The “I Barely Get the Reference” Dress

Let’s just start right here and say that I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. STOP YELLING AT ME! I know, I know, it’s great, blah blah blah. I just, I have a lot of T.V. in my life, do I really need more? Okay, maybe I do, I’m sure it’s a lot better than Hart of Dixie. Ha, I’m just kidding, nothing is better than Hart of Dixie. But I digress.

The POINT is, my roommate, Emily, wanted to go as a character from Game of Thrones this year for Halloween. Well, I had talked her into being Mary from Downton Abbey because A. She loves the show and B. I really wanted to make someone an Edwardian gown and that business is never going to look good on me but on tall EMILY it probably would be baller. But alas, we were invited to Emily’s sisters Halloween Party and said party had a fantasy theme. My costume could remain the same (more on that later) but we had to either Doctor-Who-up Mary (which didn’t sit right with any of us, Steven Moffat included) or find something else. And hence my wonderful roommate picked Daenerys Targaryen.

Of course, I knew I would never be able to perfectly duplicate the original dress. But I wanted to get close! It’s actually a lot lighter, the shade of blue, but this is the image Emily and I took fabric shopping with us, so this is the business we’ve chosen.

Together we scouted the New York Garment District for polyester chiffon. Now, normally I’m a natural fibers girl to the point of mania, but this was a Halloween costume on Emily’s dime, so it was man-made all the way. We also wanted to find something that was a reasonable price, because, again, Halloween costume. The upside of the New York Fabric scene is the variety. The downside, for me, is the price. How I miss my beloved Philadelphia!

Still, we managed to find a nice blue polyester Georgette for 6 a yard, which was the best I thought we could do, at Fabrics Counter at 554 8th Avenue, and the very nice cutters there agreed with me that Emily was going to look amazing. And look amazing she did:

Of course, these photos had to be crammed in during the party, so the light and surrounding aren’t as regal as one might have hoped, but what can you do?

Emily had to put a serious face on, as befits a queen.

But eventually I forced her to smile.

The color of the dress is less teal then it appears. The pattern I used is Burda Style’s Drape Dress, and of course it has the typical non-instructions Burda always so sweetly gives us. Whatever, I just made it up as I went. The inside of this dress is a huge struggle and you will never see it. The changes I made, oh, boy. Well, I basically made my own drapes, rather than following the pattern for the waist and bodice. But I quite like the effect.

You can just see the lining, a navy taffeta I had on hand, I should have under-stitched. Should have, could have, would have.

And I lengthened the pattern signficantly to hit Emily’s feet. And I added long shoulder pieces, because that’s what the original costume has. And I totally made up the back, just made it the hell up.

Of course, Emily’s wig is in the way, but you get the idea.

Look at that. Would you ever steal that woman’s dragons?

I literally know nothing about the show. That’s a thing, right? Dragons?


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11 responses to “The “I Barely Get the Reference” Dress

  1. I must admit to being GoT clueles as well, however, regardless of what’s happening in the show with dragons and ninjas and stuff this dress looks fab! Well done on matching colour and vibe of the original piece! Love the look!

  2. Thats lovely! As a Mother of dragons fan, I heartily approve!

  3. This looks great! I don’t watch Game of Thrones either (it’s all beheadings, boobs, or booooooooring conversations) but the costumes are cool!

  4. Totally with you on not being up to speed with GoT! Except that all I know is winter is coming and something about wolves. So I guess I’ve learned something new in reading your post — here there be dragons, too!

    That dress is pretty spectacular…I love the color and the draping and it looks great on her!

    • I like the dogs, the wolf dogs, but that’s…as far as my knowledge of it goes. I think this character has dragons, I think that’s a thing. Who knows, though, really….

      Doesn’t Emily look amazing? Oh, to be tall…

  5. That looks amazing!! I enjoy GoT even more than Downton Abbey, though I couldn’t help myself from making a Lady Mary costume for Halloween! (Not a gown — for some reason, I thought separates would be more practical? so I went with this outfit: in the vain hope that I would wear it again. Um, maybe the skirt?) And then my halloween party was cancelled because why hello, hurricane in NYC, thanks for destroying all the transportation, really. Hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods!

  6. dixiediy

    OMG I love GoT so I love this costume. Great job on the dress! You should for reals watch Game of Thrones. It’s kind of like Downton only with magic and sex and violence and then everyone dies.

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