The Home Sweet Home Skirt and some thoughts for 2013

Ah, Brooklyn, sweet Brooklyn. I have, indeed, missed you. Old Amsterdam was amazing, though, it really was, and we had the best possible trip, all stuffed with Vermeer and Rembrandt and pancakes and frites and Indonesian food and 17th century architecture and The Amsterdam School of Building and canals and Spinoza and Van Gogh and things like this:

HSH 10

And as a result we all felt like this:

HSH 11

And it was lovely. And yes, my hair did seem quite Dutch, I fit right in, it was excellent.

So it was a lovely way to spend the New Year, with the three people I adore the most, in a gorgeous place. No wild ragers, no embarrassing morning-afters, just fireworks and Surinamese food and cognac and my favorite people. And so I didn’t really think about sewing resolutions or life resolutions or anything but delicious apple tarts and avoiding getting run over by bicyclists. But now that I’m back in the States, and back in Brooklyn (for, about, ten seconds before I go to Puerto Rico for ten days…) and enjoying a more solitary existence (well, I live with two roommates, plus my cat, plus all my friends, plus all the bartenders I tend to get super friendly with, so, yes, solitude is a relative term), I’m considering my New Years sewalutions. Oh, and I made a skirt:

HSH 6It’s a Colette Patterns meringue. I had to take about 4 inches off at the waist, which I did on the non-zippered side, of course, using a makeshift 2 AM dart. It’s still a little loose, but I like it.

Sewalution #1. Re-measure myself. Clearly my shape has changed and a lot of the stuff I’ve made and have been making recently has been rather loose on me, so I need to re-evaluate my sizing and act accordingly, instead of this late night slapdash alteration nonsense.

HSH 1I got this fabric from the hoarder stash. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Sewalution #2. For SERIOUS, for REALS this time, SEW FROM MY STASH. I can’t even deal with myself in this respect, I need to be so much stricter about this.


These photos are awfully grainy. I tried to color correct them, sigh.


Let’s see, did I do anything else special with this? Not really, I added a lining because this wool is rather scratchy, but other then that, nothing, really. The lining is a cotton from my grandfather’s attic which I dyed blue.

HSH 9Matches the plaid, no?

HSH 4A little back view for you. A bit wrinkled, sigh.

I cut the waistband on the bias to make it as comfortable as possible.


HSH 5I wouldn’t say it’s the most special thing I’ve ever made, but it’s cute and serviceable  and warm and perfect for wearing day-to-day. And I got brunch with my friend Becca today, and she said, immediately, cute skirt! So I feel pretty good about it.

Sewalution #3. Make things you know you will wear and that actually fit your lifestyle.

Sewalution #4. Try new patterns! This skirt does no fulfill that rule, I’ve made it a few times. Bad Leah.

Sewalution #5. Post twice a week. This is going to be hard one for me, but I love this blog, and all the people who read it, and I want to make sure I’m active and sharing my sewing journey with the rest of the world. So I’m going to do it. Come hell or high water.

That’s five things to do this year. That’s doable, right? Well, we shall see..

And it’s nice to be home. And thank goodness that Puerto Rico is also my home, so going there is a home as well.

I hope that your holiday season and subsequent aftermath has been pleasant and bearable. Tell me all about it,if you want…


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8 responses to “The Home Sweet Home Skirt and some thoughts for 2013

  1. Sound like great resolutions!
    And – cute skirt 🙂

  2. Cute! I love this on you! I’m trying not to burn with jealousy over your trippage, but OMG, from Amsterdam to Puerto Rico! How fun! Oh, well, I’ll just look forward to your PR photos. 🙂

  3. I love this wool fabric, the skirt is great too! I am whipping up a Ginger by Colette this week (ha! maybe?!) Did you handstitch the lining to the zipper? I haven’t done that before but read a bit on the Coletterie about it, seems easy enough. I just don’t like wrinkles, but I don’t like wool scratchies all day either.

    I like your sewing resolutions!

    • I didn’t handstitch it to the lining, I’ve never done that, but always wanted to try, however this is a bit lose fitting and I knew I would never wear it without tights so in this case I didn’t. But I plan to! Can’t wait to see your Ginger!

  4. dixiediy

    aww, leah, you’re one of my faves! you always look so cheerful in your handmades. cute skirt and your vacation seemed wonderful!

    i think all your sewalutions are very doable. and i can’t wait to see what you make this year!

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