Annnnnnnd we’re back

What’s sad is that, in the list of things I forgot to pack, I didn’t take Cadfael’s beloved scratch lounge! I’m the WORST.

Moving. Is. The. Literal. Worst. Though, honestly,I shouldn’t be complaining, my magnificent family made my move a delight (or at least a bearable experience), and now I’m mostly settled in in Brooklyn, Prospect Heights, for all those interested in stalking me, and trying to get myself back on track, you know, life wise. Cadfael is great, too, by the way, for those playing along at home, he seems to have taken to Brooklyn like, well, a hipster….

But the most important thing is, DID I BRING MY SEWING MACHINE? Is that some sort of sick joke? Of COURSE I did. Honestly that was the most important thing I brought, along with all my other sewing stuff. Did I bring all the fabric? Bahahaha, no. There isn’t enough room in this whole city for all that. And frankly, it’s quite a shock to the system to become aware of just how little storage space there is here on this ridiculous island. Or a I on a peninsula now? I honestly have no idea. Please don’t tell me. I don’t care.

At any rate, my soviet propaganda posters are all hung, my diploma is there looking smug as ever, my books sit calmly in their bookcase all literary and everything, so there you are. And I’ve even made an item! I can’t show it to you right now, but rest assured, I already impressed QUITE a few hipsters in Williamsberg (which was surprisingly devoid of colonial information) with my homemaid goodness. Take THAT, greasy people!

At any rate, I’m back in business, baby, and ready to sew. Anyone else a sewer in New York? Want to hang out? I promise I’m halfway decent!


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14 responses to “Annnnnnnd we’re back

  1. that’s fabulous news lady 🙂 i envy you, big time hehe.. on your big new adventure, it’s all just soooo exciting.. i impressed a hipster last night too, no envy there (today i’m rocking my sort of black-metal-addict look, to keep all the hipsters away)

  2. Heh – keep on stunning them hipsters! I haven’t managed to do that yet, but in NZ the hipsters seem so hip they’ve lost the ability for speech. Bit like zombies, really. Have a great time in your new home town!

  3. I’m in Brooklyn! I’m all fabric shopping-ed out right now, but would love to meet up anyway.

  4. ohhh i’ll have to drop you a line next time i’m in BK!! fantastic that you’re settled in and ready for school!

  5. Nice! Welcome to the ‘hood! I’m in Astoria, but I’ll TOTALLY cross that stinky creek to hang out with you!

  6. i wish i lived in NY because there are so many great sewers/bloggers. and now there is one more!!

  7. Yes, I’m a sewist who lives in NYC too. We should totally hang out! Hit me up an email, I swear I’m not a crazy person from the internet lol.

  8. Darsana

    Welcome to NYC! You’ll get used to the lack of storage space–or just end up sleeping on your fabric stash . . . .

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