The Weirdly Sexy Shirt

Nota bene, I was not the person who thought this shirt was weirdly sexy. In fact, I didn’t think of it as sexy at all. I wore this to the costume shop at which I work about two weeks ago (I MADE THIS OVER A MONTH AGO WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Finding time to SEW isn’t my problem, it’s taking flipping pictures of my flipping work! That’s why there’s been radio silence for a while, not because I am not sewing, but because I am no documenting what I sew. And I even have a tripod! What is my deal? That’s a question for therapy. Onwards!) and a girl with whom I work said, Leah, I like that shirt, it’s really weirdly sexy. And I said, thank you! I think?

WS 1The pattern is Cindy‘s amazing Dolman Sleeve shirt. I’ve been meaning to make this wonderful free think for ages, months! But for whatever reason I just didn’t get around to it. Then, finally, about a month ago, I took myself in hand and I said, self, make the damn shirt! And thus this creation was born.

This bizarre wonderful fabric is totally a velour, which makes me feel like a retiree in Florida off to shuffleboard, but what can you do. It’s from the Hoarder Stash, and I’m keeping with my stashbusting, so I think that’s all to the good!

WS 2I love this pattern. I want to make 10 more. I lengthened the sleeves on Cindy’s lovely design (and I would lengthen more next time, my wrists get chilly!) but otherwise I made no changes to the original design. I love the length, I love the fit, I love the mobility of the sleeves, and for whatever reason, whenever I wear this people compliment me!

WS 4Today at a play reading someone said I looked like a Modrian painting. Which I guess is only a nice thing if you like Modrian, but I’m going with it.

WS 3My lovely roommate Emily took these photos. We both loved this one, because I mean, look at my hair! It’s its own animal!

Speaking of animals:

WS 9I’ve been cutting out a lot of projects lately, from my Sewing for Victory patterns (I got so excited about the 1940’s that I’m making three, maybe four things! I haven’t decided whether or not to make number four, but I’ve finished one and two and am on three, so get excited. See, I told you SEWING isn’t the issue…). And of course, as he so often does, Cadfael is unbearably helpful in this process.

WS 8You want to cut? But, this is a bed…

WS 10It’s ALL beds. All the things are beds. Don’t you know that by now?

Seriously, though, if you haven’t tried Cindy’s amazing Dolman sleeve top, grab yourself a knit material and do it. I want to make longer sleeved ones and shorter sleeved ones and live in this daily.

Why, you ask? Well, if you can’t SEE for yourself, at least know this.  I can dance in it. And that’s always my gauge for all things. How much can I dance?

I can dance so much:

WS 6

WS 5WS 7So. Much. If you can’t dance in something, what’s the point of wearing it?


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18 responses to “The Weirdly Sexy Shirt

  1. looks great 🙂

    I have made one and I want to make many more of that pattern as well.

  2. You’re so funny! And cute! Love your top – I’ve made about a bazillion of these, and still want more!

  3. Cute top! It looks really comfy and versatile. Looking forward to seeing all those 40’s makes, you’ve been busy!

  4. Cute! I love the pictures of your cats, I can totally see him saying that based on his expression. 😛 And yes, you must be able to dance in your clothes!!! 🙂

  5. Lovely top. I love how the colours work together and they really suit you.

  6. Clare

    Beautiful top but the photos of Cadfael completely hijacked this post!

  7. Looks great. I should definitely try this pattern!

  8. Ahahahaha I’m sorry, but my first thought when I saw the picture was hmmm, that looks like a Mondrian painting. But, hey, if Mondrian paintings are weirdly sexy, that’s awesome. I’m so glad that the pattern worked out for you! I’ve made a whole week’s worth of this top in various sleeve lengths, and I STILL want more, but to hear that from other people is very gratifying. And that BroCad, he is SUCH a cat. Everything is a bed except the actual, specifically-purchased-for-you bed. Can’t wait to see what you make for the 40s!

    • I. LOVE. THIS. PATTERN. Thank you so much for releasing it, I just adore it! It’s so comfortable and well fitting and people tell me they love this every time I put it on. I’m going to make a bunch more. And, like, a dress. I’m going to make ALL the shirts.

      Cadfael loves him some everything but the bed I bought him. Felines are funny.

  9. The way the stripes work in this is great! I just made one of these ,too and I have to agree with your friend: it’s a weirdly sexy shirt! I think everyone should make one… or five!

  10. Felipe Herndon

    You looks lot like my friend Jasmine, it is so weird

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