All The Other Kids Are Doing It…

The year in review! I wasn’t going to do this but now that I consider it, I really ought to. I’ve made a lot this year, and some of it has been wonderful, and some of it has been wretched, and it’s good to look at all of it in the cold light of day and deal with reality. Sigh.

A lot happened to me in 2012. I got the hoarder stash. I quit my job. I got in to graduate school. I moved to New York. I made my first jacket. I started graduate school. I started running. My life dramatically altered. And I made a lot of clothing.

In total I made over 43 items. There are some I actually didn’t document, so 44 is the number I can show you in images right now:








































































































img_3054 falda-5

















As I look at the many things I made this year, I have a few thoughts. Number one, I made a lot of stuff this year. This isn’t even all of it, I made a lot for other people, I made some things I never ended up taking photos of and featuring, I made a lot. Number two, I’ve been a bad blogger since I got to New York, and I need to be better about that. Number three, I’ve gotten rid of more than half of the things I’ve made. Curious. Some of them didn’t fit me well, like the shirt dress, some of them weren’t practical for my life, some of them I just didn’t like. Oh, some of them caused my mom to make fun of me. That happened too.

But I also made some things I can’t stop wearing. Like jeans, and knit tops, and  well-fitting skirts. So for this coming year, here are a few goals I want to try to pursue, in light of 2012’s sucesses and failures:

1. Re-measure myself and sew to that measurement. My body has changed a bit, and now a lot of things I’ve made/have been making are rather big on me. I need to deal with this, rather than just hoping it goes away by magic.

2. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. That’s just what it is. And yet I’ve yet to find a skirt pattern that I really really really adore. It’s time to get on that.

3. I still really really really love doing this. I’ve yet to not. That’s a good thing, right?

I’m not going to make a bunch of promises about what I’m making in 2013 because I’m trying to just let the sewing happen these days, but if you have goals you want to share, let me know! And I hope that your year has been fantastic, I can’t wait to see what everyone makes in the future!



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13 responses to “All The Other Kids Are Doing It…

  1. Your productivity is inspiring. Seriously. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only person whose mother makes fun of them.

  2. I love all the things you made, and I know what you mean by “some of it wonderful, some of it wretched”.
    I also don’t have a problem getting rid of stuff I made that I don’t like, seems like we are a bit of an exception with that.
    I am trying to pull together a list of goals of 2013 but I am struggling to get past
    – no more fabric hoarding. I want to have a small monthly budget for notions, oil and the like but absolutely no more fabric;
    – I need to learn to use the buttonholer on my vintage Singer because I want to make stuff with buttonholes and cannot afford a new machine that makes them all by itself. I’ve had the buttonholer since July and it’s got to the stage where my friends actually make fun of my buttonhole-less garments.
    – I would also like to make stuff for other people, I feel I am ready for that now. Plus if I sew them something they might stop asking me to knit for them (I knitted for 30+ years and loved it but these days it makes me come out in hives).

    So I guess these three goals will have to do. I am still saying “Need sensible skirts and tops for work” but I have gone looking into my blog and I have been saying that since June, so dresses it is 😉

    I am also so very jealous that you are at writing school 🙂 but out of all the creative forms I have dabbled in writing is sure the one I miss the least. But I do miss it!

    • I love your goals for 2013! I’m going to co-opt the “making things for other people” thing, I think that’s excellent, goodness knows I have enough stuff I’ve made for myself!

  3. I loved seeing all your different creations and I did miss you lately.

    My weight changes all the time. Between the muslin fitting for my christmas dress I gained about an inch, which made the dress a little tighter then I planned. I resolved to take pictures of it once I am less bloated. I applaud your running 🙂

    I am still looking for the perfect skirt pattern too. I have quite a few and I actually made most of them into muslins, but the results were never blogworthy. hmm maybe sewaholics hollyburn skirt …

  4. That is a lot of lovely makes! I so understand what you mean about a large portion of your makes moving on. The more I sew the more I am finding my style so some of my older pieces move on. I’m aiming to sew less pieces but more meaningful ones for 2013 😀

  5. Ahhhhhh, what a productive year! It’s hard to always make things that you will actually wear, but I’m glad you’ve come closer to figuring out what works for you. You’ve got some pretty rad pieces in your 2012 collection, girl!

  6. i’ve totally missed your posts! but what can i say, grad school interrupts all other things. i’m at the end and haven’t finished a garment in months (and the ones i have are tight since i stopped running, ugh!). but damn girl that’s a heck of a lot of garments you finished!! congratulations and i hope your holidays are fab!

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