Fall 2012 Sewing Plans

I sorted through all my patterns recently. It was….scary. There are so many of them. SO. MANY. PATTERNS. I don’t even know what to do with all of them. I found about 30 to give away, so, look out for more giveaways, I guess….

And yet, somehow, in all of the many of them (I couldn’t even count, it was too many) there were gaps. For example, I don’t have all that many skirt patterns. Or suit patterns (though god knows when I will ever wear a suit in my chosen profession of playwright, so whatever on that score). There are very few knit patterns, or, for that matter, modern patterns. There are a lot of dresses, mostly of the summer variety. There are some blouses, mostly of the button-up variety. There are a handful of coats and a scant number of jackets, and one swimsuit, that is actually a burdastyle download so that doesn’t even really count (because I couldn’t bear to deal with my downloaded and carefully assembled patterns, they aren’t really a part of this discussion because I don’t want my brain to explode). And there were dresses. Lots of dresses. Did I mention there were dresses?

And yet, though all this mess of paper and wonderful daydreams (like, I’m going to make all these shift dresses! Tomorrow! It’s going to be great!), I have carved out a Fall 2012 Wardrobe/plan/back-to-school (oh my god, I’m going back to school!) wish-list. Inspired by the wonderful Cindy of Cation designs, I shall now share my plans with you.

1. Another Jiffy 4977 dress.

I know. I KNOW. I was so “whatever” about this one but now it’s one of my favorite dresses and every time I wear it people love it. So I’m going to make another one, with slightly longer sleeves, for fall. Maybe in this cheerful stripe?

2. Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers (one, or maybe even two pairs…)

I bought this pattern the day Tasia released it, even BEFORE she released it, because I’m on her mailing list. I’m not really a pear shape, it’s true, but I do have a sizable bottom half (which, hopefully, is balanced out by my not-unsizable bosom) so I thought these might be a good fit for me. I want to make one straight from the pattern in a blue denim, dark, of course, and then fiddle about with the legs to make a slim-fitting black pair, perhaps a thurlow-clover hybrid? We shall see…

3. A mock wrap dress, Simplicity 4074:

In this lovely knit fabric from GirlCharlee

4. A Cation Designs (FREE PATTERN!) Dolman Top:

I couldn’t tell you what fabric, though. I’ve got some rather plain navy in my stash, and I’m trying not to buy any new fabric, but it seems rather dull for such a lovely pattern…

5. A coat, specifically McCalls 2979 from the 1970’s:

This is going to be a doozy, in fact, I would say this is a fall/winter 2012 project. I’ve never made a coat before, but I pre-ordered Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing (and I can hardly contain myself waiting for it!) so I hope her padstitching and tailoring advice is helpful (like it would be anything BUT). I have no idea what fabric I’m going to use, I’m sure I will buy something, and, sorry, New York, but I’m equally sure I will be picking it up here in Philadelphia. When it comes to prices for wool, we can’t be beat…

6. A men’s shirt (for mi hermano!) Colette Patterns Negroni, of course:

Tailor-made for the 27 year old hipster in my life. I feel strongly that there will be many muslins because A. Fit is tricky and B. my brother is picky  discerning. He wants a long-sleeved version with both pockets intact, and I will be using the hell out of Peter’s Men’s Shirt Sewalong from all those moons ago, so look out for updates.

7. A Pencil Skirt! What pattern, do you ask? I. DON’T. KNOW. As mentioned above, I don’t have many skirt patterns, and I’ve never made a pencil skirt that I really loved. I’ve made a lot that were just okay, but nothing wonderful.  I would love for it to look just like this, please:

Can anyone find me something that would resemble that? I’ll send you a pattern, if you do!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as it were. I also plan to make a Peony Dress, a 1970’s pattern with tie-neck (delicious) and all sorts of other things, as they come to my busy mind. I mean, this doesn’t even cover knitting or quilting, which I find myself liking more and more each day. But I like starting with a plan. What are your fall sewing plans? Any perfect pencil skirt patterns you swear by in your own lives?


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22 responses to “Fall 2012 Sewing Plans

  1. punkmik

    sounds all very lovely and exciting! I am staying away from making a plan right now, as I have a tendency to get upset when I dont manage everything. But especially looking forward to your negroni! Also want to attempt that!

  2. I have heard good things about the Jenny Pencil Skirt for burdastyle (http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/jenny-basic-skirt) and they have a stretchy one as well http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/022011-stretch-pencil-skirt.

    I tried a pencil skirt, but didn’t really like the skirt sitting at the waist line. Instead I picked a free pattern for a straight yoke skirt that sat lower and I am very happy with that .

  3. Hi Leah!
    Have you seen Marmalade Kiss’s pencil skirt tutorials? http://marmaladekiss.blogspot.com/2011/03/high-waisted-pencil-skirt-pattern.html

    I go up 2, sometimes 3 sizes from waist to hips, so I have to modify patterns anyway – drafting this takes less than 2 hours and the fit is perfect if I say so myself!
    I have to wear business dress at work and hate any RTW business clothing in my price range, mostly because it never fits.

    I have been sewing since April and this pattern was the first wearable garment I made, in black with grey stripes at the bottom. I also made a tan and a black one, above and below-the-knee respectively.
    There is a lot to be said for the instant smartness achieved when putting on a pencil skirt!

  4. Oh those plans sound exciting. I’m feeling the urge to make a plan for fall myself now!

    I’d suggest the Jenny Skirt from Burda as well – if you like high waists – Gertie and Tilly and the Buttons have both made lovely versions

  5. Jessica

    I LOVE knit pencil skirts, high or low waist, they are too comfortable, easy to fit and easy to wear. Be sure to use a heavier knit so it sits right and doesn’t cling.
    cotton and curls has a few tutorials (3 I think) of how to make a jersey pencil skirt. Quick and dirty project that would immediately fill a gap in the wardrobe/pattern stash and get a little more knit sewing in.

  6. I used to do the SWAP (sewing with a plan) a season ahead, but now I find it’s more fun to sew week to week as it goes. I am definitely thinking about Fall sewing though.

  7. What a fun sewing plan! Love all of these! There’s a tutorial on House of Marmalade for drafting a pencil skirt that I’ve been meaning to try: http://marmaladekiss.blogspot.com/2011/03/high-waisted-pencil-skirt-pattern.html

    Also, when are you moving to NYC? Soon? Let’s meet up!

  8. YES! we’ll both be sewing trench coats this fall (assuming i can find appropriate fabric!)! i have only sewn a pea coat in the past and have ambitious plans to sew a trench, a leather jacket and an anorak this fall… let’s DO IT!

  9. It does sound exciting! And I was also very excited about (and pre-ordered) the Thurlow trousers– I’m more of an hourglass myself, but it’s still hard to find pants that fit! I was planning on making a stack of those this fall, but then I got engaged. So it’s all going to be wedding dress (and one baby present for one of my bridesmaids who’s due in December) instead.

  10. Newish reader just saying hi and that I love, love your fall sewing plans. The trench coat looks amazing and I’m keeping my eyes peel for the pencil skirt suggestion and results.

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