Sew Grateful Giveaway Winners! (And Status Reports)

First and foremost, the giveaway winners! Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway, and might I add, I am so grateful for all of YOU. This sewing community is just the best thing that ever happened for my sewing journey, and I just adore how generous and smart and funny and sweet and interesting and talented you people all are, I love your stories, I love your struggles and I love your support. I have learned more from you fellow bloggers then I could have possibly learned on my own, and now, as I work in a costume shop, everyone makes fun of me for how often I say, “I learned it on a blog!”. Let them laugh. You people are amazing. I just hope that I measure up in some small way to all the talent I see out there on the interwebs.

Oh, and thanks for putting up with the cat photos, too. And for those who enjoy them, YOU ARE WELCOME.

Now, the winners!

McCalls 7362 goes to Kat H!

Vogue 2077 goes to AlaAmelia!

Simplicity 6309 goes to Karen Jones!

Advance 8622 goes to Mo!

Vogue 6910 goes to Laurie Glover!

Butterick 3097 goes to Lynne!

McCalls 8930 goes to jackieNj!

Simplicity 9254 goes to Brigid Boyer!

And there you go. Winners, please contact me by leaving me your email address in a comment so I can send you your patterns!

And I also wanted to let you nice people know what I have planned for the future. First of all, I have some garments to photograph and post (surprise, surprise, my productivity always outstrips my documentation). Also, my stash busting challenge continues with sewing for others and quilting! And, of course, given that I’m a busy graduate student with very little time, I’ve signed up for two NEW challenges! WHAT. IS. MY. DEAL.

First and foremost:  SFVlogo300

I’ve entered Lucky Lucille’s Sew For Victory Challenge! I have to make a 40’s garment (or more….) by the 29th of March. Let’s see how that goes for me, shall we? I’m so excited to see what everyone makes! More inspiration posts and decision-making dilemmas to follow….

AND of course how could I possibly miss Julia Bobbin (who is a proud new mother to a simply gorgeous new person…) hosting another Mad Men Challenge? Me, who is so mad for Mad Men that when a classmate said it was boring I declared him dead to me? So I’m obviously all in for that, too.

mmc27Who to emulate, who to emulate…The due date for this one is the 19th of April. As my life if ruled by deadlines these days, I suppose I will just fit these in too, somehow…

Have you been entering any challenges lately? Are you participating in these two? Have I inspired you, or made you run screaming?



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9 responses to “Sew Grateful Giveaway Winners! (And Status Reports)

  1. I’m exactly the same – I can sense people I know rolling their eyes when I talk about blogs, but it doesn’t stop me :-). Can’t wait to see what you do for the mad men challenge. I’m going to have a go at that one too and I know exactly what I want to do…but that doesn’t mean I’m any where near starting yet! Good luck with yours x

  2. senjiva

    I love the Mad Men Challenge idea! None of my authentic vintage dresses fit me now, and I’d love to have a new one. However… I am eyeball-deep in costumes for choreographers who seem hell-bent on making life as difficult as possible with ideas that are in conflict with themselves. Maybe I’ll just admire everyone else’s beautiful projects from afar.

  3. Ooh, can’t wait to see your 40’s AND 60’s outfits! How fun!

  4. Kat H

    Oh how exciting – I absolutely love that pattern!! Yay!! 🙂 My emall is macska at gmail dot com.

    I’m doing the 1940’s challenge as well – so looking forward to seeing what everyone makes for it! 🙂

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! My email is a.midgley at live dot com I’m going to have to sit the mad men challenge out again. Just not enough hours in the day! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely dresses though.

  6. So sorry I didn’t notice I won till just now! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! my email address is brigid(dot)boyer(at)mac(dot)com
    Thank you so much!

  7. JackieNj

    I just noticed I won the jumpusuit pattern! Thanks very much. My email address is njeri.jacqueline(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Hey, I just realize I won Vogue 6910! Thanks so much. I’m sure it will become a go-to pattern for me. I love it. My email is: laglov(at)gmail(dot)com

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