The Repeat Offender Dress

Oh, hey, there, strangers! Where the hell have I been? Just, you know, moving to a new place, settling in, starting a graduate program, the usual. I’ve also started running, i.e. I’ve run, like, 5 times which is 5 times more than usual, met a thousand new people (perhaps a slight exaggeration), gotten lost about 7 times (perhaps a slight under-exaggeration) and tried vegan ice cream. Oh, and I made a dress. But that’s about it for me thus far (well, I’m knitting us a bath mat, but who’s counting?) so far in New York, for the simple fact that I don’t have a place to sew in my room. I don’t have a desk or a table, which was clearly a huge error in judgement, and while I can WRITE anywhere I can’t SEW anywhere. So this Saturday I’m off to the Brooklyn Flea (any New Yorkers want to come? Flea market? Food market? Fort Greene? ME?) in the hopes of finding a nice non-bedbug infested desk/table for my sewing machine, because at this point I’ve cut out three projects but been unable to sew a stitch! Honestly, I don’t know how I managed this dress, when I think about it….

Fun fact, this dress was almost entirely free. The pattern is my underdog, Simplicity 4977, which has moved from Dark Horse to Hero Squad in my estimation.

This time, I think I lowered the neckline more to my satisfaction, i.e. I didn’t narrow the shoulders, but the fabric is a bit flimsier (a marvelous lawn print which I won from Quiet and Small’s recent giveaway, THANK YOU YOU WONDERFUL LADY!) so the effect is rather different, I think, then my last try:

It’s a bit blousier then the last time, and I would never wear it without a belt, but I still adore it and get compliments on it every time I wear it.

Still, don’t I look happy?

Obligatory indie shot. Hey, I live in Brooklyn, so it’s not an option anymore, really. I did french seams throughout with this thing, finished the neckline with bias binding (also from Quiet and Small, this dress could also have been called the Quiet and Small dress, really) and added pockets and shortened it and added elastic at the waistline. BUT other than THAT it’s basically the same thing as the pattern. I also bought that rosemary plant in the photo.

Le back, complete with my mad-woman-of-shio hair.

Ah, so contemplative. I’m really thinking, when will this damn timer go off!

Did I personalize my notebook to match this dress? Of course I did. OF COURSE I DID.

And I match Cadfael! Which is the most important thing.

You might be curious to know if he’s happy here in Brooklyn.

I think he’s okay. Such a stoic fellow, it’s very hard to know.

So I promise that once I get a desk/sewing station the posts will come free and fast. Wish me luck at the Flea!


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31 responses to “The Repeat Offender Dress

  1. Your dress is very cute. Good luck in NY!

  2. Nice dress, looks very cute and wearable. I’m sad I didn’t get to go to the Brooklyn Flea when I visited NY recently though I did go to one in Chelsea. Have a good time!

  3. I love it- I think one of my favorites that you’ve made. A warning about the Brooklyn Flea- there is generally very little furniture- its more of a hand crafted/vintage knick knacks and clothing place. Dough has a stand there though, with the most amazing donuts you’ve ever had. Did you go to Lula’s for the vegan ice cream? It’s soooo good!

    • Oh, thank you! I hear there is more at the Fort Greene Flea then the Williamsberg one, but I have bookmarked some vintage furniture stores just in case, I’m just sooooo sick of Ikea! I’m going on Saturday, want to come? I did go to Lulus, it was good, but I honestly kept thinking, this would be better with dairy. I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON.

      • I’ve only been to the Fort Greene one, but I wasn’t really looking for furniture (no way to get it home…) so there may be more than I’m remembering. Totally with you about IKEA though. My apartment is basically an IKEA catalog, and I don’t want any more! I have plans for this Saturday, but I would love to get coffee or brunch soon – Sunday even, if you’re free.

      • I’m going to Philadelphia for the High Holidays and then the following weekend, but how about the first weekend in October, brunch? Sorry, I know that’s oddly in advance!

  4. Ok, now I remember the first one and thought it darling- this is even better- the colors are great on you! Love it.

  5. punkmik

    love the colours! your cat is adorable!

  6. Hehehe that’s like me when I say “I’ve been going gym” translates to “I have been to gym 6 times this year” and going “running” translates to walking with a little burst of jogging. On to the dress, it’s super cute, very flattering on u and I love the cat pix 🙂

  7. Cute dress! And good luck finding a sewing table–those things can be tricky to find. Have you considered a semi-cheap folding card table? I’ve seen a decent one for $45 at our local hardware store, which means you can probably find a similar one for $70 at a hardware type store near you (I’m just guessing at cost difference). It won’t be perfect, but it’ll work until you find/can afford what you really want, and then it can become a cutting table.

  8. That is just darling! What a great dress for fall!

  9. that’s one lovely dress, lady..

  10. Love the dress! It’s way cute! I love the Brooklyn Flea, too, but I totally just go to eat– shit is way expensive there. You should go to Gertie’s book launch Saturday night! I’ll be there!

  11. yay brooklyn flea! if it’s the outdoor one (in some basketball court in ft greene i think?) you might have more luck with furniture than the indoor ones. i’ve seen some tables in the past, though i don’t know about price. (I need a compact-yet-fullsize table for tiny apartment sewing, too… i’ll probably end up buying something like ikea’s norden gateleg table though hopefully not for $179.) good luck with your quest!

    also i love your dress! and i’m impressed with the vigor of your rosemary plant!

    • Ah I just don’t want any more ikea, it falls apart and I don’t value it on any level, which isn’t fair, I just want to start getting furniture with a story, you know? A history. I will see what I can find, I’ve bookmarked some vintage/thrift stores just in case the Flea doesn’t have what I need.

      Thank you! And I am, too, I got it just a week ago and it’s doing rather well!

  12. HOLY MOLY THE CUTE KEEPS COMING!!!!! that dress is FANTASTIC and the colors look perfect on you! very 70s-inspired indie chic!

  13. Don’t you love it when a dress turns out to be a surprise staple? I really like the fabric you chose for this one — it’s a totally different look! And I am so jealous that you get to go thrifting in NYC!! Although I suppose I have a sewing room, so I can’t complain :/

  14. dixiediy

    cute cute cute! i especially love the print. this is a great shape on you. glad to see you and cadfael are adapting well to your new digs!

  15. Janice

    Super cute! I’ve never actually been to the Brooklyn Flea, how was that?

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