I am Sew Grateful: Giveaway!

Oh, goodness, is it Sew Grateful week already? My lord, how the time, she flies! And yet I am so unbearably grateful for the sewing community at large, and all of my readers, and really everyone out there who makes stuff and puts it on the interwebs and answers questions and alters and fits and obsesses and knows what I mean when I talk about seam allowance. But there will be time enough for that sort of gushing on Tuesday, for now, the giveaway!

I have nine vintage patterns I’m giving away to you lucky ducks. The way this will work is, the giveaway is open for a week, so from today, Monday the 4th, until next Monday the 11th. Let me know in a comment what pattern you would like, and I will draw a winner for each pattern on the 12th. I will ship anywhere, so please, enter if you want it! A lot of these would be excellent for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Copy Cat Challenge, which I am more then excited to enter, having had a huge blast doing it last year.

1. Bust 38


2. Bust 38 SGGA 23. Bust 37 (I’ve actually made this one!)SGGA 34. Bust 36

SGGA 45. Bust 36SGGA 55. Bust 38SGGA 66. SGGA 78.

SGGA 89. Bust 37 (So very Megan from Mad Men, no?)SGGA 9

So just let me know which one you want, and, if you have a moment, tell me your favorite thing about sewing! My favorite thing? Oh, dear, there are so many but I would have to say I really enjoy pressing, odd as that sounds….


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62 responses to “I am Sew Grateful: Giveaway!

  1. Ooh, McCall’s 7362 is just lovely! I would totally wear that, especially the fuller skirted version. I think my favourite thing about sewing is the way it occupies my brain, keeping track of all the steps and precision and what not gets me into a nice focussed ‘zone’ 🙂
    Also I really like finishing seams with bias binding. takes forever but so pretty!

  2. I ❤ McCall's 7362, the v-neck with the slim skirt is exactly the kind of features that flatter my figure. 🙂 My favorite part about sewing? The sound and feel of the machines as I make them work. Watching flat fabric become something 3 dimensional–it's like magic.

  3. I love number nine, vogues basic design 2077! It’s just rocking it on so many fronts 🙂 My favourite thing about sewing would be how you can describe what you’re going to make to someone, and they look at you, smile blankly and nod away, without really having any idea what you’re talking about… And then you actually make it and they look surprised that you can actually make something that fits, and that it actually looks the way you described it! Ultimate satisfaction.

  4. Oh Simplicity 6309 for me please. It’s just such a simple elegant pattern, please count me in.

  5. How exciting – I do rather like the pattern for the tops (Advance 8622), plus I have pledged to make more separates. My favourite thing about sewing is choosing fabric and notions and the way that they never looks quite how you pictured them when they’re all put together! x

  6. The vogue 2077 is lovely! Very Megan indeed. My favourite thing about sewing is that with a bit of time and patience, you can really make anything you want. And it will fit!

  7. Oh, what lovely patterns! May I be greedy, and ask to have my name added to a few? They are all so lovely… Vogue 2077 is fab, as is Vogue 6910 and McCall’s 7363. But if I can only enter for one then please may it be be Vogue 2077?

  8. Ooh Simplicity 6309 please. It’s such an elegant pattern. As fpr favourite yhings about sewing… The blogging world, the chance to make something really individual… There’s so much good about sewing I could go on for ever!

  9. Oh, so many pretty patterns! I’d love to go in the draw for McCalls 7362 please. 🙂
    My favourite thing about sewing…. All of it! 😉 I especially like the very start of something – choosing a pattern and fabric, and imagining what it will look like made up. It just overflows with possibilities at that point!

  10. What a generous thing to do! Like Juliet above I was sent here by Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes and its always lovely to find another great blog to follow. If I can have my name against only one it’ll have to be McCalls 7363. But if we can throw our name into the hat for more than one please count an entry for Vogue 6910 too 🙂

  11. I would love to be entered for the last one, Vogue 2077. I love those flowy sleeves! My favorite thing about sewing? Finishing a project, and trying on my new clothes!

  12. I love number 3- McCalls 7362. Loving that pleat that starts above the bust!
    Hmmm… favourite thing about sewing has to be the creativity. If you can see if in your head, you can normally make it. And you’ll be the only one that has it! You might not always want to wear the result, but thats part of the process 😀

  13. Amy

    I love the “Megan” pattern! It has so many awesome variations.

    I love pressing too, actually. It’s cool to see your garment go from lumpy and homemade-looking to crisp and professional. I think my favorite part of sewing is buying fabric!

  14. Donna

    I love the children’s patterns, especially the Butterick 3097. My favorite thing about sewing is that for me, it’s a very special way to show love and give of myself to special people in my life.

  15. Vogue 6910 would be my choice. So perfect with a summer pencil skirt. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

  16. I would love to be in the drawing for McCall’s 7362! I love sewing because I like being able to make designer clothes without the designer price! Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

  17. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love the vogue blouses. So versitle and I am lacking good blouses in my wardrobe.
    What I love about sewing is the ability to make clothes that fit, flatter, are well made, and that I love (because I am not able to find things like that at the store). I am not too good at it yet, but I still have hope

  18. jackieNj

    none of these are in my size :(. Throw my name in hat for the 2 kiddies patterns. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I would love Simplicity 9254, so pretty and soft…
    My favorite thing about sewing is the ability to create custom clothing that fits me and suits my style.

  20. I have only just cut out my first clothing sewing project ever last night! But I love the smell of ironing the fabric and the feeling I have creating something that I will be able to wear! I love the Vogue 6910 blouse and the Vogue 2077 and McCalls 7362 and they are my size! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  21. I love McCalls 7362 please 🙂

    My favourite thing about sewing is interacting and meeting others who sew, especially in real life, it’s so great to discuss projects and failures and know you are not alone in this great big internet! 🙂

  22. Ooh I’m loving both the Vogue and Advance top patterns! I seem to be sewing alot of tops these days and either would make a lovely addition! My favorite thing about sewing is that I end up with a well made, well fitting garment that noone else has or ever will. I like to be unique and sewing allows me to be so!

  23. misscrayolacreepy

    I’m hoping for pattern #2, Vogue 6910!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Leah!

  24. Ooh- I love Vogue 2077. As you said, perfect for the Mad Men 2 challenge. My favourite thing about sewing – when a two dimensional piece of fabric starts to look like an actual, real life three dimensional garment. And I made it happen! It still amazes me that I can do that.

  25. I’d love #2, Vogue 6910! Super cute. My favourite part of sewing is clipping threads, oddly enough!

  26. karen shaw-jones

    I’d love Simplicity 6309, a ready to go vintage wardrobe, tres chic.
    I love all the support/help/tips and inspiration I get from the blogging/sewing community. Where would we be without you, many thanks

  27. So many fun patterns! I’d love Vogue 6910 and/or Mcalls 7362.
    My favorite part is trying on a finished product.

  28. I really love pattern n. 3, the one you sew! My favourite thing about sewing is … cutting! 🙂 Thank you!

  29. I love the Vogue 2077! I think my favorite thing about sewing is that it takes my mind off of real life problems… and that I get to meet fun people who sew.

  30. Wow, advance 8622 is TOO cute. Thank you for writing your blog and having such a great giveaway. 🙂

  31. Wow! #3 (the one you made) looks absolutely lovely! How generous of you. I haven’t heard of Sew Grateful week until now… Looking it up to see if I can participate!


  32. Claire

    I adore the Vogue’s Basic Design 2077. I can picture a great work dress in view B. My favourite thing about sewing is the look on people’s faces when they realise that you actually made what you are wearing – often it is priceless!

  33. What a lovely giveaway – thank you for sharing your pattern wealth! If you draw my name, I’d love Vogue 7362 (such an elegant but simple design). I love how absorbing sewing is – that I’m so focused that I don’t think about myself for hours at a time. And I love being able to wear what I’ve made – I think I stand straighter when I’m wearing a me-made.

  34. Thank you for the giveaway. I will like to enter for Vogue 6910 or Advance 8622…. and as oddly as it seems I love to press too!!!! Are we weird???

  35. McCalls 7362! Love it. My favorite thing about sewing…the finished product! And I also enjoy pressing 🙂

  36. Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern # 5 or 9

  37. Ooh, I love #9! Thanks for having such a great giveaway! My favorite thing about sewing is getting to create something I want, just for me, that fits me perfectly, and in fabric I want that would otherwise cost a fortune at the store and subsequently the tailor!

  38. Kat

    I love McCalls 7632! I love sewing for so many reasons… the colours and the textures we get to choose for ourselves and then play with for hours… the kick you get from learning new things or just doing simple things really well… knowing you’re preserving skills… and not contributing to more throw-away poor quality clothes that are made in horrible conditions… fitting my oddly-shaped frame!

  39. Teresa

    #3 is so lovely! I love the planning process-I love the visualization of what I need to do to get that store-bought skirt to be perfect and mine via a few seams.

  40. Mina Holliday

    Oooh the McCalls 7362 is gorgeous or Vogue 6910 – I love that collar in view A. Favourite thing about sewing? Finally being able to have the clothing I like in colours and size that suits me. Only being limited by your imagination is awesome.

  41. Sox

    My favourite thing about sewing is making something that no one else has, and making it to fit me. I can be as quirky or sedate as I like. And I really like pattern number 2. That Vogue would not require much adjustment at all, and I think view A is marvelous -I love the collar!

  42. I love the Butterick 3097 pattern and my daughter would look adorable in that! My favourite thing about sewing is the sheer satisfaction you get from a finished product.

  43. So many lovely patterns, it’s hard to choose just one, but I think I would choose the Vogue 6910. Loving those tops!

  44. hueisei

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Cheers!! I would prefer 8622 and 2077. I love to wear the clothes I sew.

  45. Can you please include me in the draw for McCall’s 7362 too? My favourite part of the sewing process is the cutting out stage :-). It feels like doing a fabric jigsaw puzzle, especially when I have to get creative to fit the pattern into my fabric, or when I’m mixing a couple of fabrics.

  46. Mo

    Oh what a great selection to choose from! I’d pick number 5, the Advance 8622. There are so many things I like about sewing: the process, the details, the excitement of mastering a new technique, the finished product, my glowing face when someone compliments what I’m wearing and it was me!!

  47. I love the Vogue 6910 tops. It’s something I could wear a lot. I’m guessing it buttons up the back or is there a zip? I like making changes to a pattern so it’ll suit my preferences and sewing the main seams and trying it on for the first time. Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. I love the second and the fourth! they both have such cool collars!
    My favorite thing about sewing is trying a new technique and acing it (which doesn’t happen often, I admit)

  49. Eleanor

    Please put me in for the draw for Vogue 6910, I need a few more tops to tuck into all these high waisted skirts I keep making!
    I also love pressing, I love that it’s quick and make the garment look instantly professional.

  50. Holly

    I love the McCalls 2077! My favorite part of sewing is finishing something and loving it!

  51. Angel

    I love both the Vogue 6910 and McCall’s 7362!

  52. Karen

    Love the Advance 8622, I love being able to chance garments you already have and creating your own personal garments that you love.

  53. Simplicity 6309! I’ve already got the fabric all picked out.

  54. Emily M

    I’d love to win the Advance 8622, or Vogue 6910 as a second choice. Thanks!

  55. Tracey_B

    McCalls 7362 – the side pleat is lovely! My favorite thing about sewing is grading patterns to fit me properly – all calculations etc are fun for me 🙂

  56. Molly H

    I like Vogue 6910 and the Mccalls 7362. My favorite thing about sewing is being able to create something. I like that I can create clothes that fit really well, and being able to saw “why yes, I made this” never gets old.

  57. Josephine

    I would love a chance to won No. 2 as I’m always looking for vintage patterns for separates. My favourite thing about sewing is that I can make a piece of clothing that fits me, not likt RTW stuff that never fits me properly. Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. Tara

    You’re providin us with too many wonderful choices (and chances) but I really love #3 the McCalls 7362. It’s just beautiful.

  59. I would love Number 3 the McCalls. So elegant. Thanks for the wonderful choices

  60. Lynne

    I can’t decide between #3, #7, and #9!

  61. Lavi

    Have been visiting ur blog very often and always like your creations as well as your smile. I would be happy to have #1, 3, 4, simplicity 6309 or even #9.

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