The I Have A Problem Shirt

There are times when, having vocalized a desire, I find myself filled with the need to do that which is exactly the opposite. For example, having recently decided that I should be making new patterns, or at least ones I’m less familiar with, I then go ahead and make this nonsensical little shirt, which is the fourth iteration of a Dixie DIY pattern. Why am I like this? Could it be because I deeply fear change? (Yes, it could be that)


Or it could be that for whatever reason, I really like this swingy sweet style. It’s so not my normal thing and yet I really like it! It’s comfortable, it’s breezy, I like the way it swings around…

IHAP 5After all, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

IHAP 4Well, come on, I had to make that joke, I’m a human, aren’t I?

I couldn’t tell you why I keep making this pattern over and over again. It’s not the most flattering shape for me, and yet I like it. What is that about, some odd self-destructive tendency? But then, more than one person thought this was cute, unsolicited, so I guess it’s better than I ever thought…

I made very few changes to the pattern, I only lengthened the sleeves slightly. I would have lengthened them more but couldn’t due to a lack of fabric. This shirt only took a yard and a half, so yay for fabric efficiency!

IHAP 6And it does feel wonderful when I swing around… but god, the look on my face here is like I”m being tortured, isn’t it?

The colors actually match Puerto Rico neatly. Don’t you think?

IHAP 3IHAP 2Right? Don’t I fit right into the scenery?


There is very little else to say about this shirt. Except that I really have to stop making the same thing over an over again. And yet last night I made ANOTHER repeat pattern. What. Is. My. Problem.


I think maybe it’s comforting to make the same thing over and over again for me, I feel like by the second or third time through I have the pattern down pat and I really know how to make it, and while the bloom is off the rose, so to speak, my final version is usually better then my first (though, not always…isn’t THAT troubling?). But I also think it’s a bit of a laziness/fear thing, like, I know I like this pattern well enough, I don’t worry about the fitting, there are no surprises. But then when I have the finished object, I also have no surprises, and I think that’s starting to get to me. So note to self, after this dress I worked on last night (a cute little number but yet ANOTHER pattern I’ve made to death) I really have to get on the new-pattern thing.

How do you feel about tried and true versus new patterns? Do you get into a re-making rut like I do? Or are you all about new horizons?

In other news, I had vowed as a Sewalution for this year to for real for real get into my stash. And who should swoop in to help me but Cindy! (Side note, if ANY sewing blogger would be a superhero, wouldn’t it be her? I think so, with Walnut has her trusty sidekick…) So I’ve joined in her Stash Busting Sewalong, which is gloriously structured and filled with challenges and monthly themes. Here is my vow:

I, Leah, commit to using 15 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. Additional option: I also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns/ notions except for needles and thread and zippers until July (my birthday month!).

This month is chock full of Itty Bits, so I will get into my scraps as soon as possible, as the month is almost over! Quick, to the scrap pile….


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13 responses to “The I Have A Problem Shirt

  1. I totally get it. I do the same thing. Today I’m planning on sewing Renfrews #3,787 and 3,788. (I exaggerate, but not by much!)

    I have started alternating lately: a TNT project followed by something new. That’s working for me right now. The TNTs are like comfort food – everybody needs that now and again!

    I also feel like it’s cost effective for me to make a pattern at least a couple times, since I trace my patterns onto Swedish Tracing Paper and that stuff ain’t cheap! But I’ve just ordered a roll of medical exam paper, so I’m hoping I can start making one-off patterns.

  2. That fabric is a perfect match for Puerto Rico! It looks like a comfy wearable top too. You shouldn’t be giving yourself a hard time for making something you like either! Who says sewing has to all be about challenging anyway, make what you like and enjoy it.

  3. I never make a pattern once unless I really hate it. You have to put all that time into getting it just right for you, at least *I* do, so why not get some immediate gratification outta the deal? I know what you mean though — it’s yet another area to strive for balance. A TNT here, a new pattern there, later rinse repeat…

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  5. Girl I hear ya! I just posted about the same shirt dress I’ve made about 5 times now. I’m totally making a new item this weekend though. Gotta prevent a sewing rut!

  6. Never change a winning team! If I find shirts in the store that I like, longsleeves or tees, I buy some in multiple colours. Why not do that to your sewing too? Your shirt looks sweet!

  7. Yay, you’re joining us for the sewalong! Incidentally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using a TNT pattern over and over again…I’ve got way too many dolman sleeve tops myself! I love that the stripes on this top are vaguely reminiscent of ice cream trucks…I can just see you running a hip ice cream truck that somehow also shows exciting new avant garde plays written by the truck owner…

  8. I do love remaking the same thing — especially if it’s a pattern I like. There’s something nice about it when you’ve got something which is just the right fit. I think the shirt looks lovely! Great colours.

  9. Making multiple versions of the same pattern makes sense to me. It feels like it offsets all the time you spend working out fit and figuring out new techniques. Plus, the patterns that I make more than once tend to be the kind of thing that I love to wear ALL the time.

  10. I concur- this is a totally rad ice cream truck top. I love this! I have total return to awesome patterns too. The urge to try new things is high but there is something comforting in tried and trues 😀

  11. I actually really like this pattern too-if you’re concerned about the silhouette just make it up in really drapey jersey and and it’ll conform to your assets better XD.

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