If you are going to knit things knit them for those you love

This is my philosophy on knitting. Because it takes so damn long and it’s so labor intensive and there are times when I’ve looked down at what I’ve made and been like, screw this, knitting is bogus, I can’t do this anymore! But then I keep doing it. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment. And I do enjoy the act of knitting, it’s soothing, it’s repetitive  it keeps the food out of my hands, it’s good all around, and when it’s cold, having something warm in your hands is really nice. Though of course now I can’t watch a movie or whatever when I’m NOT knitting and I seriously pulled out projects during all of the last movies I saw in theaters, including Lincoln. Which….meh. I have many feelings. But I’m not going to put them on my sewing blog, that’s not a place for feelings. Really, the internets is no place for feelings at all, though I wish someone would tell that to every youtube commentor…

ANYway, clearly I’m still a bit jetlagged, having gotten in from Holland last night. (It was great, by the way!) And I did take quite a few me made items with me, one of which is new and you shall see it in a post or so. But this is about the knitted items which I made for others (and one for myself, I couldn’t resist!) which we brought to combat the harsh Dutch winter. Of course, it was warmer there in Amsterdam then it is here in Struggledelphia, but hey, you can’t have it all ways. Damn those canals and their balmy breezes….

So this is something I made for my mother LAST year, combined with something I made for her THIS year! I gave her this scarf last year, which was from this free pattern via my favorite Philadelphia yarn store.

Amsterdam! 031

I love this pattern, it’s really easy and the texture is just really nice!

Amsterdam! 038

I also made my mom her ear warmer, with yarn I got from Purl Soho (ah, I finally went to Purl Soho and it was beautiful and expensive and cute and perfect and so very Manhattan and I wanted to throw up at the prices and touch all the Liberty of London, it was at once very exciting and upsetting. So pretty par for the course for a yarn store.) I made up the pattern! Look at me, going rouge…

Amsterdam! 037It’s just seed stitch with a knitted border, It ended up a bit wide, so my mother tends to fold it over. It goes with her coat, don’t you think?

Amsterdam! 585Here it is in full. My mom says it’s very warm!

And then I also made this for Alex, my brother

Amsterdam! 584

Same pattern, slightly wider and in a yarn I got from Brooklyn General, which is honestly equally as precious as Purl Soho, but in a much more Brooklyn hipster paying-for-cool rather then paying-for-labels way.

Amsterdam! 034Nice, right? It’s awfully warm, Alex even had to admit that he liked it…

Amsterdam! 033Don’t they look nice in their knitted gifts? Alex and Deborah are both Autumns, color-wise, so they got earthy greens. Now me, I’m a winter, so I had to  make myself a little something…

Amsterdam! 582I just HAD to. The cowl I made too, last winter, but this little beauty I whipped up the night before I left for Amsterdam (though to be fair, Lincoln helped).

Amsterdam! 580I made up the pattern for the one, too, it’s just a rectangle in seed stitch and then another little rectangle in seed stitch and I sewed the thing up and there you go. I should note that I have been knitting these earwarmers flat and then seaming them up the back, that’ s just how I roll. I mentioned to my mom that all the women in Holland had really messy hair (they really do) and she said, oh, you must feel right at home! She wasn’t wrong…

Amsterdam! 578So there you go, a couple of knitted goodies in the land of cheese and wooden shoes. Do you knit for others? If you knit? What’s your handmade gift philosophy?







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12 responses to “If you are going to knit things knit them for those you love

  1. Knit for your nearest and dearest who know how long it takes and how much nice yarn actually costs. It’s lovely to knit for someone who actually appreciates it! That’s my philosophy.

  2. Love this philosophy! And the knitted goodies! Purl Soho was totes overwhelming and I ran around like a crazy ladies feeling all the yarn up. I think I scared the peeps working there… 😉

  3. sunnyb64

    Lovely gifts! And a great philosophy. I haven’t really done a lot of knitting for others yet, but I definitely do that with my sewing– I only make things for people that I really care about and I know they will appreciate the time and effort.

    • Yeah, I’ve been burned with sewing and then you are so mad at the person who doesn’t like your gift like, seriously? Do you know how much TIME I put into this? It’s infuriating.

  4. “Oh, you must feel right at home”… LOL, moms…

    I totally agree with you– knitted gifts are best for people you love, although I broke that rule a bit this Christmas and knit a cowl for my brother-in-law’s new girlfriend (seriously, what are you supposed to get for people in those categories? I’ve complained about getting lotions and candles too much to buy them for other people).

    • I know! That’s such an amorphous gift issue, you want to get your sibling’s partner something special, but you don’t know them and don’t want to overwhelm them, but you want to welcome them into the family….it’s hard!

  5. Femke

    Haha, it is quite true about the hair. I’m dutch and my hair tends to look messy at times. I’ve got curly hair and whenever it rains/storms here (which it does rather frequently) I tend to call it “poodle hairdo”. It does look great when I leave the house, but the way it looks at point of arrival… don’t ask.

    You’re knitted gifts look great! I’m currently knitting my very first gift -and knitting project-; a beanie for my boyfriend. It itsn’t perfect, but it is made with love and that’s what counts. Of course it’s a big plus if the receiver actually appreciates the gift. A lot of time and effort go into them.

  6. KWu

    Your descriptions of Purl Soho and Brooklyn General are both spot-on and hilarious, lol.

    My philosophy for handmade gifts is more on the side of only for people I love and that I can be positive will love my gift. In the end this basically means the only other person besides myself for whom I’ve knit more than one thing is my grandma–she’s the best, she TREASURES everything I’ve ever made for her, to the point where I have to cajole her to actually wear the socks I’ve knit or whatnot because she doesn’t want to ruin them. I gave out homemade jam as gifts this season and can you believe it, one couple wrote a thank you note that was basically “thanks but we’re not into jam so we’re regifting it to our parents”?? Nothing homemade for them, ever again!

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