The Cat Bed Quilt

Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother thinking anything I make is going to be anything ever but a bed for a fat fluffy dictator.

Side note, have you ever seen a photo of Joseph Stalin as a young man? He. Was. Devastatingly Attractive. In a super indie way. Don’t believe me? Feast your eyes on THIS:

DylFIRight? RIGHT? If you saw that guy at a bougie bar over an expensive cocktail you would be pretty into it, right? The hair. The hair is so good.

At any rate, I finished this quilt last night, and even before I had fully finished hand stitching the binding on the wrong side, someone decided this was his new favorite thing.

CBQ 1I think if you look closely you can see a pin sticking out or two. And yet look at that face, that face says, back off, bitch, this is mine now. And he’s been pretty committed to that position ever since:

CBQ 2The pattern comes from See Kate Sew, and you can find her instructions and the triangle template here. As my third quilt ever, this thing was super simple and relatively fast, by quilting standards. I like it a lot, it’s a crib quilt but it just covers my body, and it’s a nice if rather ornamental layer for my bed. But who am I kidding, this thing is clearly for my cat and my cat alone. Even as I type this, he sleeps on it contentedly.

But take a look at the whole thing!

CBQ 4I started this as part of the stashbusting challenge and it really only took me about 3 and a half weeks working on it intermittently as I did other projects.

CBQ 5For the back I used a vintage sheet and I put in a strip of pieced fabric from the front fabrics, which I really like doing. I think it’s really cute. I bound the quilt with the bright blue fabric.

CBQ 6This is all scrap, baby! The blue, the blue stripe, the aqua and the white are all vintage fabrics, two of which I dyed, the blue and the aqua. The pink was scraps from a dress I made my mother, which I have yet to blog, and the floral print with birds comes from this dress.

Can we talk for a moment about how quilts are hard to photograph? Because they are. They really are.

CBQ 7So, quilting. Well, I can’t say I adore adore adore it, but it really does satisfy something in me, the part of me that loves using scraps and loves combining colors and loves making something so homey. So I’m going to keep making them, but never fear, quilt/cat beds are all well and good, but garments have my heart.

Do you think this counts as sewing something for others?


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12 responses to “The Cat Bed Quilt

  1. Yes, I would be so excited to receive a quilt – totally counts 🙂 I’m trying to quilt, but with little success so far. I loved it for the first week, and now it’s abandoned.

  2. Oh how gorgeous and cuddly-looking! (Both the quilt and the cat.)

    I’m working on my first quilt at the moment, and I feel the same as you – while garments will always been my main focus, quilting with scraps from garment sewing really does satisfy something in me! (Mainly that burning desire to use every. single. piece. of fabric, no matter how small.)

    Great idea to use a vintage sheet for the back. I’ve been wondering what to use to back my quilt, so I’m totally going to copy you with that! 😉

    • Oh, do the vintage sheet thing, it’s the best! I love backing a quilt with vintage sheets. Isn’t using all the bits so addictive? I love it, it makes me feel so virtuous! And my cat is a cuddly fellow, it’s true.

  3. So lovely, and yes I think that counts as sewing for others 🙂

  4. Joey Stalin – who knew?

    Love that quilt. The little triangles look like bunting! Kitty has taste!

  5. Stalin really was a hottie… go figure… I’ve never tried quilting, but I think it counts. I really like the simple triangle pattern.

  6. Judi

    Cute quilt…obviously he apprecates it! You’re a great ‘mom’.
    Bad guys rarely look like bad guys.

  7. senjiva

    Your quilt is really beautiful! And that guy, I’m pretty sure his name is actually Renato and he owns the bike shop next to my store.

  8. Very nice quilt! And I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I haven’t heard from you about my pattern that I won yet. My email again is brigid(dot)boyer(at)mac(dot)com.

    Thank you,

  9. Yesssss best stash busting for others EVER!!

  10. Oh my gah, young Stalin could totally live in Williamsburg right now. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that guy in the Roebling Tea Room. Hilarious!

    Also, I like your quilt.

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