took a workshop with Rebecca Rinquist and it started me embroidering portraits of my female relatives based (sort of) on formal photographic portraits of them. At first I was going great guns and with time I’ve slacked off a bit on the project, but I do enjoy it a lot.

    I do not have the body for the third pattern, but I have a friend who most certainly does, so if I won, I’d make that dress for her. She’d rock it. The other two are cute with great potential too, but that third one immediately shouted “I was designed for Ali” at me. Just saying.

  13. I came back to sewing last year, and I had some rough projects at the beginning and have had some great successes in between then and now. Just yesterday, though, I totally messed up on a dress, and realized too late I didn’t have enough fabric, the bodice was not fitting right, and the skirt just was not going to work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So, I will likely shred it and turn it into a bunch of quilting squares.

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