The Too Practical For Words Outfit

So there has been just a whole bunch of chatting across the interwebs about this idea of frosting and cake. Honestly, it makes me giggle, the very idea that CAKE is the practical thing. Guys, what happened to bread?

That being said, it’s a lovely analogy to discuss the practical and impractical approaches to sewing. Here in the delightful post-modern era we can, of course, choose what we want to sew, rather than sewing for literal concrete needs. This is both extremely freeing and oddly depressing. I was recently talking to someone at my costume shop job, a woman who was a professional pattern maker for a fashionhouse, who doesn’t sew anymore. Well, she does, she’s making her sister’s wedding dress, but we talked about making personal things and she said, why make a knit t-shit, you can buy it for 5 dollars at Target.

And you know what? You can. But I just don’t anymore. And I’m not so arrogant or experienced to say that it’s because I’m SO MUCH BETTER then the garment workers who make said items, it’s just that I can’t consume that way anymore. I’m an ex-clothing-junkie, and I’m all about clean living and making my own stuff now…

At any rate, I recently made the most bland and prosaic ensemble possible, very much bread, not even cake:

There you go. Denim Clovers (I had intended to make a pair of Thurlows but this material came from the interwebs and it was too stretchy and I thought, well, I do love me some Clovers….) and a knit top. How is THAT for practical?

I added four inches to the hems of the Clovers to make them true pants, i.e. something I can fit under boots and over flats. I adore these pants. ADORE THEM. I’ve worn four times since I made them. For me, the trick with Clovers is to include a bit more stretch then is accounted for in the pattern. i.e. 3% versus 1% or 2%. Trust me, it will solve some fitting issues and you will have a pair of insanely comfortable pants!

The blouse is, insanely enough, a pattern from Dixie DIY that no longer exists, and that I initially didn’t like.

It’s a swingey blouse, of the knit variety. I realized that this pattern needs, no, demands a swishy drapey fabric, and I wanted to see if it would work with long sleeves, so….this bamboo rayon was the guinea pig! I added about 16 inches to the sleeves to make them full-length, but made not other changes.

And I LOVE IT. It’s so weird, the first time I made this blouse I just couldn’t imagine why it would appeal and now I just adore it in this amazing fabric. It’s a union of form and content that I couldn’t adore more….

Let’s go back to the pants. shall we? Specifically, the rear view.

Annnnd, that’s my rear view, on the internet. Still. Clovers. Fantastic. They don’t work for everyone but boy do I love them!

There is a mark on my cheek which comes from my cat biting me on the face. THANKS, CAT.

Of course, with a shirt this swishy, I couldn’t not jump about, now, could I?

Okay, I couldn’t help this one. But don’t you you ever feel this way?


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15 responses to “The Too Practical For Words Outfit

  1. Girl, you crack me up! Love your new outfit!

  2. I’ve been bitten on the forehead by a cat. It’s an odd experience, huh?
    That turquoise is such a great colour on you! And this is a lovely outfit, I must say!

  3. LOL! Cute outfit, and I loved the lighting–very festive. 😛 These shorter days are a pain, aren’t they?

  4. The color of the top is fabulous, and your Clovers do indeed look like the essence of practicality! I’ve wondered the the same thing about cake vs. bread! Although to be perfectly honest, I make cake a part of every day, even if it’s not really good for me…

    Our oldest family cat loves licking our hair, which is not really problem in and of itself, except that he likes to use his claws to grab our foreheads for better purchase…

  5. punkmik

    such a cute outfit! and those clovers fit u like a dream! 😀 I love practical sewing, although looking at my blog you wouldnt really know it. lol

  6. Damn, those Clovers look great! So nice! And the tee is perfect– I bet you’ll wear it all the time! I know, the whole cake thing is pretty funny… I mean, shouldn’t we be sewing RICE & BEANS or something?????

  7. Heya, I’m new to your blog. How is this possible?? I love your Clovers. You look great in them. Nice fitting job! And I hear ya on making stuff that’s so plain you want to tear your eyes out. But your plain stuff looks so great! You’re making me want to make some bread. I’m totally using that. 🙂

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  9. Great fitting pair of pants. The total look is comfortable yet can go just about anywhere. Great job.

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